Vybz Kartel attorneys raise concerns over fire at crime scene

BY PAUL HENRY Co-ordinator– Crime/Desk [email protected]

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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DEFENCE attorneys in the Vybz Kartel case have raised questions as to how sections of a Havendale house, which is an alleged crime scene, could have been deliberately set ablaze.

The lawyers suggested that something untoward may have taken place at the house at 7 Swallowfield Avenue — which should have been under the custody of the police — with one attorney asking Government forensic analyst Nicola Brown-Baxter if any thought was given to swabbing the hands of police officers present at the house.

[Hide Description] Deejay Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer leaving court last Thursday afternoon.
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The prosecution is contending that Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was killed at the house by Vybz Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) and his co-accused Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams on August 16, 2011.

A member of the scenes of crime investigation team had visited the house on August 22, 2011 and took pictures. At the time there was no indication of a fire.

Yesterday, Brown-Baxter testified in her examination-in-chief that the garage area, bathrooms and two bedrooms were deliberately set ablaze.

Chris Tavares-Finson, who along with his father Tom Tavares-Finson, appears for Kartel, was the first to cross-examine Brown-Baxter, who had gone to the property five days later to investigate the cause of the blaze. She said that the premises could be termed a crime scene and that it could have been under the control of the police.

Questioned by Pierre Rogers, Brown-Baxter said when she went to the crime scene it was unsecured. However, she said it didn’t strike her as being strange, though crime scenes she had seen in the past were usually secured. She explained that fire scenes are usually kept secured to prevent contamination and disturbance.

Asked by Rogers if there was any thought given to swabbing the hands of the police on the scene, Brown-Baxter said “no”. She also said that she never tried finding out who on the scene had reported the fire.

Two police officers, who were formal witnesses, gave evidence.

The trial continues today with evidence from a telephone company employee.


  1. Wat a rawwwssssseeeeee ya now (tear out mi big eye dem) telephone company worker this sound a way but I R HERE LISTENING N WATCHING

  2. Good morning…..den a how vybes get suh fat? Lmaoooo di case still weak to me…..if Tavares don’t win this him might as well retire……slam dunk this fi any lawyer

  3. met i know u not a fan of kartel . but if you really been fallowing the case u know ur title is misleading . sorry but the government still have not proven there case . lets see what this telephone company worker say later

    1. The scene of a fire is never investigated the same day it happens nor is it secured until there is suspicion of foul play. Tavares pinning his case on the police is really hanging his hat quite far only because he has no one else to blame..What the prosecution is left to prove is very easy…IF KARTEL SPENT A LOT OF TIME THERE..if so why didnt he himself report the fire

    1. If you are correct than shame on us…if no (rmrce)t I wish the gallows were in use so that dem could bruke him neck and give Hell a New Years gift.

        1. Hey Chica…me sure Leah Tavares-Finson did sey case weak. Slowly, but SURELY Jamaica WILL consume all those who have either corrupt or seek to corrupt we soil.

          1. Of course..and the wages of the parents’ sin sure do settle within the children…Leah is a prime example

  4. Mi nuh think any jury rite now have the unbiased capacity fi kartel get a fear trial. And saying this does not make me a supporter of any side. I think too much about the case was in the public domain, and trial delayed long enough so a lot of people including jurors must have heard about the case and might have had their opinion on what went down. Even after hearing the case it will be hard for any such juror to change what they might have previously concluded. Plus we knw Jamaica, majority of the population are layperson, which I am sure make up a part if not all of the jury. Most will not even be able to pick sense from the expert witness testimony, which is always vital to any case as it is facts that are mostly stated by these witnesses. So it could go any direction for this case. I think the case was first heard in the court of public opinion and any verdict that was reached, it is what will still stand. However what I want to mention that can also happen is the power of money. If money run pan di rite ppl. That can also determine the verdict

    1. Get where your trying to go…BUT too bad! May be if him did humbe himself before de case LESS people would a know bout him NASTINESS, therefore, less information known to the jury before hand.

      De Iron ballons and de one hit wonders stand a betta chance all inna hell…dis is a case of TOO BIG FI YU BRITCHES…lol

  5. Mawning…Tavares-Finson should let this be his LAST case in we courts! NUFF people dead or disappear because of Finson clients and their need to beat the system.

    The lack of witnesses in our courts are also due to the likkle nasty lawya dem and dem unethical/corrupt ways .

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