Kryzie King, 27, was held without bail following her arraignment in Manhattan criminal court on Friday January 10. She did not enter a plea.

He spent his last days in a living hell, being burned with an oven grill, beaten with a belt buckle on his genitals, tied and gagged to a chair with shoelaces and tossed around like a rag doll by the 230-pound woman who was supposed to caring for him, according to police sources.

Kryzie King, 28, admitted to cops that she tortured and abused Myls Dobson, the 4-year-old son of her new boyfriend, police sources said.

Just before he died Wednesday, the 5-foot, 10-inch, 230-pound King got in a terrible fight with the 4-year-old child in the bathroom, where he slipped and hit his head in the shower, law enforcement sources said.

Myls, after nearly two weeks of abuse, had stopped eating, and King was going to bring him to the hospital, she allegedly told cops.

The little boy ran into the bathroom, and that’s when Myls’ valiant final struggle began, police said.

“He began fighting with her. As they were struggling, he slipped and hit his head on the bathroom floor. He goes into the shower. Then she left and came back. They had another struggle, and he hit his head on the tub. She got him out of the tub. Then she left the room. She hears a thud. She goes back inside, and that’s when he was slumped over,” a law enforcement source said, detailing King’s account.

King called paramedics to her Hell’s Kitchen apartment at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, but it was too late for Myls. He died later at a Midtown hospital, and city officials are still trying to determine the exact cause.

It was the end of nearly two weeks of torture that began shortly after his father, Okee Wade, 37, took Myls to King around Dec. 18 and asked her to take care of his son for a few days.

Wade asked his girlfriend of two months to watch the boy for a few days while he went to work, she told cops, according to sources.

Mother Ashlee Dobson and son Myls, 4, who died Wednesday at a Midtown hospital.

Mother Ashlee Dobson and son Myls, 4, who died Wednesday at a Midtown hospital.

For the first week, the two got along, and Myls was eating and was healthy.

But King grew frustrated when Wade didn’t return — apparently unaware he’d been nabbed Dec. 19 and thrown in New Jersey jail for his role in a massive bank fraud scheme.

As the days passed, Myls grew restive, and King’s patience rapidly frayed.

“She said he became more defiant. He started to refuse to eat or drink and would spit his food out. She was force-feeding him, and he would spit his food out,” the law enforcement source said.

The put-upon girlfriend told cops the “two weeks felt like a month.”

In Wade’s absence, King grew angry that she would have to put off her own planned vacation, a trip back to her native Jamaica.

Little Myls, a few months shy of his fifth birthday, was an easy target for her rage.

“It started with smacks to the face, of flicking his face with her finger,” the source said. “She became angered with him because at one point he kicked her while she was holding him. In order to punish him for kicking her, she took the grill off the oven. She held it with oven mitts and burned him with it.”

The next day, he cut the cord on a video game system, King told cops.

“She took his clothes off, put him in her bed and beat him with a belt and the belt buckle,” the police source said.

King told cops she struck him over a dozen times, including on his genitals.

The savage attack kept Myls in line for four days. But then the curious kid spilled some of her perfume.

King responded by tying him to a chair with shoelaces and gagging him “so he wouldn’t scream,” the source said.

She left him tied up for 45 minutes, then locked him in the darkened bathroom for a couple of hours.

Eventually, she turned on the lights because he wouldn’t stop screaming.

Trapped in a Midtown apartment with a monster who beat him, unable to see or talk to his father and bereft of means to reach anybody who could help him, Myls broke down, police said.

“The child was upset. He said that nobody loved him or wanted him. She got pissed off when he said this,” the source said.

King shoved him back in the bathroom because “I didn’t want to deal with it,” she allegedly told cops.

Once Myls made a dash for freedom, jumping toward the sliding glass doors to the terrace, so King allegedly gave him what he wanted.

“She locked him out there for about an hour. Then she let him back in, and again she locked him in the bathroom,” the source said.

The day he died, King was preparing to bring him to the hospital because he had stopped eating and she could no longer force-feed him, the source said.

That’s when the two got locked in the deadly fight in King’s bathroom, which ended when the tiny child died a few hours later.

King is still waiting to be arraigned Friday as Myls’ father was put on suicide watch in jail, according to relatives.

“He can’t bear it,” said Wade’s mother. “He is overcome.”

Myls’ mom, Ashlee Dobson, 29, choked back tears while talking about her cherubic boy.
“I always wanted the best for my son. I love my son,” she said as she wept Friday.

Myls, born in 2009, lived briefly with his mother in Walterboro, S.C. She started dating Wade there when he briefly moved south from Brooklyn.

After Wade returned to Brooklyn, Dobson got into trouble with South Carolina state services, who had gotten reports she was abusing Myls.

Dobson fled to New York, but the boy was eventually removed from her custody by the Administration for Children’s Services in late 2011 and placed with his father permanently in 2012.

Family lawyer Philip Lights, appearing with Ashlee Dobson and her mother, Faye Dobson, at a news conference Friday in Manhattan, said ACS took Myls because he and his mom were living in a shelter in 2012.

She had weekly visitations with her son that ended abruptly in November, Lights said.

“She had no idea where he was. She had no resources. She didn’t know who to go to to. She didn’t know where her son was from November until the present day,” Lights said.

Faye Dobson, Myls’ grandmother, had also tried to find the boy, he said.

“(She) tried to reach out to ACS. She had no response,” the lawyer noted.
Dobson and her family refused to address allegations of prior abuse.

According to one of Wade’s sisters, nobody in the family knew his new girlfriend. They couldn’t explain why Wade left Myls with King instead of calling one of them.

“They met about two months ago. Okee told me he met her on the street. He really liked her and said she was great with Myls, that they spent a lot of time together,” said Yolanda Wade.

By some measures, King was loving to Myls, taking him to Broadway shows, buying him expensive sneakers and talking about going on a trip with him and Wade to Miami for Christmas, Yolanda Wade said.

“I was always wondering how she got the money for all this. Okee couldn’t tell me what her job was. He just said she did something with videos, but we were all wondering how she lived in such a nice place and bought so many things,” she said.

Two days before her brother was nabbed and sent to jail, she told him to be careful about leaving Myls in King’s care so often.

“I said to him, ‘You don’t really know who this person is, you just met. You shouldn’t be leaving him alone with her like that,’” said Wade.

But her brother told her Myls enjoyed being with King.

“He said Myls liked her and had fun. He was the father, so that was that,” she said regretfully.


  1. Phucking devil. Kids can be bad yes…. But am yet to see what this kid did that could have done to anger her like that. If the dad didn’t show up on time to get the kid. Call a family/friend an ask for help. Your trip to JA was that important? Now you won’t be seeing JA for years if u ever get to see it. Wicked Bytch.

  2. Oh My God! I don’t even have words to say, what a wicked bitch… I hope them torture her ass in jail, fry her ass, wicked bitch!

    this little boy didn’t have a future from the start, no good life with mommy, no good life with daddy, 2 months is not a good enough time to know someone to leave your child with…. this poor child didn’t even have relatives or grandparents to stay with? my god! an from yuh look at the child yuh can tell he’s a bright likkle boy and handsome too.

  3. Same so Mz. Flirty! A Betts she did leave him a the nearest precinct…and have dem look fi him madda…if the trip was so important. No Jamaica fi she till she old and grey. His death could have been avoided. That’s why I don’t leave my 4 year old with no body but my mother. Kmt

  4. Everybody keep referring to this murderer as a “she”. It was not a she it was a “HE”. Wearing a wig, pumping your body full of hormones and wearing a dress does not make a man a woman. It only makes him delusional.

    As for the father him just like likes and see what it cost his son – his life.
    This is sad and tragic in the most horrendous way. RIP little guy.

    1. I’m sooooo maddd this MAN is Jamaican ughhhhh I will nt even utter that out of my mouth to anyone….. sooo embarrassing.

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  6. Mi heart almost drop out. Lord have mercy! How can a person be so wicked to somebody else baby. How can a 4 year old fight with that monster. Jesus plz a bare tears a run dung mi face. Mi wudda kill dat straight.

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    1. Of course he knew. He lived with it for months prior to being arrested for teifing people money. All plan trip with him and go a museum an tings. Its just sad that the little boy had to pay for his sinful, greedy and crawnee ways.

      And while there are other lessons to be learned three important lessons that came out of this sad situation. Don’t leave yuh pickney wid any and any body, people fi go look work and mind demself and we are all responsible for our reproductive heath. So mind who you breed fuh (and the last comment goes both ways).

      Nuff Blessings inna de New Year Met and Metters.

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  10. My heart hurting….just thinking about how he felt and what he endured in those days leading up to his death.

  11. When he gets to jail they’re going to put HIM in protective custody. Child KILLERS are treated the worse in jail. RIGHTFULLY SO!! Nasty piece of SHIT! The mother lost custody & didn’t know her son was dead until the FATHER posted it on FACEBOOK!
    The Daily News said the father made the decision for SHIM to tek di likkle boy :batabig :marah

  12. Rip to this sweet little innocent angel. Care less father, careless mother. This poor child didnt stand a chance from the jump. Im speechless. This little boy should have been with his mother, obviously she failed as a mother. Careless father who gives his child to be cared for by a stranger. Smdh

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  15. SHOCKING AND SAD, RIP MYLS. I hope this thing is put away fi life widout parole in fact, just put it down an dun.Little boy failed by Parents, Relatives and Child Protection Services !! everyone of dem should be held accountable. Sometimes i feel like there r betta systems in place to protect animals than humans especially children. Di System F*** up and gone to hell.

  16. Suffer the little children to come unto me for their s is the kindom of heaven. People read!!! The mother got in trouble for reportedly beating the child in a parking lot. How many of you all hit your children in public forgetting where you at? Remember you can’t hit your child in this country, besides the mother has some mental issues. Keep in mind that the court system always chooses the other parent. Blaming relatives when its his child, he has the say and he must have not told his family he gay/bi. Whether it was Jamaican, Puerto Rican, whatever it was wrong for mistreatment of this child. Lets just pray for the mom, family and soul of this little angel.

  17. RIP To The Little Boy, That Bitch Need To Get Death Penalty She Have No Reason For Living after what She Did To that Child, No Waste Of Time Going To Court Please Jus Fling The Death Penalty Pon The Bitch!

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