The man who killed and burned the body of a 14-year-old Brooklyn girl because he thought she was pregnant has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced Wednesday.
Former Brooklyn resident Christian Ferdinand, now 22, was convicted last December in the grisly January 2013 murder of Shaniesha Forbes.
Prosecutors say Ferdinand and Forbes met on Facebook. Ferdinand became enraged when he believed Forbes was pregnant and she refused to have an abortion.
Ferdinand smothered Forbes with a pillow inside an apartment on Nostrand Avenue, then torched her clothes and body. He then dumped her remains into Plumb Channel in Gerritsen Beach.
The city Medical Examiner determined Forbes was not pregnant when she was murdered.
Ferdinand was arrested in May 2013 in Maine, where he had moved.
“This defendant callously and heartlessly killed this young teenager who had her whole life ahead of her simply because he thought she was pregnant. He showed her no mercy and now must suffer the consequences of his actions,” Thompson said.


  1. Justice system failed this young child.Him get weh wid murder.Serving 25 years fi such a heinous crime,did she live? Wha kinda plea bargain dem give him fi only get 25years

  2. The bastard could be jamaican they like to bleach a lot not trying to stero type but they are the only set of people who broadcast the bleaching thing… he is a scum of the earth that needed to get life for killing that girl.. I don’t care if you got this young girl pregnant and you didn’t want to go to jail for rape… the justice system did fail this young girl he should of been put to death but those men in the jail is going to find out what he did and he will not be a happer camper in the jail… Parents please keep a eye on your girls, I do that every day with my 14 year old because I be damn this happens to her… May her soul rest in peace…

  3. Damn him as wicked as him is handsome….SAD! Mothers teach your daughters that it is not everything that glitter is gold!

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