Tell geico lizard twin kizzy say she stay real bad and go tek back had money from the surgeon.
Only she only ah mad over batty boy Jay x.
She needs to go pay her bill in Florida , she look like a geico lizard at apple man party and look real sad.

She needs to go on her knees and ask God for forgiveness of what she did to zulika and Jay x


  1. Only prob I have w Kizzy is why she have her young daughter inna dancehall .. seriously I don’t get these women you would think they’d grow their children to be the complete opposite.

    1. I don’t think Kizzy’s daughter is that involved in the dancehall scene though… she’s not as bad as Tiffany friend Tash who goes to every single party with her mother. I have a strong feeling that if it wasn’t for John John and her clients Kizzy wouldn’t be into the dancehall. She always looks uncomfortable and bored at parties.

  2. You’re a hater because this girl always stand out , jealousy is a bitch and you’re real sick, a bayy it look like kizzzy relationship a go mad uno

  3. Sender please leave kizzy alone , my god thank god u don’t look like geico if u sleeping with mr. John John DWL just run wey from bout yah Drink some bleach and run out inna traffic. Come through kizzy .. me love u much u don’t trouble a soul plus u house nice and clean me loike that nuff hype gal never show them house yet but show designer all day long LMAO

  4. KIZZY IS OVERRATED…her stuff all look good on the GRAM but in real life a hot mess. John John is a retired fish for sale. She love that she on the wall as nobody talks about her and that man that think he is a rapper..waiting on a BUS that not coming and done drive pass him stop.

  5. I agree with One Love, she looks so awkward and sad whenever she’s making videos, like she’s forcing to be someone else. She never ever look genuinely happy to me yet, but i do like her and her house is really nice. Also, she’s in a lane with herself, always different and never uniformed like the others.

  6. John John make her feel uncomfortable. Hated the red shoes but can respect the idea of what she was trying to do.

  7. She’s looks good up up up kizzy n her man is very handsome he brings her off she doesn’t have to try hard make that money kizzy girl and always be unique John John music is very versatile n a very humble dude push through!!! Who vexxxx

      1. Met, is that person up too really serious?? Kizzy is the star in the relationship. John isn’t humble and I wouldn’t call him handsome. He doesn’t bring her off well, that woman should be with a respectable man that she doesn’t have to babysit.

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