Hey Met,

I was so proud when me find out my girl come from yard! From her IG she seems humble.

I think she had money before Kevin…But you could never tell wit us Jamaicans… She cute doe!

I though she was Pink wall worthy! I cant wait to hear some Jamaican jokes! I hope they don’t mash up.


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  1. so the sender says she is proud of the fact kevin harts girlfriend is jamaican…………….wow……i wonder if any australian was proud liam helmsworth was dating the american miley cyrus…………worse dan f**kin paparazzi……..

  2. It really nuh mek no difference, who cares really, so him ah fu(k ah Jamaican, whoop dee doo! Ah no like him ah go come spend millions pon di school system, di pothole road dem or bring no business down ah Jamaica fi employ di people dem!

    Good fi she, she better use him contacts & collateral & see something outta him, like how Kimora see something outta Russell Simmons cuz if him can left him wife/woman/babymother whe deh with him from him ah nyam Cup a Noodle, den him can lef her too! So she better strike while di iron hot & nuh tink is all about IG pics, vacays & shopping!

  3. I saw a video on Youtube of him and her while doing some interview and she couldn’t look him in the eyes or look in the cameras. That to me shows she is not so genuine. I’m not saying that she doesn’t love him, but I definitely think she’s seeking her claim to fame. Not mad at her though…I just hope she doesn’t break his heart.

    1. It is hard for any Jamaican to look a man in the eye and be all into them and get mushy like that…its been 4 years so I hope there is more than just love there

      1. You know you right metsy. My mother didn’t raise us up saying I love you. If my mother eva say I love you I think I would pass out…and for a very long time I had a hard time saying “I Love You” it was my husbands mother who constantly said it me and I wouldn’t respond, one day she called me out on it and mek me start practice fi say it till now, it cummin like nothing. LOLozzz!!

  4. Sender this is soo not important.. she is Jamaican she a date kevin hart so what? so you proud because kevin hart a sleep wid her and maybe him might married her? u are mad senda mad mad.. lol what about the deaf Jamaican girl that got a job with Obama administration? look weh u a praise kmt

  5. Mi did a guh send yuh this Met but mi nuh care about her heritage a how de adda dutty people dem run een and a do har up pon IG because she a Jamaican how she a gold digger and all these things. Nuff a unu heart too dutty, she and de man deh fi over 4years nuh because him left him wife nuh mean seh him a guh run left har, a nuh she tek him from him wife…KMT

    1. Not hating or adding any insecurities or whatever is said about me just adding fact.
      None are sure if the young lady was the straw that broke the marriage, when Kev began dating her he was in FACT still amrried to his wife so who really knows as they could of been seperated prior to the divorce.

  6. Thank you met for posting this…….I’m telling you Black women ah deh worss! ….Like theirs nothing wrong with being positive towards other women! we dont have to tear each other down all the time. What are ya’ll mad that i’m not trying to “run har file” or tek har to “man court” Shes cute & proud of her heritage….. and her man is funny as hell and rich! I mean this story isnt breaking news but neither is Apple cleaning pocketbook

    FYI i’m not friends with the deaf gyal that works with obama…..F**k my cousin works with Obama SO!

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