Friday, June 20, 2014
A convicted felon’s mugshot is drawing the attention of a lot of ladies on Facebook.
Police in Stockton, California posted this mugshot of Jeremy Meeks, 30, on their official Facebook page. Meeks was one of four men arrested this week on felony weapon charges during a gang violence and robbery crackdown.
Since his mugshot was posted on Facebook, its generated nearly 23,000 likes and 6,000 comments. The majority of the comments have been from women who say Meeks is extremely attractive.
Jeremy Meeks
“Its against the law to look this fine,” posted Machado Trevio.
“We should start a petition. Free Jeremy Meeks, he is too attractive to be behind bars,” posted Samantha-Jane Steel.
“Can we get a full body shot,” Tamara Ellis asked.
“He needs to join a modeling agency when he gets out,” Crystalin Veronica posted.
“Oh my goodness. He’s more attractive than half of the Calvin Klein models I’ve seen,” said Mechelle MaryMarie.
Meeks is no stranger to the law, and he’s now being held on a $900,000 bond.
“He may be a tad bit cute but with 6 felonies he ain’t that cute,” Marissa Lewis said.
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  1. Bright Good Mawnin Met,
    this man really handsome fi true but whe dis a show mi is dat a lot of women are so hung up on looks. Phaedra Parks from Atlanta Housewives is a prime example.

  2. I guess he didn’t know that he could have become an international model instead of a career criminal.

  3. Well a hope him change him life and model fi sumady, pay back restitution and speak to di younger yutes dem…I believe God has a plan for him, him see good inna him

    1. Amen, as bad as many people think it looks, it is an act of the creator. He is now face to face with his destiny..created to be famous individual

      1. With looks like that, no way God created this man to be normal. In a strange twist of events, Jeremy might just have walked right into his destiny. I say Jeremy Meeks for Fast and Furious 8. Just or almost as fine as Paul Walker. Hollywood should come a calling. I’m all for do overs, second chances, particularly when you have uncanny powers in evoking all kinds of not so PG feelings in people around the globe.

        1. Foxy whey say fast and furious wha ? :ngakak It very shocking to know that he did 9 years already though n jus 30

  4. he is a handsome black man but Ihope if this can show ppl how black man ah waste aaway In the prison system in America

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