THE police on Wednesday alleged that blood belonging to missing graphic artist Jermaine Edwards — who disappeared while on a brief trip to the island last November — was found at the home of a man who is currently facing sentencing for being in possession of Edwards’ automated banking machine card.

However, the police said that they were not ready to declare that Edwards is dead.

The police made the claim when Martin Warmington turned up at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for sentencing. The sentencing was delayed until today.

Edwards, who is described as an “anointed man of God”, arrived in the island last October and was staying with friends in Portmore, St Catherine, before he went missing.


According to the prosecutor, the police — while conducting a search at Warmington’s house — allegedly found bloodstains which ballistic evidence have since confirmed belong to Edwards. The prosecutor said that the matter is being investigated.
In the meantime, Warmington, who previously pleaded guilty to having Edwards’ ABM card in his possession, denied killing the graphic artist.

“I have no knowledge of that murder,” he said.

When asked by Parish Judge Maxine Ellis how he came by Edwards’ card, Warmington told the court that Edwards was staying at his house and he saw the card and took it up.

“It was there and I took it up and went to the ATM to test it one time and I did not receive any money,” he said.

“How much money were you going to take?” Ellis asked.

Warmington, in his reply, insisted that he only went to make an enquiry and pointed out that it was a credit card.

He also told the court that he had pleaded guilty to simple larceny because he did not want to waste the court’s time.

“Ever since I am living in regret because I know I made a mistake and I have lost my job and my house,” he added.

The judge subsequently told him that she was going to schedule another date for sentencing, as she wanted her mind to be fully clear, given all that she was told.

“I am not going to sentence you in a hurry; so much things have been said about you and I want to make sure that I don’t have anything else on my mind,” Judge Ellis said before remanding him until today.

The court was earlier informed about another matter involving Warmington, in which it is alleged that he stole a girl’s phone and tablet.

Warmington is being represented by attorney Kerry-Ann Duhaney.

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