1. Hot skull is how u manage get ina dem predicament yah?? i hope this is just a false allegation. When woman cah get man fi demself dem tell lie and bare things. This boy have nuff gall so why go there. Shakera, Meshia , are two of Philly hot gal weh him did a slapp up..

  2. I hate all rapist, look how much ooman deh a road a gi weh free front…kmt…but dem always affi resort to raping the ooman dat dem know dem cannot get front from…KMT

  3. Shakky a breed now fina baby boy bobby. She have fi keep up wid are besty Barbie. Ctfu Barbie move gone a LA, cause one gal ova phly did a beat are di f**k up. She nuh stop call di gal phone an trouble are bout if she an Diddy an f**k. Shakky yuh pregnant an all but yuh shape bad nuh bloodclat inna di long print dress.

  4. Shana aka shambella yuh love tek people mad till uh fool. Yuh run gone deh wid kay Dior man. What happen tuh Jigga ? Jemila tek him back from yuh. A want di gal beat yuh, stop walk an open yuh legs to Tom, dick, an Harry. But uh wouldn’t know betta uh madda nuh raise yuh good.

    1. Mi no anderstandt philly ppl eno the ting start out at rape how unnu reach a cuss ppl bout dem front? Mi confuse how is that in relation to the alleged rapist up top???

  5. Tia why yuh Neva big up yuh odda baby daddy pon fathers day u a breed an every drum knock yuh dehdeh.yuh need Fi stay home wide u big belly

  6. None of these comments has anything to do with this wanted person in the picture just comments regarding jamaican women who relocated to Philadelphia on the THOT boat.

  7. Hot skull Germaine Troy walker why you walking around with shakera pussy in u cheap phone you don’t see the girl move on to better that you have to go rape 15 year old if I see you I’m going to call the cops

    1. How you know how old the victim is? And what if the victim lied to him about her age? Mi kno see no age up ah top bout di gyal. You have some likkle pikni weh par ah evry pawty an yuh never kno seh dem a pikni. Di way dem dress an fix up dem self an cum inna club weh yuh affi be 21 fi get een. May be she trick im. May be him fi gi har ah money and kno dweet an she cry rape. So ow yuh kno di victim age? Yuh grine har too?

  8. All you guys that’s talking shit saying my brother Rape this monkey looking ass bitch that work at the citizen bank on Rising Sun Ave need to not say shit cause you don’t know the true. My brother never rape that bitch . That bitch just get a one f**k and get drop like a one dollar bill. That bitch better not make me catch her..

    1. Well since u know so much u shoulda know fi tell u bredda that at his age he shouldn’t be messing with them young’uns.

    2. Samantha , is better you shout ur mouth and go try find a good lawyer fi ur bredda. Him too out a order, and think him invisible. Me juss see him 3 page long rap sheet and it no look pretty . Him one managa fi get ova 12 different charges fi one pum pum? Me wah see how pretty and sexy this minor is fi him gi weh fi him life fi rape. This goes to show seh all tho dem a gallis a nuff Rape dem rape unda di quiet. Is reaction a reach him . Him diss him baby madda and neva did a mine him pickni. Well did ah mine up whoring Mesha and now she deh Jail and him gone join har now. Tell ur bredda seh No means NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Mi no care how much money she nyam out a him pocket him tooo brite.

  9. God gonna fix that Bitch real Good!! The Bitch mad my brother don’t f**king want her nasty ass. That’s why she lie saying my brother rape her. That bitch can’t make my brother run away from Philly. Anybody doing the runing is that Bitch! Nasty Bitch you f**ked with the wrong people Bitch!! Now you better run like a f**king Dog.

    1. Plead Jermaine cause O Lord with them that strive with him fight against them that fight against him take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for his help. Draw out also the spear and stop the way against them that persecute him.

      1. Wait till court time before u read dat psalm oo…and mek sure him really innocent because it will tun back pan him

  10. @met he is innocent that no good Bitch just mad cause him no want him. That’s how them Bitches Roll no a days.. She messing with the wrong family’s. This family’s is a Praying family’s we all or cover in the Blood of Jesus . She gonna want to sleep and can’t sleep. She better get the Hell away from Philly..

  11. Dunce Judith and rotten hole Samantha remember germs already listed as a pedi file in philly some 3 years now some ya’ll shouldn’t be surprised him at it again btw a went tuff man royal Samantha get so bad go take a seat and do what u do best breed.

  12. @Anonymous 12:28 Bitch keep my Mother name and my name and my brother name out your shit Mouth. You calling me a tuff man royal ?!? Bitch if you want to know if me bad why the f**k you no come f**ing face to face me and them Bitch you gonna see if me bad. And so what if the f**k if all I do best is breed?!?! Why you mad Bitch??? You must know if my Pussy Rotten I guess your Mother hole a a Rotten and yours too and your Daddy Batty hole a shot and your brothers and sisters too.. Bitch how about you state your f**king name and f**king Address and you will see if me bad. One think with me I can back my shit up real good . So go suck your mother big hole and your big hole dumb ass Bitch.. You nothing but a pice of Dog shit., as I said Bitch state your name.. How Dear you come on pink wall talking shit about my Mother and Brother. And how f**king dear you talking both my Mother Dunce!!! When you see my Mom tell her that shit..

  13. you all sound like idiots, it was minor, ie a child every last one of these charges are a felony. This dude has a history
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    Unlawful Contact With Minor –
    Obscene and Other Sexual Materials
    and Performances
    4 18 § 6318 F3 Guilty Plea
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    Unlawful Contact With Minor – Sexual
    5 18 § 6318 F3 Guilty Plea
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    6 18 § 5903 F3 Diss Explicit Sex Mat’l Minor Guilty Plea
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    7 18 § 3127 M1 Indecent Exposure Guilty Plea
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    Criminal Use Of Communication
    8 18 § 7512 F3 Guilty Plea
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    9 18 § 6301 M1 Corruption Of Minors Guilty Plea
    06/27/2011 No Further Penalty
    Harassment – Comm. Lewd,
    Threatening, Etc. Language
    99999 18 § 2709 M3 Withdrawn Pursuant to
    Pa.R.Crim.P. 561(
    if I was working this case I would round up each and everyone of you with a warrant to access your computers and phones. Coming on here making outright threats and putting people places of employment on blast. WTF is wrong with some of you people? Not everybody who reads JMG is dancehall idiots. Some actually come on here to get a good laugh at the mix up and a tip or two.

  14. Dem capture him ….Now smaddy gwine rape him batty. I doubt they gonna give him any bail since he has a history with minors and raping.

  15. FACTS: There are NO minors involved in this case (only adults). Please me mindful that until PROVEN guilty, GW is INNOCENT. With that said, the only conscientious thing to do would be to wait until the case has been tried by GOD and the authorities & see after all the evidence is submitted, and testimonies given how the jury will decide it, if it even goes that far (which I highly doubt) before submitting such hateful remarks. God is our judge over man, so I would be very hesitant to judge something I know NOTHING about if I were some of you. Relationships can sometimes get very messy and as the old saying goes “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Please respect the family and their privacy at this time. It is an emotional roller coaster ride for them as well. I assure everyone that Justice will be served. Until then, let us all be a little less partial in our commenting as this could be your brother, son, or Father. Blessings to all.

  16. Dis can’t be true…..man a gyalis …av. nuff woman ..must be a set up from some badmind….in addition peer free pussy deh bout everywhere SHANA-KAY REID included first ar crotches run dungeons and ready first any man weh av lickle change ina dem pocket …so Germain coulda neva go rape

  17. @Facts say if there is no minor involve why does it say minor you trying to tell me that they are all making things up?

  18. I believe every word said and mention. This fellow is a con artist and only that he is very aggressive and slick. He the type of person when he do not get his way is willing to go through any measure to get his standards. Women should be careful choosing these guys in the club , cuz they dress good and look like they have a couple of dolla . In all reality they just fiendin to take u somewhere take off ya clothes and rock u till ya dry. A very good learned old fashioned lesson learned ………………………..

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