3 thoughts on “PRINCE IN HIS ELEMENT

  1. Canadians will never forget Prince. He had a special relationship with Toronto – the city where he once lived. He lived in Toronto when he was married to a Toronto native, Manuela Testolini, in the early to mid 2000s. They divorced in 2006. Prince also had a Canadian girlfriend named Vanity. She died just 2 months ago. She too was 57 years old. You are dead Prince, but your music lives on…………………!

  2. Bloodclawt pretty dunce tek har offa di stage yes lol claffy! Prince call yuh pan di stage an she come a look.. dO a likkle mOve nuh stiff bady gal… but den she affi stiff cause di baddy made in China ano fi har so she nuh know how fi manij it lol

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