X Factor’s Lorna Simpson admits to naked romp for online gangster film ‘Hood Loyalty’
2 Oct 2013 14:01

The X Factor hopeful, who went through to judges houses last weekend, says no sex took place but she stripped for just £150

Lorna says the news that the video was put up, made her “skin crawl” Lorna says the news that the video was put up, made her “skin crawl”

Talent show contestant Lorna Simpson has revealed she stripped for a raunchy role in a low budget film that went straight to YouTube, report The Sun.

Lorna, who X Factor viewers will remember from her performance of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing, said the decision wasn’t for financial reasons.

“I’m so ashamed I took part. It wasn’t even lots of money, I just thought it would help my career.

“We weren’t actually having sex. It was just acting. I didn’t realise it would be explicit, but by the time we came to film the scenes it was too late for me to back out.”

The role in question was for a character called ‘Sabrina’, and the X Factor hopeful was just on screen for a few minutes, it has been reported.

Apparently, Lorna netted just £150 under the fake name Harmony Gordon.

The movie dubbed ‘Hood Loyalty’ – which was reportedly shot in April – was directed by and also starred Jeremiah Kirlew.

It is said that the 42 minute movie is of a council estate feud and when Simpson found out it was released last month it made her “skin crawl”.

“I wish I’d never done it. I hope people won’t judge me. I really want to be a singer and I’m so grateful Sharon Osbourne has put her faith in me.”


  1. Just like the spanish teacher weh pose fi playboy before she become a teacher…..u really have to be careful wat u put out there.

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