Woii dutty foot jamelia yuh finally get fi see weh yuh granny house look like di jacket finally fit har son now ..bout yuh inna pool yuh move from ny and to philly tru yuh family dem finally except yuh yuh wah run round and kiss a*s …i feel sorry fi any mon weh u and yuh sista deh with cuz any mon weh uno deh with is either dem dead or inna jail uno have di destruction hole jamelia neva stay good yet yuh need fi stop shop a salvation army n where ppl old bruk uno a gwaan like uno a somebody inna america jamiela yuh fi get di days dem wen yuh did a go mad fi yuh first husband and di way yuh use walk stiff like how di solider dem stand up a england ..jamelia weh use to get beating in and out ..bout yuh sista pose up inna Finance benz weh she a pay big car note fa like she buy it upfront uno and dutty granny weh always inna young ppl business weh she need fi go is get a cane or a wheel chair and rest har back n go worry bout a retirement plan …


  1. Sender u sound really stupid and hateful so mek me ask u a who nuh finance vehicle inna farrin a who buy anything cash. hope u have a retirement plan.. so sender if a man dead or go a prison how a di woman dem fault. u sound like a retarded monkey.kmt on to the next story yall need jesus.

  2. dwl senda where is d lie bout how jameila stay bad a foreign my goodness gracious. Dat man stomach strong to rass God know

  3. Hateful neva dat di way uno a gwaan and hype uno shudda buy things cash bout uno brag pon fb like uno deh up shameeeeea kill uno nasty pussy hole … sutu dread neva want yuh from morning cah if him did wah yuh him did a breed yuh longtime which him talk seh him nuh wah breed yuh

  4. A yaso nice jamelia member sah you a sutu beaten stick dread sah sutu dunn u the night jamelia u sad like funeral sutu put up your picture and class you too ground zero and you go run up in a her again jamelia u live for mix up wasn’t you and the baby mother was friend and you usually done your sister and now you join her beaten stick dem soon beat your nasty bloodclott again just a matter of time

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