so why she nuh go testify on behalf of the defense fi har gaza pipe. she n slim can see duppy now ?!! dem good eye sight good. a muss over the river bed @ harbour view she see him where they dump the dead bodies *a story was in the gleaner*



  1. she si lizard in harbour view when?

    an what a way u know lizard shellyann, kartel introduce u to him sheeps? him did rate u man!!

    1. No Lundun when Kartel n him fool dem gang bang har she tink she remember lizard face kmt this bitch is a trick den fi she see the man she know say Kartel a look fi him much less was suspected of killing him y she neva teck a pic pon har phone har rawssse farrid big n square no bombo anybody know a which high school dis bitch did go har face look familiar

      1. Chuet yu lucky a farrid yu see..she fava when dem salt frog. She betta walk softly when she a chat bout judge and nail shop…nu mek de robe fool yu bitch certain female judges me know will stomp out yu daylights fi a try carry yu nastiness dem way…O know dat bitch!

        dutty gal when fi corrupt we legal system and throw de trial fi wha? gwan go nhame c*ck and mind yu business pon is!

        1. *me a chaw iron me all a type bad……kmtmdgaf…Shelly show yu self pon site cause yu ova yah a browse and a anon 2xs.

  2. This dumb bitch though? A so Kartel multi-coloured (I suspect) half dead cocky did sweet u that you a go above and beyond fi convince the tikky tikky dem weh a follow u say him innocent? Bitch u need fi go worry bout u husband and kids. I hope digicel fire u dutty nastiness. Big rass woman a behave like a damn likkle sketel groupie but obviously that’s what u are. Bout u see Lizard a harbour view. So why u nuh go down a d court house go testify on kartel’s behalf? Why, as somebody else say up top, u never pull out u phone and tek picture or video of him?U think if me see Lizard or somebody weh look like him based on the pics weh met show me wouldn’t find my phone quick and snap him? Bitch please! I don’t know this likkle ole skirmage but she really get me cross met. Me cannot understand what kinda hold this bleach out murderer have on these idiots

  3. A me alone see say she can’t even spell “Harbour”? Dyam dunce. You say u nuh have time fe focus pon no locus, yet still you deh pon Twitter a talk bout “They are obssessed with me” which clearly means you deh pon yah hitch up everyday a read wha ppl a say. Ol nastiness…look like the bacteria offa kartel hood reach to you brains and a nyam out you brain cells mek you a hallucinate. Bout you see lizard….

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