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Kartel murder trial resumes

Witness says sections of DJ’s Havendale house was deliberately set on fire

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The murder trial of Dancehall DJ Vybz Kartel resumed this morning the in Home Circuit Court.

Witness Nicola Brown Baxter Monday morning testified that fire was set to rooms at the house where Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was believed killed on August 16, 2011 in Havendale, St Andrew.


Brown Baxter, a forensic and fire expert testified that fire was set in the garage leading to the living room and two bedrooms.

There was also damage to the bathrooms, she said.

Her final analysis was that the fire was deliberately set due to the evidence of fuel at the location.

Justice Lennox Campbell allowed Brown Baxter to take the stand after an initial challenge by the Defence.

Kartel and four co-accused are on trial for Williams’ murder.

— Paul Henry


  1. the gaza ppl dem hate yuh wan more time all gaza slim nd shawty caan stand yuh Met ..give it tuh dem sed speed de ppl dem need justice cum on nung

  2. I said this a long time ago when this mysterious fire occurred. There is no such thing as a prefect crime…… “fire deh a muss muss tail him tink a cool breeze”.

  3. I’ll say this once again, facing overwhelming evidence one of the defendants will crack under the pressure and tell it all. …… is there any gambling person on here who’s willing to take up a bet?

  4. @www.com lol what world you live in . you no see 3 days gone and all now them not proving them case against kartel . case weak bad .

  5. DIS ya case yah nuh look weak to mi …mi jus realize seh kartel and him lawyer stretch out di ting fi ppl figot and give up ….but it seems like everybody know seh kartel a liad

  6. First it was the file soon turn up missing then it was nobody naw go testify gence him now it’s the case weak next thing might be him only ago get 35yrs!!! Wi nuh powder nor pet no form a criminals roun ere, especially dutty murderers.

  7. @Real stop the chatting the case weak yu never read weh kartel lawyer say, him say Lizard may be just “missing”. Remember he tried to rob gaza slim???

        1. LOL. So @com, any truth to the rumours (heard here on JMG) that Lizard was cremated at a well known furneral home in Kingston?

          The only way Kartel can get off this charge if the main witness refuses to testify at the last minute. He would be foolish, since they were about to kill him when he escaped.

          1. @Anon 7:04 I cannot speak of that allegation BUT these people possess sub-human and animalistic demeanor and with their popularity in the criminal underworld its not far fetched.

    1. lizard a chameleon him change out inna di wall color….to how kartel lawyer a talk is like all him wah dem lock him up …big man lacka dat a seh maybe di man missing ….den if di man missing and u cah find di man yu nuh mus assume seh di man dead …..and dem a try seh a yu client “missing” di man u fi jus avoid dat all togeda

      1. Met you remember what he told the police about this pic? He said it was after a show in one of those small eastern caribbean islands even though the picture was found in a well known CLANS MAN residence, he also said the guns weren’t real…………and people continue saying kartel is smart and intelligent (silly smirk).

  8. Metty, mi jus hear on TVJ News, the lawyer dem say a the Police set fire to the house. What a set a scumbag dem be. How dem sleep a nite time??? What would the Police have to gain by destroying evidence????? I’m sure the jurors and the learned judge a smart peoples.

    Dem lawyer dere fishingggg, desperate fi grab on to anything to confuse the court

    1. Also the house was set on fire before kartel was locked up so how him neva report it and him love threaten wid lawsuit suh and run to news..Di bible se God save the punishment of the wicked for their children. Mek dem gwaan slide :travel

  9. @Met me watch new the police them never secure crime scene / house that burn down so the lawyer saying if could have been contaminated . them even say them have no clue when the house burn down

    1. well the fire expert said 20 days prior to her going there..so if police nuh know it was documented. …also no matter how long somewhere has been burnt fire experts can tell by the ashes and other burnt articles the age and what started the fire….

      1. Met, remember dark age just a lift affa some places like GAZA so you have fi explain forensic science/methods to them slowly.

    2. It could a contaminate wid all rat piss it’s establish sey blood present. YU CAN’T have blood a bottom and ashes a top.

      Karma should have kartel inna one burning cell…lolol anything possible!


  11. @Real, u tink a joke, a serious talk u juss mek..Memba me tell u, nuh baddie no want him get lock up as bad as shaawty.. @Met, u see u last statement u mek, gun salute fi dat..If shirley nuh feel the wrath, him children dem shall reap it, mek dem galang. God nah sleep and him nuh teck vakashan eda.

  12. After them (court) done wid Kartel, them fi put his liad ginnal Lawyers on trial for trying to pervert the course of justice!!!

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