Met I need ur help this girl with o Canada and meet my cousin man and sleep with him she take her number out of his phone and call my cousin and cuss her out she with him for 4 years how do we handle her just go a ja and beat the shit out of her don’t.She can’t get over a one F…k from a married man.



    1. I agree with you there, but if she did go in the man phone and get his wife’s number and called her for no reason then she need a beating (not for the fux but for calling)

    2. exactly!!

      well sender i would beat di two a dem: beat di ‘married man’ because him go fu-ck a bitch an leff him phone careless so diss bitch can call mi an disrespect mi.

      beat she, cuz mi no know har from nowhere, mi no do har nuttin, ano mi she fi vex wid cuz di man naah leave mi an a ignore har. so true she disrespect mi, i will beat out har claat too.

      1. Now if di gal ah call dung people phone chue she ah carry cockie feelings, den yes she deserve ah propa tracing. Some gal too renk when it come on to dem an dem cockie feelings, suh yea if ah call she ah call dung eeh wife phone fe place claim pan di man hood den yes, read ar like a book and den if she still ah pass ar place den ah different sitten dat. As fe di man, bare bun ago run

    3. No uptown, him neva realize seh him did married, suh dem eediat gal ya wa goodung ah yawd guh beat eeh mate suh mek dem gwaan man. If ah all me dat ah woulda plan ah nice welcoming surprise fidi two ah dem eeh si. Why some ooman suh fool fool ova man and di man not showing them not one ounce ah respect is well past my comprehension. Yes girls!! Galang ah di mate yawd mek she acid up unu bloodclaat. Good morning fam :peluk :peluk :peluk

        1. Hey mi puncie!! :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk mi miss unu bad bad bad!!! Juan ah cut ah guh chue cause mi ah lay low and affe ah deal wid so e urgent matters mummy :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss

  1. My point mi no y these bitches love to call the wives r girlfriend. U know I went through the same shit the bitch was f**king my husband keep calling mi private. A one nite him come in drunk and a go inna him phone a call numbers still a get the bitch. Wen mi call number hear bitch hi baby mi say hi baby u bloodcloth u night mares just begin, and mi a she a find Weh di bitch live cause she a hype pon di phone c wen mi call di bitch say mi outside a police she call mi tell the cops she a tek mi husband and a call and a harass mi cop say if mi have proof mi show him the phone records. Cops say if u call her one more time I’m coming to lock u up wen my husband find out he left di bitch she ends up in the hospital them too bright a nuff!

  2. Very true, but I pree it as if he didnt guh dere, she wouldnt have access to get wifey numba. The woman not in no relationship wid har suh mate can n will do as she plz. Hubby shudda protect u ah likkle more.

  3. Why women always only direct them anger to the “mate” and not the man. If a husband love and respect him wife him woulda keep him dick in him pants. And in the event him can’t keep a leash on him snake then him shoulda bun her wid a better class of gal dwllllll

  4. Females need to stop acting dumb. True the man said him gi it to her once you believe and waan beat di gyal. No woman/gyal in their right sense would sleep with man once and start ring people out of his phone book. You and your sister need to wise up and stop acting stupid. Only a man can give a next woman power to be ringing people down. He must have made her believe she special either by words or action.It is very wrong to be with a married man in any any spect BUT if the man got no respect then dont bother with the stupidness.

  5. Genuine! U story kill me dead. You know me once have a similar situation but the girl send message chu social media And say a me tek her man and how her man obsessed with me and mi ruined her relationship weh she did a build wid my man. Me nuh inna di wife and mate and who own man business so me nuh even respond to her me tek it to him live and direct. Me say Di girl say him a dj and all these things so him must can share.
    Sender one thing why your cousin believe him and why u want to get involved. Because if a one fuxx most cell phone have password so how she get in?

  6. beat the man and then send him guh beat she fi disrespect him yaad and if him cant do that whats the point in fighting ova him

  7. Met there is much to this story. I know that gal her name is Nicole I’m going to run her file a Canada and get back to you.

  8. Look here sender JMG & MET is not nuh privet investigator ,bout you need help what kind a help met can give you?? Sender you have the girl picture,you & your cuz know what she look like,so you have all the help you need!! Sender conspiracy is one of the worst charge you ge! Bout what wi fi duh wid are shi nah tek MET MAN! Sender JMG is not tell me paster!!

  9. Senda need a life, she Neva teif the cock from nobody. Beat di man, why u blamin she? Him Neva know him married?

  10. Met u need fe run back this story cause want tell u that this married man is the same one that da with Rosé and have the air dresser gal up town. I’m getting pic’s met.

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