Me say bald head no stop post up pon Instagram and Facebook how him love him babymother she’s the love of his life blah blah and write love statues pon Facebook fi mad Skay and when me go look inna who like him picture wid him and his babymother guess who like the pic miss Skay aka s skunk lol no sah no shame at all she well put up status how bald head can’t spell and she well happy and she this and this and before me can screenshot she delete me hahaha good for you gal love run down hype man






  1. That’s what happens anytime you f**k hype man it will never last you soon hear him and shushanna inna mix up she’s just looking a hype since she come outta jail

  2. Kerry and sushauna soon kick off because sushauna know kerry use to sleep with kirk in 2000 r 2001 till she breed fi kirk kerry first son is for kirk,#facts, donna them know the little boy his not their bro, kerry u f**k kirk when u use to live with donna father at cross bronx, tell unu bout unu friendenemy

  3. Skay is just a lost soul searching for love n attention in the wrong places… smh young girl like skay deh a foreign n not making good use of her resource. She deh pon instagram a hype up har stink self like she a celebrity. Bitch go have several seats! Bout most discussed bitch please u think having a bad name is something to be proud about. There is more to life than dutty uptown bronx weh full up a bare HIV/AIDS bout she post HIV results other day bitch that don’t mean that’s why they say get tested every 6 months u can take test today n its negative but u still have the virus. Hype pon ppl how bitch what so great u accomplish… f***king over 50 men in your life span lmao theres more to life than clothes n teking ppl man u ugl no bloodclaat dutty fkay tek off di bag a make up n post a pic showing your whole face dont hide di big black ugly lips

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