Mi wah ask Jayx876 if him think him sound good? Like really bruh whey di r**ss u go full up u mouth this r** metal n pon top a dat a try thang Jay it seems u think u can rap n sh**t but a only SHIT u a sh*t u donttttttttttttttt sound good inna u floral shirt Kizzy sew fi u

0 thoughts on “JAYX-TRA NOT READY

    1. @ BBC!!!!mi laugh till me weak, mi read yuh comment before mi listen an mi nearly pee pee up miself him really sound like dat fi choo :ngakak :ngakak

  1. The grills in his mouth is not the proper fit for his mouth, because it’s fake…. :nerd

    Jayx you need to give it up and go help kizzy not soo klean with the bills…. :cool

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