Hmid again pinky

So this story is the worst thing ever that happened to me. Was talking to this guy for awhile he’s in a relationship but me n him did a link. We f**k around an thing n I ended up preggerz sigh. Anyways him start move edgy and N thng Cause it luk lik him girl find out so him a move slight. Him a say him nuh want no baby n him never c this a go there and I have to get rid of it. N me have feelings fe him enuh Long n short him an nuh me only man so me did in a wah spot. Anyways him send me the money n me get rid of it and him cut me off clean clean. Now me phone ring and somebody a ask bout me and the belly smh like him tell whoever say me dash weh the belly u know me feel a way cause me never tell nobody how me shame Now me a imagine me a walk n just get a fat box cross me face cause me breed fe ppl man. Me haffi a walk n look behind me like me paro. Wah me fe do now smh me just a say the bwoi a real p**y. Me a think she ago tell me real man cause idk how she find me


  1. Senda what was the point of sending in this story??? It sounds like you want more ppl to know you a breed from di man. And like you really wanted to be his woman. You knew he had a woman from the beginning so leave him alone and be content with your man or find a new one if you’re not happy with him.

  2. I can’t believe you really brought this sh!t on here. Asking advice seriously. You dunce nub bloodc..t. You get what your deserve. You knew he had a woman from jump. You stated also that you had a next man, so what you looking sympathy? No one can tell you fi dash weh belly. You made that choice on your own. The only thing I could say in your defense is that his woman shouldn’t have called you.

  3. You will learn a valuable lesson from this experience. Just chalk it up to a life lesson. Don’t let nobody who has not committed to you ejaculated in you ever again. You get off easy, suppose it was a Std you got instead of just pregnant?

    You may have to lie and say you thought you were pregnant or you bought a cheap at home test and it showed positive, but when you went to the doctor he/she run a real test and say it was negative, and just leave it at that.

  4. I really really don’t understand some women! Imagine you a mess around wid someone man, but you already not using protection, but you get pregnant on top of it. Then you say you have your own man and no doubt sleeping with him too. WTF
    So really you don’t know who’s the father was, yet you probably would of be willing to have a no-name baby father and a poor innocent child would have been brought into this world with yet another single baby mother. When are you women going to take responsibility for your careless actions?

    The world is not pretty out here, children need stability you don’t need evidence to say you slept with a man, why would you put yourself in that predicament.

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