JCF-Optimized KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police on Saturday issued a statement accusing the media of misrepresenting information about a particular case that is now before the Supreme Court.

In the statement the police called on the Press Association of Jamaica to remind journalists about the importance of accuracy adding that if journalists are not more careful, the matter will be reported to the judge in the case.

The statement from the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) the information arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force reads:

The Police are expressing serious concerns about the manner in which aspects of media, particularly one radio station are reporting on a case currently before the Supreme Court.

At best, most of the reports are replete with inaccurate information about what transpired in the court.

In a number of instances some of the journalists deliberately sacrificed facts for sensationalism and embellished the stories; by doing so they completely mislead the public about the evidence that is being given in court.

This week alone they reported that the Police are to be blamed for a compact disc that went missing and that 40 cellular phones were seized during the investigation of this particular case.

This information is not accurate and never came out in court yet the media chose to report it as if it was the truth.

The Police are calling on the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) to remind journalists of the importance of accurate reporting and truthfulness, particularly in matters of public interest.

If this elevated level of inaccurate reporting continues, the matter will be reported to the judge in the case with a view of taking action against the journalists covering the proceedings.


  1. Mi did suspect some a dem stories dere. The Police couldn’t so incompetent in a case like dis what di whole werl interested inna di outcome

      1. money hungry and wat a way pon him earthstrong dem let in shawty fe whine pon de buddy head,yet others haffi wait till dem a duh doctors visit them pay dem escort fe mek dem get a 10mins haffa de link weh dem call mek dem know sey fe meet dem a public or de nurse dem up deh nah ge juk but tek it…very kurupt mi a tell unno

    1. Majority a de antipolice propaganda was and has always been formulated by said CAYLISS REPORTERS and dem mediocre EDITORS. Me know how dem operate so I never swallow whey me read pon we two main media houses. Sh!t Met get that ish right till dem have fi come ova yah so fi resource…bums!

    1. Which entity are you referring to? JCF already DO them job, is the courts fi do dem job and the journalist them.

      Observer fi one a trouble mekka (a report de case an a advertise new release CD)
      Gleaner ify-ify from morning.


  2. What are the cops trying to say no missing cd, no cable cutting, tell the public what part ofthe report is wrong. Tell the public and don’t make empty statement not everybody a fool so stop act like unnu want to come cow out this. So for the people dem that run come back the police on this post unnu need to ask questions also and stop being so gullible. I would love the cops to take this to the judge so that we do not know what is going on so that the cops can share the money evenly.

    1. The police commissioner was quoted as saying the report about 40 cell phones were sized was not accurate, it would’ve been a tad absurd to think that FIVE persons had 40 phones amongst themselves and even more absurd to think that none of the 40 phones weren’t registered in their names. They media is playing their part of corrupting peoples minds. He also stated that police are not the ones to be blamed for the missing Cd.

    2. You and the word gullible a close relative so STOP IT!

      Onu gwan stop use onu ole nappy fi paint and disrespect we police force…after all YOU are representing the criminals on said trial and yu want fi talk bout police corruption? What a gall yu have…. :hammer Drum beat still in de air…..

  3. lol same set a cops that went on every morning show and say kartel about to be charge with 6 more murders . lol . there is 5 diffrent major media house a yaerd that reporting the things and a few lawyers thats there twitting it so lets get this they all lieing lol lol lol lol

  4. A which idiot phantom dis. How can you so call law abiding, citizen protecting police come on the net come talk craps when a unnu same one a do the killing of innocent youths. How can anyone in the public believe unnu or trust unnu when WE SEE WHAT UNNU DO. How unnu want people fi hang them community leaders when unnu suppose to be the ones that we trust but unnu kill, rob, rape, abuse, lie, need more adjectives to use but unnu assholes are more evil than the criminal so get the you GULLIBLE PUNK ASS OFF THE NET AND EARN THE TAX PAYERS MONEY. BITCHASS

    1. De one and only whey mek yu stay off de board fi long periods of time! Yu done sell yu book dem yet so kartel can have attorney fees?

      Yu see and Me see to crotches! Jamaica seem to infested wid yu, kartel and thousands more of you pit toilet roaches…eradication never did complete that’s why de likes a yu exist…TAXPAYER MONEY NEVA DID REACH YOUR CORNERs are that OF THE SEED BAG AND WOMB WHEY GI BIRTH TO YOU AND KARTEL. IT CAN BE INSTITUTED AGAIN BITCH! MEK SURE FI DE A GAZA AND GULLY IF AND WHEN IT COME BACK…ME AGO BE DE ONE FI PAY FI DE BODY BAGS BITCH!

      Good day, Met….me done now SELAH

  5. Don’t you wish you floating piece a shit. That’s why the youth dem need fi use police like you for target practice. And trust if I was a gunman I would be smart enough to know who are the real enemy. Your have some nerves when unnu kill innocent youths nothing comes out of it not even I am sorry we made a mistake. Jamaica need more gunman like Sandoval as if unnu ever stop (eradicating cockroaches). Can’t believe black man a kill black youth and a beat him chest.

    If a man put a bullet between your son eyes for no reason how would you feel. I should be a gunman with you in my site and then tell me bitch if you would be saying the same thing you are now.

      1. Met, Spice breakup makes good material fi a Sunday evening topic.

        :rose: “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there maybe in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. For even the dull and the ignorant they too have their story…”

  6. Met tell jamaica’s #1 assassin fi know dem self and now unnu know what the shit house dem think of the youths. Cockroaches, the people dem that put slop inna the pig fi him hog mother and father eat and him little oinkers. No f**king respect

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