Hi Met,

Dragging a Gwaan hard pon this chick but u can Google it and see the facts.46% of black ppl nuh brush them tounge!


13 thoughts on “JAMAICANS NOT IN DAT 46

  1. No sah, a mussi some powder she just eat. Yuck, and have the nerves a long out har tongue? She caan righted.

  2. Dem fi stop generalized all black people dis gal nuh speak fi mi and mines bout “black “people tell di nasty gal fi brush har dutty tongue am come off a di rass internet wid dat yuckiness….

  3. She needs to brush her tongue properly and drink more water. She is clearly showing signs of dehydration. And she needs a Rx of Diflucan, her tongue looks yeast infected.

  4. U SEE ladies sometimes it’s better if u swallow! 🙂 all that is really cake up sperms gather up,she goodly gargle n never bother to rinse.

  5. Oh please. Black people? This girl is nasty, she has a problem with oral hygiene, so don’t generalized every black person because of this nasty gyal. BTW, this is the first time, in my life I have seen a statistic that says black people don’t clean their tongue. Damn lie!!

  6. Since I started oil pulling and using a natural toothpaste mi tongue sparkly pink all di time. Though I do feel that pic is Photoshopped.

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