My sister read everyday so maybe she can get some advice cah mi tired ah she now!! She is a mature woman with grown children. She meet this bwoy who married to a gal that treat him like shit.. wife is a bitch fi real, throw him out everyday cut upp him clothes get him lock up cuss him family etc etc…So him always a complain to mi sister and she always a sorry fi him and take him in. Him borrow har car sleep ah har house eat har food borrow money and tell har she a the best woman him ever have….Tell har how him nuh deal with the b**h wife nuh more and how the woman wont make him see the pikney…..Anyway she get a message from the bitch wife a cuss har bout how she wutliss and why the bwoy dont even want carry him pikney guh a mi sister yard even though she tell him him cn carry the pikney guh de. The bitch wife tell mi sister how she fi low the wutliss bwoy so him can guh get a real woman who him can own up and carry him pikney round . The wife tell mi sister say all the bwoy want do is come a fi har yard come stay with the pikney and wont even keep the pikney fi a weekend. She ask mi sister what wrong with she why the wutliss bwoy shame fi own har and refuse fi carry the yute round my sister.. SHe all tell mi sister say she cant have nuh man or peace cah the bwoy nuh stop park up a har yard inna mi sister car a terrorize har till she haffi call police fi run him…..Drea mi know yuh a read this and yuh know what me always tell yuh so maybe if yuh read it yuh we get the f**king message cah all a we inna the family tired a you now and yuh complaining bout ricky….

0 thoughts on “DEAR MET, SISTER SIKES

  1. SIIIIIIKES…. Met dem really tek we fi fool ehhhh… No sah from weh day yah me a realize ah bare sikes matey advice ah dash out…. Unnu life is sad. :bingung

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