Ann-Marie Campbell, 50, has been appointed as the top executive in charge of all Home Depot stores in the United States. Campbell, a native of Jamaica, was born in Kingston.

Before being named to her new position, she was in charge of the company’s southern division, which comprises some 690 Home Depot stores in 15 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Campbell graduated with a degree in philosophy and an MBA degree from Georgia State University and began her career with the company as a cashier while still in college in 1985.


Campbell’s inspiration and source of much of her business knowledge is her grandmother in Jamaica who developed a roadside business into a multi-million dollar company. She has been recognized for her achievements in the business world with numerous honors and in 2014 was named to Fortune’s list of the 40 Most Powerful Women in Business. In her new post at Home Depot, Campbell will oversee almost 400,000 employees in 2,000 stores.


  1. This is inspirational to say the least! Her grandmother started it, and she’s finishing it! Congratulations to her, she’s deserving!

  2. An example of what happens when you creep before you walk. She go from cashier to company executive.

    :cendol :toast Well done.

    I know another yardie who flipped McDonald’s burgers till him own more than 3 of them. Creep before we walk :toast

  3. Congratulations to her, being a woman in business is tough and she made it to the top, not a small feat. she looks young and beautiful, the true definition of boss lady!

  4. This is the sexiest pic I have seen on this site, compared to all the false bottom dancehall divas and designer bag clutching girls. This is what real sexy looks like. Oonu tek note

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