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Sharlene yuh need to stop give dancehall people things over you do better than that and is all because of that nasty stay bad boy mi just hate fi hear yuh name call Sharlene just know stay yuh friend them love yuh dem just want see yuh do good and Sharlene a pure lie him tell yuh all bout him name Stephen him nuh name so a junior the nasty boy name and just know say if him can chat Gina him a go chat you to and memba say him live with that nasty stay bad gal pinkyloux yuh need to run him..yuh nuh see say from yuh know him yuh salt and yuh stress that not you Sharlene run the suck pu**y boy you can do better than that him not even look good him look bad fi a lil young boy see him pon flatbush and him look like a lil old man lol Sharlene yuh look good nuh Mek him come old yuh up run him because him nah stop talk to him lil bitch but look pon that old man deh bout him want to have two woman and not even have shit


  1. The truth finally a come out yes the boy walk pon faltbush everyday and a look woman him did a look me to and him know say me and Sharlene a good Fren the boy mouth smell bad him need sum clothes

  2. Sharlene yuh nuh listen yuh say yuh run the boy but a lie see a DeM wutliss life yah yuh love this is so disgracefully yuh need to listen allover the years yuh liveing like this with the name calling yuh need sumdody that you and zico can look up to come on now yuh not get young..smh mi like yuh but mi hate yuh lifestyle men the nasty boy go

  3. Dwl mi of fi laugh mi see the dutty boy a GQ dance sum body need fi tell him say dem ugly clothes deh a nuh fi dem dance deh him look like the mad man pon the road him need fix up

  4. Sharlene Sharlene one more time dancehall come to help us she to kind with the pu**y lol mi need to know the the next girl pinkyloux because mi get Sharlene a ready so mi need to know she mi love f**k a boy gal lol

  5. Him not even look good him need sum clothes but yuh want hot gal Sharlene nuh want just count yuh self as a next sides man old shit house

  6. Mi hear say him go in a Sharlene Friend car a when the boy gone them offo spray it out the way the car smell bad when him gone yuh mixing with wrong people them go take a bath

  7. It look like dem just hate the boy fi know reason are a just want him nuh want yuh friend mek yuh a do this flatbush people them need a life kmt but a good fi dem man yah dem f**k to much

  8. mi know him and pinkylou them people yah brite eeh man a how him gone go mix up with them girl deh a one nice boy omg sharlene yuh fren dem to brite no sah mi sorry fi him smh

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