Met for some reason I can’t log in but Jiggy Allstar (Jay Bentley) was in a near fatal accident leaving the Prezy Floss Birthday All black birthday bash.



  1. Metty, look weh smaddy comment under the video link, smh:

    “Considering the car was worth more than most of the homes in the area, I’ll let you wonder whether or not drugs were involved. Unless, of course, a lawyer or doctor was in the ghetto at 7:30am on a Sunday making house calls”.

  2. Jigga you are in my prayers. I’m thankful that the Lord was watching over you and you’re still here with us today

  3. Jiggy should be under Philly dancehall but he will live to give f*ckery another day! He better be thanking God for another chance. Had that been a regular car his butt would have met his maker.

  4. damn thats sad i hope hes ok f**king wid dat salt hole gyal mi forget har name she usually par wid uzuma but from him f**k di blk ugly gyal bare drama

  5. Met me mek fi link u cuz me did a follow di story pon fb..gabby di photographer from philly did a go release pics from di accident but ppl ask him not to…him did ina surgery fi quite some time yessideh.. boy life is so precious

  6. Glad he is ok. But Jigga drunk from di ppl dem free Licka caus him cheep and no spend him money. Him always a drive one a him gal dem car so mi sarrie for whoever this car belong to. The insurance company might not pay because him did drunk and him is not on the insurance. What a hell of a price fi pay fi a big hood weh everybaddie get a turn offa . . and then u affi tunn run a pay fi a car weh you nah drive no more . She betta pray him no tunn roubnd sue ahar to caus e mi hear she dem amputate di leg so him ogingto ned a lot more income for the future. Mi juss a wonda how much woman run go a di hospital only to be turned a waya cause him babymadda will be there before alla dem.
    Kimone u need fi leave di ppl dem man wid u salt hole.. every man u go near either dip stuck deh jail or half dedd.

  7. Bwoy all pon some sad things philly deaddog dem have di worse fi she, dem couldn’t wait fi have something bad fi seh

  8. unuh too bloodclaat out a order bout barrow car n broke!!!!! unuh just vex unuh neva get none a him money n him big hood! man leg nuh amputated him a heal! unuh leave mi fren a choo unuh nuh know him business unuh a chat!!

    1. lol you’re correct he still has his little skinny legs and Mr.Bently money ain’t longer then mines. So if I said anything it would be facts don’t need none of his money or used cocky Girl London why you mad though?

    1. it was the hood he was coming from Nifiji it was North Philly, ratchet North philly 5727 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA ‎ if thats not the hood then you must live there. bette lock your car up, hide your kids and hide your dogs. It does not become Center City until way after Temple.

  9. We should know by now dat driving under d influence of Alcohol or Drugs, is a Big Nono, BUT still di Dodos CONTINUE…Putting demself and others at risk. An Big Big Chrismus nuh reach yet..Here we go …..

  10. @Lmao who the f**k wrote to u n u asking me why I’m mad. I don’t care if ur a man or woman at thus point! What I am referring to is how people like to come on this site shatter people especially people yall. Don’t know personally unuh too wicked more time man unuh need fi chill B

  11. I hope he makes a speedy recovery but to add to the comments up top him big hood was community property jus ask di whoring gyal Tracey and tranny Salt pussy Kimone

  12. Di whole a unuh come off a Jigga bloodclaat name n go suck unuh badda wid a long straw. Di Yule a good yute him just make a mistake. Coulda cost him life but by the grace of God he’s fine n everything plug in n a work. So wah if him f**k everybody unuh man a do di same so go check unuh man n Lowe him wid unuh Nast bloodclaat self. Unuh a worry bout the Porsche n him money n him cheapness gwaan worry cuz if a him business unuh wah know y’all won’t. Likkle unscrupulous johncrow unuh. F**K OFF pussyhole badmind. Unuh can get a f**k now since a it a mad unuh.

  13. Ummm Anonymous why u a worry bout him community property buddy. Did u get ur share? Take itn run cause the story was about the accident not him dick!

  14. Alright story done now di yute crash it could have been any one a unuh or unuh bredda or man etc if unuh nu have anything good fi dsy shut di f**k up cause most a unuh a talk dont know shit so please b quiet so what if him crash inna di hood dont know what his destination was sure he is not the only one drive through the hood f**king ediot unuh b

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