Met please listen these videos and post them.Why Jamaica Stressout and ripp off their own people in every direction even with the food they have to struggle to find to eat.
Met why when you purchase items abroad through shipment or have them on you at the airport Customs always charging you more than what the item cost to clear it?
Why can’t you send gifts or carry your things clothes,electronics etc. In the country without Customs digging in your things and sometime stealing your items and still over charge you and you can’t do nothing about it because they will tell you”well your items were not insured!
Alot of people abroad stop send barrel to their family in Jamaica..because after we buy items put in the barrel and ship it when it reach Jamaica we still have to find money to send family in Jamaica to clear it and it’s arm,leg and neck! Ja Customs charging to clear it.Those things deprive the needy families!Jamaica do something to help your people abroad and yard!

Part1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD7S-s6ogf4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Part2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hfgn7DX_6w&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Part3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3JKqgnsqwg&feature=youtube_gdata_player


  1. I feel your pain. Bought a watch for 175 and customs charge me 170 to carry it. Darling me nearly bawl. Me buy a iMac for work for 2000 and have to pay 1000. Me vex so till.

  2. Because the more we import(especially things we produce locally)…the greater our trade imbalance is…hence damage to the Jamaican economy ie devaluation of the dollar,etc…better yuh send u send ur relatives the money… to buy these food items

    1. Does Jamaica produce any of the things they are charging twice the price for…not a baxide…everything cost more in Jamaica so why is it that if I am going home to visit and I’m carrying down a laptop or whatever that they feel they must charge so much extra on top of it. I don’t mind paying but as the Reader up top say, if i buy something for 2grand why the hell them feel dem mus charge u 1grand…its effing ridiculous is what it is. The watch that was bought for 175 in the states probably cost $300 in Jamaica…if you don’t see the dilema then something wrong wrong wrong

      1. dem teef and is time di whole jamaica really get up pan dis..people fi talk and mek dem look shame because if dhl really was to hear a dis a gwaan dem gwine shame

  3. Everday di bucket a go well one day di battam muss drop out. Teefing custom neva expect dah day yah fi come when smaddy voice off loud and clear. Dem Christmas look Sticky dis yere. Dem wait pan wi fi come dung fi di holiday fi tax out wi claat ,well Fyah unda unuh kin this month. A hope di Boss boss meck some serious shuffling. Dem meck mi stop fly dung cause it cost me more fi come home to my homeland than fi go to another Island weh appreciate di foriengers dat wasn’t birth there. Alll these greed is what mash up wi Beautifull county. Why come home when you cah enjoy urself because from you land off di plane it cost you, then you affi run fi you life afterwards because di crime rate is ridiculous. I guarantee they will see an improvement and my fellow Jamaicans will start returning back home once custom stop rape di citizens of Jamaican. If di money did a go to good use s I wouldn’t be soo upset, pot hole a stone di road more than di stone ina di road. Mobay Airport been need a ramp fi meet you at the plane instaed of the exercise me affi pudung juss fi climb dem step deh fi go choo Cutoms upon arrival not to metion how in deh hot(air conditioner Please) wid dis long line fi come out side.

  4. My 4 children, my ex husband n myself use to go every summer because they love the beaches. But now I take them on cruises because it cost us a lot less than the taxes I have to pay from the day I enter the Island until I leave. All my children are born in USA but I make sure that they know my roots. Things have to change for us to visit Jamaica again too much killing, raping, and robbery.

    1. How dem expect people fi live? Its not like Jamaica is a big manufacturing country , dem live offa imports so whey di unnecessary duties for? They charge to ”process” the fedex or dhl paper and den dem go through every box and charge duty on everything in there. Something has to be done about it..Im wondering if mi cudda get someone fi go interview people out there and post the video online mek di world see what wudda change

  5. Met, this is something I faced with customs when I went to JA in 2010. My granny asked me to carry an extra bag with ole bruk guh yard and de ppl dem charge mi $180 US when I arrived in JA. I had to pay an extra fee for the extra bag here in the US also, so I’d like to know what can be done to stop this. the first thing them ask is “do you have any gifts” my advise mek sure yuh seh “NO everything a my own” all if is a baby shirt, else dem aguh charge yuh.

  6. me and mi children dem travel and di ole dawgshit gal a customs ago mek mi know thats too much clothes so dem afi go charge mi, well mi did done prepare fi di mongrel dem aready so mi kindly ask har if she ave any knife or scissors caah mi not paying shit, mi redda cut up dem rass dan pay dem a red cent becuz is not like a me one a travel, is me n children so therefore wi ago ave xyz amount a clothes,,,mi did dead serious say mi naah pay shit…dem fi do betta man, people fi loud dem up more…

    1. Yes people fi post it all over imagine dem bright a tell people bout dem a go sell tings and dem nuh know of that. Too much duties are being charged on items man

      1. all when you a tell dem nothing in yo belongings a fi sell, dem still a tell yo yes u ago sell…god know mi hate dem…and dem full a tricks to,, quick fi open yo passport n check,,, bout ‘but miss u was here a few mths ago’ so mi say something wrong wid dat??? what dat suppose to mean??,,, if i eva tell yo some story bout dem………a 1 mi eva buck up pon weh a christian n she hate di supervisor caah dem a teef ….mi say she tell mi fi kindly lock mi suitcase n ave a nice day dwll,,,,

  7. the argument about trade imbalance is nonsense! jamaica does not produce laptops or luxury watches. it is just a case of milking the cow until it drops dead as they perceive foreigners to be well off. if you are trying to send a barrel full of bananas or sugar cane to jamaica then by all means tax it high so it detracts people from importing these products and buy locally. but it is the opposite, look at how cheap it is to import ground provisions that jamaica can produce! it is so cheap it is putting local farmers out of business, but because dem licky licky and red eye they want rape you with tax for your tablets and pretty shoes.

  8. Easy fix that I learned. Get your JA passport. Your allowed to bring back a certain amount when you use your JA passport at customs. Once the total is under $500 US dollars.Just keep the US one to enter back uncle Sam.

  9. Jamaica is a bandit country do not post packages out there. It will be delayed and they will try to charge you duty on retail goods ton which you have already paid taxes.

    When sending goods from the uk with a company like parcel force they will take your money and guaranteed 8-10 days delivery. But your goods will be held for months.

  10. Jamaica is a bandit country do not post packages out there. It will be delayed and they will try to charge you duty on retail goods ton which you have already paid taxes.

    When sending goods from the uk with a company like parcel force they will take your money and guaranteed 8-10 days delivery. But your goods will be held for months.

  11. Jamaica’s Customs is so corrupt. I am a Jamaican, I do not want to do business with Jamaica because of this theft. Avoid every chance you get to send a package through Jamaican customs. It’s a 50/50 chance it will get stolen.

    I am embarrassed to call myself Jamaican because of the way our government conducts business. They will forever bottle neck Jamaica. The world will leave Jamaica behind in their old primitive ways as if they were not men but monkeys. Nobody wants to do business with Jamaicans. Thanks Jamaica.

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