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ok here is what it is facebook real talk.. if mi post a flyer pon u wall and u delete it better u delete ur self cause i will delete u… simple as dat unno tek facebook too f**king serious like unno pay fah a month time or if what ever somebody post on ur wall affect ur life in anyway….. DELETING TIME NOW !!

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DjAvalon Ang GrungLevel lol stop threaten people

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Ever Tight Tracey Same so

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Kenny VybzWarm mi nuh business boss… if you only know how much people in line right now wants to be on my page but mi cant add dem due to these waste matter people who dont even talk or post sh*t …. u go on some a dem wall all u see is pure foolishness dem a talk to dem self not one person comment pon dem boring post some even post and like dem own post and comment on them own post and nobody nah comment or like…. kmt

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DjAvalon Ang GrungLevel lol

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Ever Tight Tracey Lollll kenny

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Kenny VybzWarm dem have some f**king nerve like somethig on them page interesting like what the f**k… look how much people me alone entertain daily and mi nuh gwan stuck up like dem….. DME F**K OFF…. ANYBODY PAGE MI GUH PON AND DEM DELETE MI PHOTOS DEM A GET DELETE TO

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Ever Tight Tracey Dnt blame u onace dem do dat mean dem no like u or dem a hater.

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Nicola Williams Kenny stop tek up space on the only wall some ppl will ever own..lol

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Kenny VybzWarm yuh right Ever Tight Tracey a man like me who is such a friendly peoples person dem really a gwan suh wid like me personally do dem something

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Ever Tight Tracey A just so badmind people tan dem no wa fi see u success.

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Kenny VybzWarm now seriously if somebody post pon yuh wall wat does it matter ? .. some people a clean up them wall only wat dem post on them wall you see…. SOME IS SO FOOLISH cause u cant post on them wall suh more time mi wonder how people say hi to them

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Keisha Love True talk…..

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Ever Tight Tracey Kmft dem luddy bad kenny. Lol

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Layisha Lala-Killah Prados get rid ah dem yes bare delwtion inna di nite ya jus dnt delete me Kenny VybzWarm LOL

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  1. Morning metty and mettyers :peluk

    em a beat gum like hell til november caw em need ppl, now if yuh suh establish as em alwayz a seh juss promote but from weh daii a bare treatt wid dis attention whore…mout faava stretch out clit :sundulgans

  2. I can’t stand this Dutty naa no ambition john crow drive big Audi and mi here sey him life inna basement… Him need fi go feed him baby mada fi bitvh look like if u brush pon hat she drop dung and come offa Facebook and go look f**king work him nuh see him naa get no date a NY no more…I don’t know if unno ever go one party him play him ever a bawl out him frowsy mouth and the party stiff like hood..and dem have the nerves fi sey him a big big dj..stop live off dj Kenny (ja) name old johncrow…

  3. Good morning met,

    A Whappen to da fool fool bwoy ya if u put flyers on my page I delete that shit me naw help u promote shit cause me naw help spend de money get de hell out a here cu u to u ugly like bout delete guh a dance guh promote u shit.

      1. You know say me just did a think a wha year we living in? because a cannot 2013 going on to 2014 and people still a act like dem back a wall.. who cuss over if somebody delete a flyer??? maybe the people dem tyad a seeing his ugly face so dem just delete it.

  4. But no him always say him naa promote no dance him naa play pon and people fi walk round and hand out them flyers.

    On the other hand him promo cd can listen, it no too bad

  5. Oh no…he’s going to delete people?? Obviously he is the one taking facebook too damn serious…ok so wah if u delete di people dem…u tink dem siddung a dem yaad an a fret pon it or a cry…ur face favor any cayliss bwoy

  6. Y’all better understand the Kenny movement….. The man said, and I quote ” yuh know how many people in line to join his page” if I laugh… He need to go have many seats.

  7. Kennaaayyyyyyy az soon az yuh put it pon me page me delete that bloodclaaaat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,who iz u feh tell me wah feh keep pon me page!!!!!!!! Yuh face ugly like me vagina!!!!!!

  8. him wuda affi delete me , d button wuda mash up hw hard him wuda press it ! kmt fb free yes, wid ma name on it ,its mine !i doe gi weh free promo n me a one a dem weh we delete yuh comment / flyer! and very damn rpoud of it to! i hate fi c d wall dem plaster plaster wid flyers n its not a advertising fb page for said party! mek yuh own fb page fi yuh party n add who u want it really dat simple! kmt dis is y i dont have a fb! i wud only promote parties i do go and think its ok to advertise so ppl cn go n feel good !nt a bunch a foolishness ive never been n war bruck n ting for example!

  9. a wah tek dah yute yah wid him lip faava fi di camel dem own. anno everybody want dem wall full up a dancehall flyers, especially sum loud vulgar ones.

    gwaan yah

  10. kenny go fix your mouth plz it kicking metty lol…….. kenny have a face that only a mother could love smile kenny dwl woooooooooooooie kenny open ur mouth lollllll……….. metty kenny mouth smell like dead dog lol go ahead cuz i remove all ur post lol look pon u too lol met him send it in him party a come up your so cutie morning met

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