0 thoughts on “JMG LOVE CONNECTION

  1. mi did aguh laff but dis aint no joke, yuh cuden even right click dem yuh actual use yuh fone tek pic a de pic pon yuh pc nah sah yuh terrible anyways man yuh want M-a-N yuh shall get :cool

  2. Mi jus mek an appointment fe get an eye exam next Wedneday afternoon. So, can somebody whofa eyesight betta dan mine please tell mi a who him?

    1. Almshouse, all depends on what you mean by betta vision…
      1. Do you wear bifocals or trifocals?
      2. Do you walk into non-mobile objects such as doors, clear windows or people?
      3. Do you see multiples of everything even though there is just 1 object?
      If you’ve answered no to all the above questions asked, then I can’t do a damn thang fo ya cause those all apply to me :nerd

  3. He looks like a fruit cup, good luck with this one, or is it a man asking for His number? Met, is a man asking for this sea creature numba?

      1. DWPCL at the blouse, is true, I would rock that blouse with a Jeans and my heels. This man is a fish fi real. lol

    1. Anon, inflation…times ah get ruff so we all gotta make a dollar and a brief stretch the best way we can…

    2. guess a the only wan weh mek him hood luk big suh him haffi see tuh it dat it wash nd dry daily for use..

  4. Morning
    A di second time this u send come say u want the man but whey u need to hask u self is if di man ago want you obviously u must have seen him in person (well I hope u have cause unnu rawsee mad like that eno) so if u see him, him must see you n if him see u n no approach u WELL HELLOOOO DING DING DING U HAVE NOT BINGO’ed low di man or man up n step to him but u are quickly going from admirer to stalker b that my dear is not good oh this advise is free so no worry bout it

    1. I thought this was the same guy but mi nay sure…sender please jus approach him an dun cause we cyan badda…an when u do tell him say tag stop wear pon clothes now…BYE FELICIA!!!!!

  5. How you goin to say u need to know him “asap” but yet have all these pics of him to send in.. You were up here last week and you come back again.. Sir stop sending in your own pics for recognition.. Get over urself you self righteous prick..

  6. This seems to be a photo shoot he did for a store. I guess the sender took the pics off his fb page. And I guess it would explain the same underwear in 2 outfits

  7. That’s jigga tns he’s a married man he’s a apart of the crew that keeps sands I know him he wouldn’t send his self in he doesnt likes attention and he’s not someone who is talkative he’s not gay he’s a very decent working man and if you like him you has to be thick in body with ass and not too nice in face that’s how he likes them you can find him at quad that’s where he party most of his time or any uptown event

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