di prison food gree. Wid jblacks. Look how hin swell.

Stacy how u look soo happy now and proud ..
No baddie no wah jay him brukkk. Dats why him run back the two a unuh fit each other. Actors at all cost.
You look happier now than when u were really withhim. Stop trying to impress ppl and live ur life. Memba him love stray so get a big bockel a Motrin and deal wid it ..



  1. As the prison temporarily spit them out them run back a dance fi price sem nuh shame before them go a church and tank god and change them dutty life

  2. Too much time had passed for Stacy. If she not on the pink wall at least once a week she feels like the non-mutherf**kin-factor that she is. How come you never show your face till jblacks come back? He must finance you cause you been in hiding for weeks.

  3. polly u and your nasty friend tyiesh need to stop. tyiesh u walk and fukk everybody man unda the quiet. di time u spend a look man and a fukk guh tek care of ya kids amd top follow old foot polly weh miseralbe cus pee wee lef har. polly u to old fi a arguee with yung gyal guh sit before u get a heartattack

    1. How Polly and Tyesh name come up again. Polly might me old and Tyesh is a known whore but if it wasn’t for JBlacks looking and **king them both you couldn’t call up their name in this made for tv and internet couple drama

  4. Stacy why u neva cover the hole in the center weh you cut out for the objects that was suppose to be titties? Dem look like when flour have lickel bit a yeast and it stunted and cah bake. You should not try to draw no attention to ur belly or ur titites as they are not ur best assets. Stop meck Tyrone make f*8kery give you and tell u say a style. I bet yoiu spent you whole paycheck on that outfit to prove sah you a happen when u really are not.. THe out fit whould have ;look better without the hole and the slavery chain which only enhance your big Gut. I notice u and Blackie are so called frens now, but mark my word.. she will be the next one helping you wid Jblacks plus tunn round beat you pon top ah it. dwl
    But coo pon di burned dumplin weh unu a galang ova soo. Roftl, dwl. There really is a man shortage in America. :ngakak :ngakak


    1. Right. Tired of her and her mess of a life. There are so many more interesting people in PHILLY then the same 10-12 people that always make the pink wall.

  6. Tell the people that seem to love her life….and keep sending shit in I like her…if is not one thing is the next philly love her that’s y dem stay on top of her …they love drama the same set that come here talking shit is the same ones that watch her life like TV…mi see her Saturday night and to me SHI look nice nuff Duty people in Philly hate to see people happy and dem very bitter towards each other even DI one dem that says they are friends….
    Girl live UR life it don’t matter what u do they are going to have something to say if u go out they gonna talk if u don’t they gonna say is because yuh don’t have nothing fi wear or yuh a hide dats y mi leave dancehall…

  7. Speaking a di batty mouth piss up bed tyesh…yuh love deh all up inah Kelly face member yuh did suck off kelly husband fi dobyuh dry head,nasty gyal Kelly fi hold yuh& beat out yuh bloodclaat out nasty Philadelphia dump!!! Hey gyal tuh gwaan like yuh bad & love size up ppl yuh try walk from mi cause a waan dash acid pon yuh toilet mouth waste gyal!!

    1. You cah beat Tysh so you a create enemy fi har. Eddiot. …
      Kelly know better so try and create something else loser. If you eva notice Evrybody love off Tyesh so it must be some quality dem see ina har meck dem still chat to har even tho unuh crucify har. Gwah bad up ur chess and f**k u owna self ina America. You sooo bad u Ah hide behind computer.
      Teck di Acid weh you wah dash pon har and go clean ur teeth and brighten ur color. Who hide and teck like you? and get di most hype bout u a bad gal and always a get Flatta. You fi thank God fi di Philly ppl dem weh always a prevent ppl from making u see di God weh u nah serve. Jealousy is a disease. unu ah waste mattas.

  8. @Philly people..
    AKa MRs Cash. go sort out ur dutty life and go wash ur cratches weh busier than di 95.
    Eric stll no wah u all weh u a do fi hol him. Thank God Shauna draw weh herself from u cause u been a silent hater.

  9. 11:20 mek mi answer yuh ? I was on a ends and dutty tyesh and Polly was there this girl been the topic of them conversation mi very nosey so and listening it came to my attention that they are the ones for months now sending in shit on her Polly use to be friends with her on fb and I heard her friend say she screenshot and send things to I put two and two to gather the other day when Stacy di a wrath and realize while he locked up a she have him things dem and see everything in his phone….dem too bloodclaat bitter….if dem waan f the man or was f ing the man y carry news pon her fi dem argue mi seh DI amount a man dem tell him she have she alone bad nuh rass and I see Polly put up a list fi real diss pass drama…it’s like some man that a look woman and carry the next man name to di woman…mi caan tek it….but anyway mi see her out and she on my fb I have no problem with her…

  10. Silent killa aka piss a bed tyesh me know dat y would I want people be yuh enemy u a one a di biggest big body clown u only roll in crew fi try jump people little blackie had u shaking in NIFIJI memba dat I was there very close to you….bout hoops hold mi bag and all now u couldn’t do shit sit ur ass down a u a computer bad gal people know real God and serve real God a who u want to be the reason of u and friend deportation …

  11. Nasty tyesh aka silent killa u don’t scare no one u is a giant fi nothing mi see likkle Blacky mek u tremble I was right there all u deh pon is boops hold mi bag fii sit ur ass somewhere unu want to fight people that u think is weak fence so they can be the reason for yuh deportation…you only bad in crew….you have nothing for any one to be jealous of…

    1. mi is not tyesh. Mi is har defenda. Tyesh Answa unuh pon har Fb when she ready fi unuh. So go get a life or two. :travel

  12. Right 7:28 mek she move har bloodclaat….wid har batty mouth mi nuh bloodclaat fraid a none a bloodclaat unuh.mi roll by mi s Ed lf n mi nuh mix n mingle wid dutty bungle.mi 9 a mi f**k you n f**k di whole lot a bloidclaat unuh weh a defend di fishy pu**y gyal…wid yuh ridundant hole.mi wouldn’t even waste mi time beat yuh,yuh tuff nuh pussyclaat.old hungry belly bitch.yuh sneaky nuh bloodclaat all yuh doa laugh inah ppl face n tek dem man sadamite gyal.

  13. BLackie and Keisha rat bat unuh fi go learn fi spell before unuh try dunn smaddy. Tyesh life a kill unuh. If I was she everytime me see unuh mi skiln out me batty and show unuh fi unuh future. Unuh so badd unuh a do bad. Stop teef di ppl dem clothes and come showoff pon ppl weh better off than unuh
    Man dunn pon unuh a Philly till unuh start nyam shit and drink ovanight piss fi hol a man., Unuh onluy have strength fi Tyesh cause she naw anwsa unuh. Di way how unuh hate di gal me coulda swear a fi unuh pumupum she barrow and no gi it back. nuh should retire from f**king long time cause unuh a almost granmadda with nothing fi show all a unuh life worth. :maho :ngakak :ngakak

  14. Yes gyal it coming like you and har a f**k she mussi suck yuh pu**y mek yah defend har so…unuh is a set a nasty bloodclaat sadamite & am not none of those ppl yah call mi so stop call up ppl name.Yuh caan defend a f**king dunce whoring gyal weh a f**k fi everything else but har paers? Bitch none a unuh caan style mi.mi nuh walk in a crowd or near & di Philly dump need fi go tek sum antibiotics,ppl don’t waan use bathroom behind unuh.big fi bloodclaat nuttin gyal.

  15. DI people dem a hurt up Polly head bad Sunday as she get up a dem she start pon and search down the internet fi him picture fi put pon her Instagram …nobody can’t tell me they wasn’t f ing….fi a old woman she love drama that’s y pee wee nearly stab her to death and she go court on him..her life with him was miserable that’s y she don’t like see people happy….him breed gal pon her and she was babysitting the child and didn’t know it was her step child….old woman like dat need fi go sit and stop try fi say she making someone life hell she need some stability and papers like her whoring Fren that she bringing they are sickening All when them not looking at her she on internet talking…


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