1. Sometimes u Doan mean fi laugh,u even try stifle it but somehow it come out even louder. That was surely the case when Bounti Killa said him nuh want Trump fi win Becuz a that time him wouldn’t get back him visa.Loooooolzzzzzzzzz

    Well mi a guh talk the truth that GOD love so much. Bounty if u never get it bk unda Barack obama why in the world…Dwl Lolz mi kaint finish…laughter tek ova mi typing fingers..bounti borderline Delusional lol!!

  2. Can’t give up my Bounty and Beenie fi ntn. Them new crop a artiste yah a bay studio artist, them cannot entertain not even fly.

  3. Mavado a di worst performer. He just no sound good live like he always run out of breathe or perform lil piece. it’s horrible. His song dem hot but his performance was whack as usual. He need to stay in studio. And he need a ne manager weh will make him stay in studio an build up performance for the amount he collect.

    Maybe he getting to ole. Give bounty his visa a dem make show and Dancehall nice. Bounty perform.

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