hi my name is Sophia Brown I would like for you guys to do a story on My grandfather who is 104 going on 105 who sold his property to Jamalco Minding company here in Jamaica, however the Jamalco is a USA base own company, now my grandfather sold his land to this company for minding over 30yrs ago however they relocate my grandfather to another part of the area which is Bowinsgate Mocho Clarendon Jamaica W.I. and for the past 30yrs they haven’t given him or 95%of the people who sold them their land a title for the land they place them on, Jamalco have been hold the citizens of Jamaica title hostage for 30yrs now they can’t do anything to forwarded themself or us as the next generation because we sti haven’t recieved any title….check my pg out …I had a stroke Monday night due to this fight with them over the title…. my contact # 1876 846-1439


  1. This is only a guess, but it is possible that the land “they” were relocated to, JAMALCO is having problems getting a “clean” title to the land and as such, is unable to transfer ownership to the new owners. Can anyone determine who owns the land that these people were relocated to? Is the land in the name of Jamalco?

    The cases I have seen in Jamaica, where a developer were unable to provide the title in over 20+ years was due to the fact that the developer technically did not own that land to begin with and “capture” the land after the owner died. All the homes in this subdivision were sold to returning residents, most of whom have since died, including the developer himself.

  2. Sender! though I am no expert on that matter, there are a few questions that stir my curiosity
    1. was your grandfather or any of the others ever got PAID? I notice you make no mention.

    2. I noticed you said your grandfather and the others were RELOCATED to another area in clarendon, did they BOUGHT the land(s) they occupied? need clarification

    3. did you, your grandfather or any of the others ever looked into the possibility that they were tricked into a LAND-SWAP?

  3. Since this is a U.S. company I think everyone that is affected by this same issue should come together and file a class action lawsuit in the U. S. against the company. Good luck with getting what’s overdue to unno.

  4. Ms.Sophia it’s been 30yrs n yuh mean that Unno can’t pool a little money to employ a lawyer to sort out this matter!!? Contact future services Yaneek Page,goodly do it for free.

  5. Firstly, Sophia, stop saying ‘Lan’ its annoying as fuk.

    Why in 30 yrs your grand didn’t see to it he got his title?

    What the Jamaica gov have to say about this?

    Those people (your grandfather included) should never have given their land to those foreign companies! If dem never get it from slavery/plantation days then dem no fi get it.

    You need to hit up the international press with this and expose Jamalco co and all its subsidiaries and members.

    Btw, Chromium is toxic.

  6. Maybe a good lawyer should come forward and take up these ppl’s case pro bono. They need a class action lawsuit against Jamalco.

  7. I posted earlier…

    I want to know how so much people got tricked for 30 years by this entity and the Jamaican government (from 50% to 45% owner) and remain quiet about it.

    The orange plantation you speak of don’t make sense either. How can a person eatablish that much over the years and get trick out of it?

    Sophia, was the resettlement a collective by community members or individuals who thought the price was right at the time?

    Are you going to court with the rest of cheated community members?

  8. I would need to see the original contract between Jamalco and the grandfather to determine if they even have a case..Mi nuh know much bout these things but if they sold their lands to Jamalco and were relocated to another area where they have since lived undisturbed for 30 years, what more do they want? Can’t have your cake and eat it. Your grandfather must have gotten a substantial amount of money, enough to make him decide to sell his children’s inheritance and afford him a comfortable retirement, which it seems he had, considering he lived to 104. Now you ketch strokes over land that you did nothing to merit and probably dont have any damn right to lol suppose the agreement was for a leasehold on the relocation of say forty/fifty years, which means that the land would then go back to the freeholder (Jamalco) on expiration of that period? without the original agreement, which grandpa probably tore up cause him nuh want unnu see how much money him get lol, we will never know…

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