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Now this boy name Shortman aka Morrace .. The biggest p*rnstar a birmingham a act like him a somebody. Shortman remember u is nobody.. ur babymother Shorty go jamaica an f**k wid a next man .. an a it a mad u.. Shorty dont want u.. u always of to beg Shorty to take u back because a 2 and a half papers u av.. thats y when u ago jamaica u of to draw shorty behind u.. because u fraid immigration dont let u back in d country..

Shortboy aka morrace u walk and suck p*** like dog…. everybody know u as a pornstar… U cock dead… without the cocky spray u dont stand a chance of getting ur c**cky to stand up.


Not even Turner dont rate u.. Shortboy u act like u av money… we all know u dont. U clothesless… Shorty come back from jamaica an a tell birmingham people say how u bruk a jamaica and couldnt even find money to buy food.. oh sad!!! So how u come an a behave like u can diss woman.

A hope when d gal a london read this she lef u…. u is a good for nothing dead c*ck man… thats y u run back to shorty an Stacey. All stacey she is a real clown. She chat u how u suck p*** good an then she take u back.. after she diss u up a Shaun fish fry.. shame on your dirty lifestyle. Suck p*** less and **k less an see if u can av a c*ck stand without using spray. A Stacy send d picture to her fren an a so we get.

Story sweet..

19 thoughts on “MR STUD 100

  1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a only porn stars mi kno use cocky spray fi truu! This story is soo pornographic :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Better question..what is cocky spray??I’ve never seen nor heard of it.At times like this we really miss Steve Jobs cuz he would’ve created an APP for deadwood!

    1. I would like to know also about the Cocky Spray. I never heard of it before. I hope it is not expensive and very effective, because I’m going need a lot of bottles. I wonder how long after you apply before the cocky rise and how long it stay standing?

  3. This sender seem like she a carry vengeance fi this bwoy.
    Seems like the bwoy f**k u and dont look back, u all up in ur feelings

    Cry ur self to sleep girl

  4. Sender you dnt hve a clue abt stud 100.. Bcos its a delay spay it hinder you a man frm ejaculate quick

  5. me waan da cocky spary deh, mi waan it. short man weh it name,plz mi sex life depend on it. mi woulda haffi find a neat way fi spray di buddy suh him nuh know a wah mi a do, shortman come help a sister out!

    1. There is no such thing. For the penis to become erect, it needs blood flow to the organ. No blood flow, no erection.

    1. There is no spray that I know of that when apply to a dead penis will let it stand erect. If you know of one, please enlighten the rest of us. You you can find such a product and sell it, you will be a billionaire overnight.

  6. Everybody kno shortman a pornstar bwoy nyam pussy like dog.. . Yes mi hear but d studs spray wah him a use.. him stay bad d best him look a Turna party wah day wid him gal from london. A 2 AND A HALF YEARS HIM AV INNA HIM PASSPORT… tory a chat.. tea hot..

  7. Unno can ton dey cos mi kwn sey ah long time yaadman ah dig out hole with drugs..yub name it …stone. bomb.indian god..stud 100.chin brush..

  8. Wen the girl a London read this and don’t left him sender u ago mad cause a dat u want but it nah happen ,go bathe so bore and miserable home alone lonely girl ,if dat dead cocky a mad u wat if it did alive ,stale mate story no one buying it u get duck move on

  9. D girl a london nah lef bcus a dat d sender a aim at.. u get f**k an duck so u a try mash up d man relationship . Sad set a ppl.. suck pussy everyman a that now

  10. Shortman made it to pimk wall .. a bet a miserable hole bad indian aka shernette send thos in. She keep man wid s hi ortman ah Birmingham. . You neva know him useless before him left you to go back to him real woman.

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