1. Flamboyant funeral!!! :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: gonna out do mista wacky!!! Weddy weedy jiggy jiggy! Naa lie I’ve been in his presence hez the realest who is dexta enemy tho God!? Smh kmt jahkno face boy dexta

    1. I agree. And bet you sey when time come fi 3D funeral the killer will be there, a bawl the loudest and wah throw dung himself a grung and fling himself inna the casket, a him you if watch wid the dry eye cow bawling, the one a gwan the most…guilty.

    1. Do you know the difference between SAH and SEH? You keeping repeating the same mistake over and over again. The word is seh!!!!

  2. Hello man a fu ck man n bright wid it n a cheat then dem man kill dem and uno a chat, a him help keep big gay pride the other day. Dont jump in God face uno use this as a mark, the Lord will use uno own fi tek uno out.

    1. This site is not a morality court and you are not judge and jury. Someone has been killed, it doesn’t take anything from you to be respectful.

      1. @Gabriella listen to me hoe, if u want a respectful life then u must live it; i have zero respect for those who throw stone ina God face, unuh a live pure dutty life & want God bless unuh?? no way bitch a him man kill him ole f**ka no care how nice or kind he was he was morally bankrupt. Go chuck off outa sea

        1. Aww bwoy…your comment has me thinking. I don’t know anything about the deceased other than the information that is posted here. We all are morally bankrupt because we are all sinners. You don’t agree with his lifestyle and that’s okay, but some comments are way too harsh. You would think that he murdered 10 newborns. Some people appear to be saints but if we really know the 411 about them, shock would kill us. Some comments are beyond disrespectful, it nuh necessary especially this early in the investigation.

  3. Rip is seems like he was talented and had a huge following. God comfort his loved ones during this difficult time.

  4. Dexter was a prominent gay activist? I never heard Dexter say a word in support of gay rights. Anyway still, I would bet money on his killer being someone linked to him. Also the neighbours hearing screams & not calling the police says to me maybe screams from his home became a common occurrence because I refuse to believe neighbours could be so uncaring without plausible reasons. RIP Dexter.

  5. Another point, what should be interesting to see is how many artistes, especially female artistes, attend his funeral now that many things will be said. D’Angel & Tifa at least should be there.

  6. regardless of him being gay

    hes somebodys child

    hes a human being – a brave , honest and talented one at that

    nah lie – mi feel cold from last night

    what hurt me is they said neighbours heard him screaming for help and not one person called the police

    he was in there for a day or two

    horrible horrible times we living in


    no one has the right to take the life of another

    none of us are GOD

    jeez sad sad – cant stop thinking about it

    RIP Dexter

  7. I think he befriended the wrong person someone weh probably a do the tings fi likes and not really gay. That person DNA probably at the scene too, him must cut himself in process of stabbing him. But the JCF don’t invest in forensics so this might just go unsolved til God knows when. Sad sad sad…and the neighbour that’s another story smh.

      1. Who said they don’t? Discovering DNA at the scene means nothing if you do not have a known sample to compare it to. In the USA, we have a database of convicted criminals, so we can at least run the crime scene DNA against the database. However, if the perp DNA is not in the database, then you will have a hard time getting a match, since few individuals who know their rights or represented by a lawyer will submit a DNA sample voluntarily.

        BTW, CSI level forensics are not as helpful as eyewitness report in solving crimes, especially when it comes to murder. If that neighbor had look out through the window and note the license plate of the vehicle or at least the make or model of the car, it would probably more helpful to the police than DNA sample. A on site camera would have been helpful also. People will spend thousands of dollars on sophisticated TV, yet spend zero on a decent security/camera system.

        People should air on the side of caution and that neighbor should have called the police no matter what.

    1. What you know about JCF?! You assume you know the SSP and now you bout jcf don’t invest in forensics…lololol

  8. Awww so sad… clearly a crime of passion… a dat happen nuff a di gay men love the undercover bad man batty bwoy dem so when dem cheat on them or try expose them or the bad bwoy dem don’t want to face their truth then dem kill dem. smh.. this is just sad if you gay you gay and stop kill off z people dem.. remember Peter King….

  9. Warmchocolatetea a suh di puss sy n dem followers bright. Talk di truth, the bible say we nuffi duh nuff things, but dat nuh mean it right, when a man steal it is wrong n if caught them go jail. Wen 2 man or 2 woman duh dem nastiness dem want pressure the world about rights n want the rest of the world accept it, dem too rude n bright in God face, u see how much did dead in one place in orlando? Mek dem stay dey, one a dem days during parade God a go open the 30 miles streatch a road n swallow dem up a one of those march to send a strong message. Dont know why dem always think 1. Dem extra powerful, but dem still dead n power cant help dem. 2. We must all embrace dem nasty life style n if dem approach our kids we fi be quiet. Look yah man wen dem kill dem one another mi nuh business wid dem, nuff uptown girls n dem a fren because dem use the girls as cover n dem gal dey nasty too. Watch how the hills above norbrok n cherry gardens, stony hill, hill run, jacks hill n hope pasters that hill gonna have a huge landslides a d cover those homes, watch wen God ready fi jamaica. Look how the sea a go raise and flood out marcus garvey drive, spanish town road, cooreville gardens. Uno think a only huston a go get it, jamaica gonna get it soon too, we too bright in a rude in God’s face.

    1. Shut up. You can’t talk about the bible with that filthy poluted cesspool you call a mouth. You so called Christians and 2 time a year church goers are hilariously sick.

  10. Shibby look like him have aids, u see how him mash up, boy nah mek money like one time, bout him go buy prado, i hope him can pay the insurance pon it, damm fool. Marvin will help shibby anyways lol.

  11. How are people calling gays an abomination while they use profane language. Before you start to copy and paste verses from the Bible to fit your arguemnt, remember all sins are equal in the eyes of God and no one is perfect.

  12. Dem boys yah like dexta love use poor battymen, see the same faith reach peter king. See dem find him killer n the boy say him mek pass at him n him defend himself. Dexta bail the boy n tek him in a him house, yes man serve him right. U see wat almost reach oliver samuels, uno batty men nuh learn.

  13. Mhmmmm, pap story gi mi cause yu know mi a nuh liad…Wey nearly reach Oliver Samuels? Mi just memba sey mi hear sey him a fish tu.

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