Keisha SweetJuice Trini


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Fabian Gayle Shaw you sure she a 16, she look like 44, her lip dem look like bus tire lol

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Carlene Superstarz Marsh Keisha SweetJuice Trini. U r one crazy mad chica. !!!!!! Lmao.

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Bess Georgia OMG

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Aubreygal Wilson the modda might dnt even know

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Stacey Archie Outstanding Yes Keisha Trini enough is enough

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Ken Ken Sweets Smh 16

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Pinky Krucial Konflict R.I.P nelly di funeral dun!!!

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Keisha SweetJuice Trini Aubreygal WilsonAubrey the viewing just start cause momma find out… Pinky Konflictpinky the viewing has just begun. And trust me nah just bury the gal mi ago bury the pedophile too.

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Pinky Krucial Konflict Show him rass yes mi have 1 gyal pickney an if waan old man even look pon her wrong back in the day u see. Me chest swell up & ready fi fight mi neva play when it come to dat (she 19 now) mother fi jail him rass dam pedophile fi real

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Carlene Superstarz Marsh No. Dem man ya think it cute!!!!!!! And dem young gal ya settle for too much Mickey Dssssss and $50 maybe!!!!!! Smfh. They forget they have daughters. Wid dem tired buddy!!!!! Brite. And she wutless. A nuh like him rich and she a try a ting. Smfh.

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Wendy Loveislove White Im confuse on why would u put ur kids father business on blast like that Keisha Trini…..not saying its right that he dealing with this young girl….but everything is not for FB…..#IMJUSTSAYING

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Keisha SweetJuice Trini Wendy it’s been all over pink wall from day one because she decide to try validate. It’s my husband legally so what it is is what it is. My daughter is 16 and I would be damned a grown man f**k her. Also bitch been getting bright.

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Keisha SweetJuice Trini Nothing new just me ago done it not on the pink wall cause mi nah hide. Nigga is a pedophile he a pedophile.

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Wendy Loveislove White Ok, so this been going on for 5yrs now because she is now 21….I saw a flyer the other day for her party on my news feed…..All I’m saying Keisha Trini there is always more ways to “skin a cat” with out the “John Public” In Your business….Whatever is going on, on that other social site…..Dont show them that its allowing u to draw ur self out….#SIMPLE

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Keisha SweetJuice Trini No Wendy they been talking but mi wait till she legal Fi say my piece. Not cause u a take broke big man cooky from small make u grown. All while her flyer out she put mi up and think mi did ago bust her. But mi say no little child nah draw me out Fi give her a bust. But mi can talk now. As u know mi nuh want him from mi know u is a pedophile so I been doing me. But he been trying to deny, then he try validate why. She reports my movements, postings, pictures and he calls ranting. But a pu&&y is a pu**y.

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Keisha SweetJuice Trini World knows mi nuh hide my thing cause my pics are up from day one. Mi nuh hide my thing… look like u know her Fi know her age and how long. Cause flyer nuh say age nor anything. Lol

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Wendy Loveislove White Go look back on ur post them u cleary state her age Keisha Trini that she is 21…..I told u that I seen her party flyer…..she request me the other day on fb…..right before her party, I dont keep kid company….I leave that to my sons to associate with…..

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Keisha SweetJuice Trini Oh OK just seem odd. U know mi plain so I had to ask. Lol… I would think he would of left the kid company to his 26 yr old daughter. 21 yr old step son and 18 yr old son also… lmao

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Trini Gal

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Trudi Murray That 42 year old should’ve had more class, decency, tact and morals than to sleep with a 16 year old.

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Trini Gal Smh she could not go to the B’s she got a sandwich at the store smh……. They don’t aim hight at all just ratchet ness going on and that’s sad…….I will get that BaseBall Bat on his assss……real talk CLOwNSs.

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0 thoughts on “UNDERAGE MATE

  1. Now the whole of them is a disgrace, the one saying she waited till she legal to say her peace damn disgrace, if the husband a goh afta unda age girls he is a sick individual, why not bring it to the girl mother instead of putting it on FB.

      1. Yesssssssss and has been for FIVE years now, this idiot sourjuice after allthis time NOW feels the need to expose the young woman as she is now 21 years old. She aint doin sh*t…..ain’t gon’ do ish (Kevin Hart voice)
        She must have stored DNA evidence.

          1. Evening Met, Metters, And Peepers. Then Met yuh di run deh tory deh ova yah before? Kaw mi nuh memba seeing it. Mi know some a dem lub blame Pinkwall fi everything. She seh ”it’s been all over pink wall from day one” . Suh if it neva did deh a Pinkwall yuh wudda neva seh nuttin. Bytch u just as bad as the man… Cause you know a child is being abuse an yuh didn’t report it. I bet she just mad cause the man deh wid the mate fi five years and dem legal now fi do wah dem want.

          1. Good Morning Ms. Met,

            Ole on a second wasn’t she the same one the other day talking about how she married and happy and she’s a good wife, mother, horse dead cow fat…Mi Mumma baxide! You know she strikes me of the type of woman that will know a man is molesting her daughter or family member and turn a blind eye. I wonder why after all these years she decide fi air the dirty laundry and corrupted life story? could it be the man left and gone permanently cawse the young gal is now of age? poor sour trini…smh

  2. Clearly it neva did a badda ar too much or she woulda make sure him get put weh from long time…what is talking about it on facebook going to do now?


      1. Sour juice don’t realise what can of worms she opening.U knew ur pedophile of a baby father was molesting the woman gal picknee and as a mudda yourself
        y u didn’t report it to her mother or the authority?
        Now tell me after all theses years y r u still mad?The hypocrites on her page encouraging the f-ery too.1 real person on ur page check u.All man commenting WTF?U want another cut in ur fing face…str88888 cross ur lip.

  3. This nuh new, Pure pedophile ah walk round, Ricky Grine is one of dem, his child’s mother just turn 23, hes 32 and they been together for 5+ years soooooooo

    1. Get it straight I was 18 when I met Ricky turning 19 in December. Sounds to me like whoever brought me and my child father into this is mad. Why you never call ACS if it was such a big deal for you????

  4. *Do the Maths, and ah nuh him alone but I digress Keisha Sour Water just tormented in her soul and ah look something fi distract from how horrendous she looked in Ja

    1. Yesssssssssssss dwfl yes when mi seh dis same thing I said lol but she did look f**k up. Like she Neva too a bath. Keisha always look dirty nuh matter how hard she try

  5. Morning this dumb bird irritates me to the fullest now swell belly Keisha u know u man a fuxx u no call police n the girl parents no u siddung n now a try loud up the girl well
    Keisha u worse than the Man u are a damn load of shit n so u attract shit u shoulda shame say u know u baby father is wit a 16 yr n u did mothing u fi get lock up too bitch

    1. Tawkchuet, I so agree, she know about it and did nothing for 5years but a goh come pon fb a done the girl, and have the nerve fe say she has a 16yr old daughter.

  6. I swear these bitches r as dumb as rocks Keisha u who is a mother sit down n watch ur dutty baby fadda violate a 16 yrs old n come a tawk bout now she legal u can tawk STFU DUMMY smh
    Keisha’s biggest problem was not the fact say a child was being violated but more say she lose har man cause sumting tell me say when Keisha a 16 she did dun tteck 32 man already 2 fi each birthday kmt

  7. nelly you sad like a funeral, you cant blame keisha, nelly a the one who a trouble keosha, she a put up keisha picture on groupie met and a class keisha, so you all expect keisha to stand by and be mute, why this slut a slander her name, nelly mother sell her to sailor man from she a 14 so a long time she a tek man

    1. That likkle girl cannot slander Keisha name cause Keisha puxxy is like the toilet in Lornas di dancehall man dem just line up n wait fi dem turn fi piss inna dat FOH bout name who the fuxx is Keisha n wat has she done bout slander is for important ppl who make worthy contributions to society
      Keisha fi get lock up cause right now is like she hold the likkle girl while har nasty man had sex wit har

    2. When har mother was selling her at the age of 14, Did you know about it at dat time? If so why did you not report it to the police like how you are reporting it on PINKWALL?

    3. First of all bitch do you know me I’m nelly I have to laugh at y’all mi never even know sammo at the age of 14 keisha and sammo left yess agoooooo so when she talking she needs to talk facts mi swear on my Pickney seh mi never put dis tough gal pon no pink wall from mi a 17 dis bitch been harassing me now ask urself this question I’m been having party’s since I was 1 why the f**k mi need to put her up fi hype when nobody like har keisha life is very pathetic I’m not the first young gal deh wid big mon mi and sammo f***ked when I was 17 cause that a legal age in America and as matter fact is my p***y I do what I want nobody bother keisha but her damn self she trying to be little because she realize she sell her life fi dancehall that has nothing to do with me as if I was underage being abuse y she never reported????? Dis bitch was trying to fight me at the age of 17 teen me and dis bitch went to court lmaoooo she need fi talk about facts

  8. two wrong don’t make a right, if her mother send har out from 14, the married man whey she a tek wife did know and she nevah report it to the authority.
    That is a poor excuse say the girl bring her name to groupie, so she in return slander her say her man dey wid har and she underage.

  9. So, you KNEW your man / boyfriend was having sex with a underage child and you saw fit to hold onto the information for 5 YEARS and NOW your on pink wall with that information?!?!?!?!?! You are DISGRACE… words fail me to bloodclart….. !!!!!!!!

  10. The whole dem fi get report to police she in her
    ss how long and a mek ur man a F**k 16yrs old gal gun shot fi u u dey dancehall everynite I wonder if nuh ur pickney.

  11. U f**k out dancehall every night & leave your husband by him self , jezebel what u expect . Look how many realationship u have & fight over next Man now a u claim husband papi show :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :mahongintip sweet juice a old garbage truck

  12. U work 12 hrs a day then u dey dance when fine time fi ur kids go sit down with ur kids and mek sure him nuh F**k non a dem.some 1 need to report them.how u Derek laying with man knowing the fact him a sleep with a underage girl.

  13. Seriously this DUMB ass B needs to be reported and her children testifies against both her and the Pedophile RAPER (sp). Just image at what age she was RAPED also.

  14. it was not the wife job to report anything. it was her parents job to report. so how is the wife to be blamed when she have her own kids to see about. I m on her faceook and I see her doing things with her children. going to party or not have not stopped anyone from growing up their kids so stop it. going to work and parties do not condone him going out there and sleeping with a minor either. okay she leave her man alone in the house so what he do not need to be breast fed so how does tht justify his actions. .

    1. It is ANY ADULTS job to report abuse of a minor!!!!!!!! If the parents were not aware and Trini Sourjuice was then she could have made them and the authorities aware! What PERSON will allow abuse to go on? What WIFE will allow her HUSBAND infidelity and with a MINOR no less??? What MOTHER will allow her UNFAITHFUL, PEDOPHILE of a HUSBAND to remain in the HOME with CHILDREN hers, theirs or other, at NIGHT, DAY…..in the DARK for FIVE YEARS…….anony UNFRIEND her before you too are mistakened as a fool or worse yet a PEDOPHILE CONDONER! As you know the saying birds of a feather flock together!

      1. We cant justify the situation by saying her mother didn’t care so why should Keisha report it, the fact is Keisha husband is a peodophile .
        She condone with in so many ways, she should a report it, she herself has a 16yr old, and pedophile is a pedophile, maybe there is more underage out there he messing with but we only know about this one.

    2. Anonymous(Keisha) IT WAS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REPORT THE CRIME AGAINST THE MINOR. I guess you could not satisfy your man and you needed help. You should have asked one of your nasty friends to help you out and not allow him to use and abuse a minor.

  15. oh please look at that big tough black ape of a gal..She a f**k long BEFOREE this woman husband and a f**k with the gal which part unnu si innocent little pikney in that picture..Furthermor Im sure har mother condone it..What the wife f**king have to do with this bitch sending in her picture to pinkwall. I dont know these people but give me a f**king break. These little gal now a days a f**k big man from dem born with no apology backa dat. The wife obviously just say f**k dem and guh do har ting fi five years .If the gal never a try done the wife and aggravate her she probably wouldnt send this in……ANd 16 is age of consent in some states I know its 16 in Georgia.. These big tough gal done from dem a 12 and people want talk bout pedophile She probably take more dick dan all a we put together. KMFT bout innocent child Pleaseee Innocent children dont have consentual sex they are molested and traumatized

    1. She was molested by the husband and even if he was not the first, he is just as wrong as the first. THE WIFE IS WRONG FOR NOT REPORTING IT AND DEAD WRONG FOR STAYING WITH HIM WHILE HE CONTINUED TO DO IT.

      1. It’s NOT too late for the girl to go seek legal remedy. psst…little girl (now 21) you can go and make a report at you local DA office because you were under his control (duress) for 5 years and now you’re an adult you would like to seek justice for the years that he had you sexually under his control by threats.

        See… phuck fi phuck comes in all form.

        1. @Phantom that would work if ever the relationship was over with MR. MARRIED PEDOPHILE but her FIVE years as Matey has turned into a Husband take over…….hence why Sourjuice is putting her on loud!

          1. She was conditioned and know NO way out but to ask for assistance *wink*. But since it falls into a take over…lolol…she fi just destroy both him and the wife and move on.

            Wife stayed quiet fi avoid trouble now the girl a adult she ready fi challenge her?

    2. Suh Keisha what u trying to imply here that the girl send In this story knowing all these bad things are being said about her. Lmfao who u fooling dancehall tricycle, man cruff, ole harlot? And please don’t come up here a talk bout the likkle mail sorter work cause yuh a gwan like a the best job pon god land to fart. A bare back a bush parasite weh nuh have nuttin bout dem work a post office like u, yin a kill up yourself bout gov job but yet still that can’t change the fact that u ain’t shit and a man a your downfall Yuh is a disgrace tug rass, a dats why yuh big son nuh like yuh to right?

    3. Georgia must be boring or ah sad yuh life sad……even if her Mother put her out to have Man,at that moment her innocence was violated by her MOTHER, now lets say at 16 her self esteem was low (as you call her an ape) and Mr. PEDOPHILE by looking her made her feel pretty, feel wanted…..so she gave him the puxxy AGAIN her innocence violated, then Trini Sourjuice found out her PEDOPHILE HUSBAND is sleeping with an underage girl and ALLOWS HIM FOR FIVE YEARS,SAID NOTHING, again her INNOCENCE CONTINUES TO BE VIOLATED.
      You nassiness is like so many irresponsible people that puts the blame on a child who adults have failed and continues to violate because that child for whatever reason accepted violation from an ADULT THAT CLEARLY KNOWS BETTER!! Shame on you!

  16. So if the child was only 16 when her husband sleeping with her, why is the child picture up here and not the man own?? Big Ooman you shoulda shame Pickney a tek you man for 5 years and a now you mad, both of you should get lock up because you knew and kept it secret. He still need to be jailed

  17. When I was 16 I f a big man call to me I was disgusted ,You think I would have nerve fi stand up and talkj much less cock up and tek man my father age f**k…Every wman her at some point as a teenager had some big tough long cocky man a try holla uunu f**k dem??? No because ou was a innocent 16 year old and that shit made you scik to your stomach.. If she can lay dung voluntarily and take a 42 year old man a something she a do long time…Why blame the wife blame har MUMA a she put har out fi take buddy as a minor…

    1. You are a sick disgusting person. I pray the same faith doesn’t reach one of your children, or grandchildren or family member.

      The adult is the one who should have known better and made a wiser decision. You don’t know this young lady’s situation…some teenagers are more vulnerable than others and it could be just from the home they are coming from. When a young girl doesn’t receive genuine love at home, no father around to love her and protect her they tend to fall into the trap of older man preying on them thinking it’s LOVE.

      All like you fi get stringed up and burned alived! If it was one of your family members…daughter, cousin, niece or other you would have been outraged…especially if the WIFE knew and protected the molester husband…

      Disgusting ASS BITCH!!!!

      1. BITCH PLEASE thats why so much a these tough hard ass big ooman inna woman body a send man guh jail..Dem lie bout dem age f**k anything that offer dem 2 cent and a the wife fi save har. Where the f**k she learn this behavior. If my daughter at 16 feel the need to voluntarily take 42 year old man dick that mean I FAIL HER AS A PARENT> IT IS my responsibility to teach her RIGHT from Wrong ..Which bloodclaat 16 year old innocent girl would be f**king a man older than her father and him najh hold dung and take. ANd brave enough fi a argue with the man wife That a pikney Bitch get the f**k out of here..Maybe you so defensive cause you a one a dem iddle parents who a f**k pon bed wid your pikney so them dont know better… This go back to home training.

    2. Yes she was wrong and the mother was wrong (if she knew), but that does not change the fact that the man was wrong and the wife was wrong (because she knew about it).

      1. Rass youever try talk to one a dem pikney yah dem cuss out yuh bloodclaat an run yuh.. thi is different times all yuh can do is try raise your own and pray say everybody else do the same. Mi nah try save no hoe she a fcuk long time….

  18. Yuh see weh mi talk bout seh them Eva a f**k weh this ole parasite man dem dwfl. A long time she a call up the gal name seh she a f**k har husband dwfl the same man weh she claim fi seh is her husband and him is a good man an she happy Keisha u is a sad case tug pussyclaat. Who the f**k a try get buss off a low life like you when u walk wid yuh pussy pon your forehead dwfl suh a because yuh “husband” f**k this girl yuh run guh whore dung the place but please remember a womn can’t do wat a man do and still be a lady. You’ve been saying the same thing from 2011 each time new year comes “a new year now” but u in the same shit each year dwfl attention seeking at its finest. Sammo seh yuh self esteem deh below ground smh FYI him a f**k pon yuh long time wid young gal and if him is a pedo Mek sure yuk nuh have him around your daughter cause him probably touch her up to. That’s where it usually starts where they feel most comfortable which is I’m the household

    1. Butlord, I’m a shame to say that I do agree with you. I’m certain he touched the young girl in the house. It’s their gateway to coming out

    2. This is nelly I don’t know who u r but everything u said is true a lie she a bloodclot tell mi never ever put dis bitch on pink wall she just upset that her baby daddy loves me she is pusdy like really ur grown u waited till I’m 21 for what to kill me dis bitch was never my problem cause mi nuh f***k him that my man who been There since day one

  19. Kiesha I swear police much reach yu yaad. How u can busy deh a ja wid dutty fuxx out shawty and lef u minor Pitney in care of your rapist husband? You know say you can use your federal work for this madness yasso and worse thing is the man deh wid a child for 5+ years and still live a your yaad and you a bawl out say you r happily married. Madness this.

  20. this girl have a government job and this is how she behave on social media ? everyday dem brag bout dem stress free, sort-out and happy but If this how people weh claim to be all these thing act and look mi nuh waan nuh parts of it !!!!!!! damn di year just start :bingung :bingung

  21. Keisha dutty trini juice ..big nasty swell up belly, ….you sound like the biggest dunce right now . talk bout how lil gyal a tek cocky .BITCH your low life husband is a f**king pedophile and you low it bitch …you let ah young gyal tek abuse …you will burn in hell for that.God see ALL and how you turn a blind eye !!! You’re not educated , you have no morals, you are not a decent human being, your a hypocrit …you are just as disgusting as your pedophile husband. As an adult you have a moral obligation to discourage violence in this world especially against children. Instead you put the girl photo up and condemn her!!! You should be putting your husband in jail, not spending everynight inna dance talking how you stress free blah blah …your stress free cus you ARE EVIL AND HAVE NO CONSCIENCE!!!!

  22. What is the deal here, is it the morality or (il)legality if the issue? I haven’t seen anyone talk about consent so far which makes me feel like people are just ranting based on emotion for the most part. The federal age of consent is 16. On the state level, the age of consent is also 16 in 30 jurisdictions including our immediate neighbors to the North and South, CT and NJ. It is 17 in NY. A lot of you are saying this man should be locked up. Maybe he should be based on the local statutes but that depends on a lot of variables. But would you be saying the same if this happened a few miles over in NJ? What’s the difference? Or even Jamaica, where 16 is the age of consent. Either way she would still be 16.

    1. Legally under 17 it is WRONG, morally it is WRONG……Being that this is MARRIED ADULTS that know better IT IS WRONG……WRONG IS WRONG on so many levels. You are pointing out so many places and the age of consent and in my opinion anyone under the age of 18 having sex is simply experimenting with their bodies, adults engaging in this act with school aged individuals are taking advantage as they know better. Allow children to grow!

      1. Agree …talk deh ting dem …. mi nah care if the gyal was 17, 18 ..he is an adult married man with more life expereince and should have better judgement. But maybe he and keisha big belly use to behavior like this …remember she IS STRESS FREE LOL

      2. I understand, but unfortunately life is not about opinions. It is what it is. We can all have our opinions att he end of the day. If it were left up to opinions the world would be a crazy place. Crazier than it already is. It is not legally wrong depending on the circumstances, maybe morally (in your opinion). This is also America where everything is blown out of the water. I am not saying I am for, or against. I am simply looking at it for what it is. If you argue the issue of morals, then I can see your point 100%. As for the law, it is written on the books. The law is the law and sometimes it works against us (Trayvon Martin) and sometimes it works for us (The Mcdonald’s worker who beat the gay chicks).

    2. Legality–statutory rape laws are meant to prevent minorsfrom being sexually exploited by adults> if she was 16 at the time of the first encounter then sexually explotation/ rape did occur !
      Morality – dutty suck out trini know about it from day one and did NOTHING !

      1. :thanks2
        Mi seh it bunn mi, yuh wudden like know and this dirty chick take it on facebook thinking she’s shaming this girl! SHAME ON YOU SOURJUICE FOR KNOWINGLY CONDONING YOUR PEDOPHILE HUSBAND TO exploit THE BOTH OF YOU!

    3. Gwan read the surface of the law. Laws are open to interpretation. Wrong doers love find ways to reason what THEY BELIEVE the law is….phuck yu self and find out that one law phuck you in numerous ways.

    4. So you mean fi say …in dem countriesin the middle east where it is legal for 7 year old pickney to marry 30 year old man , its ok ??? because the “law ” says it is …. are you serious?! leave state / country / federal thing out of it … morally it is WRONG point blank !

      1. God just look at the advantage, look at the fact that these young pelvis areas has not developed yet and it is not a little boy of same age engaging in this act but GROWN DEVELOPED MIND AND BODY MAN!!!

        1. EXACTLY …. bad mind ppl always try fi rationalize behavior and law…twis and tun it up , “oh the law say …blah blha blha” …use your common sense!! Like I said Keisha wicked self and her scum bag husband party with satan … keisha bitch i rebuke you in the name of jesus christ!

          1. Why perpetrate ignorance? Come on. Lear to reason with an open mind. Wha badmind affi do with this? smh. You state your point and because someone doesn’t agree it is bad mind? How is anyone rationalizing anything? I am telling you facts based on a situation yet you are breaking it down to say I am rationalizing something. I am telling you what is on the books. What can be used against or for you in a court of law. Morals don’t stand up in court. Only in the court of opinion. Weed is a drug and it is against the law to sell or use it. The same law allows for the sale and usage of weed in specific circumstances. People find it morally wrong to use drugs, some people are okay with. It is even legal in some countries. Like I said it is what it is. If the law says it’s okay then guess what, you or I cannot fight it. We can only say what we think it should be, or not. Like many other things, gay marriage being the hot one these days.

      2. nanimuss you hit the nail on the head.. She had consentual sex with a grown man..she dont want no little bwoy a man she want because a suh she raise. I dont know the wife or her reasoning but the fact is this girl was forced into shit… Gal like she make it bad for the girls who are being molested everyday against their will. These slack ass likle gal calculate and know what they are doing..Print me a story about a girl being held down and rape continuously against her will by a man and I can be sympathetic.. As somebody said IS FI HAR MAN DAT NOW!! not her rapist.

  23. met my sister nelly a tek man from early age, she use to take married men before she tek keisha man, also why should keisha reporte the man, when nelly a get f**k from inna the man weed house on nostrand ave, Nelly was the one who call keisha and tell keisha say that she a tek her man from she nelly was 16, when my mother call child proctective service to report the man nelly said it was a lie my mother a tell, also nelly take her stepfather, so all you people on here talking, you need to let nelly mother tell you who the real nelly is, she beat my mother, i am ashamed of her being my sister

    1. a sistah like yuh is like wen siblin hate each oddah n a carry belly…move yuh bloodclawt n gwehhh n guh luk up di tru meanin a family…..ow yuh mummah suh cayliss mek nelly tek har man?? unnuh need god mi a tel yuh…FOH yuh cum pon media a elp a stranger done yuh family…yuh luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu move yuh raaz n gweh

      1. Observer if mi a shit a see all ppl like she a come mi si dung inna it to pussyclaat smh deadmeat that deh that ano family

      2. Zervah Nelly sister confuse, reread her post one minute she says my mother the next minute it’s her mother. In any case Nelly could ah fling her puxxy to Mr. Pedophile, she was underage and he new better he should have not played catch and waited…the world is filled with Women at the legal age willing for consentual sex…..Nelly is not at blame…..period.

          1. den u believe se is har sister comment zervah? :ngakak please ooooo mi nuh buy dat sister she need fi go born ova oo

          2. met wi hav seen di bess a dem sum cum yah all a cuss demself :ngakak suh mor time wi haffi play along wid di bag a sikes

      3. This is nelly original that a lie someone made that up that not my sister Lmaoooo boi ppl wicked lmao my mother didn’t know about sammo until yesterday lol

  24. Mi waan know if unnu tink she a guh testify against the man while unnu de ya a lick out gainst it she a enjoy the fcuk cause is har man and she love it and want it..Why waste taxpayer money bout prosecute pedophile ..Get the fcuk out of here.. She take the man cause she want him..end of story

  25. sourjuice yuh call dung yuh jezebel fuxx baxx fren dem pon di gurl an all dem caw duh a hit like pon yuh status caw duppy noe who fi frittin….


  26. Observer and what u sending in my story do me? Not a thing u just a show how me Keisha a hurt your head for u to sit down a study my life. As far as this story mi neva know when she a get wood to report. A she tell me the deal last year.I must call police and lock up the man with no victim? Cause who mi a give as the victim, where they going for the victim and where is my proof? Now who are the idiots and ignorant with no moral thoughts just because unnu nuh like me that is u all reactionr. Mi nuh put dick in her pussy nor mouth. Mi nuh witness it and the man never say it go so. Yea the man f**k and mi f**k too a so it go. FYI: my marital problems is not any man nor any woman. Is not me put this story here so whoever had so much to say and judge couldn’t say it showing their identity? I am obligated to my children and to make sure they have manners and self respect. If this girl mother who birth her could not tame her or give her self pride and self esteem. Who the f**k is me? As I say anytime I comment I show who I am so stop call my name… When a me a me…

    1. The temple run monkey has spoken in “her own name” mi think yuh did happy with your husband aka nelly man. Cause a bare a dat yuh walk and sing lmfao yow a swear a now mi know yuh f**ked up in the head Plain an simple the man move on from yuh long f**king time. Why it a burn yuh suh now. Yuh seh a you seh happy pussy but a more like sad pussy cause every year somebody f**ks away your man dem. stop talk bout grow kids good when them cannot stand u and your dirty life especially yuh big son. These long ass stories of yours makes no sense

      1. mi seh evry month is a new paragraph status pon man prablemmmm n dese rants bout gud up job, gud up children an gud up life den nexx week is a war status bout who a hate n man issuefollowed by “lol” an noe very well she not laughing out loud…a sad she sad smh cum en gas balloon tuh raaws

        1. u on the girl page hard and all a love her status dem too. u a fake bitch who a hide behind walls. u is a pussy observer cause if u did so much hype u would hate out in the open. u must be jealous and did a wait for some type a break down in her life. but she look happy same way cause man nuh run har show.

          1. keisha aka obvious a man run mor dan yuh show :ngakak evrytime yuh fuxx a new man a status mek fieeeet nobaddie nuh frittin no mor yuh caw dun now

    2. yuh see ow yuh easy fi draw out puxxy yuh cum en like shoelace pon dutty foot…a nuff time yuh ova yah but now yuh fly up now caw yuh tink wi did a guh dun nelly guh suk out yuh mout yuh kin tuff like bullfrog. Yuh a talk bout di gurl age mek sure yuh daugtah nah fuk caw mi sure nelly maddah tink she did innocent but yuh fi move n gweh a weh yuh feel like a fuxx fi fuxx yuh walk n fuxx n cuddnt kip yuh own huzban suh a gyal tek em framm yuh guh wol a bawl n dry yuh face n stop stalk n chat bout di gyal puxxy…yuh war petagay fi ian, yuh LOSE! yuh war odda ooman fi dem man YUH LOSE! WEN YUH A GUH LEARN? Yuh hyping not tekkin hood outtah puxxy suh guh ress yuh face n suk out yuh mout n guh sitdung…dik inna puxxy r mout a common assault guh fine mor curse wurds caw dem deh lame now n guh fine remedy fi yuh swell gut

      1. Keisha daughter is a innocent well grown little girl. a so u a wish pon peop-le children. she know well enough that if a man touch her like that she either rass him or she would report itnot condone it. she cannot get tricked with no hero sandwich or 10. I see the girl post her kids and its always positive. her daughter sweet 16 was very nice and fitting for a teenager.. obviously she held her husband very well because I see they have grown kids together that is the girl age so who know what happened and who are u to say. how much man u take in your life since u a act like u a virgin or u neva break up wit a man yet

        1. di same way yuh wish bad pon nelly mummah pitney guh suk out yuh mout n guh watch yuh daughtah n mek sure she nuh tun whore caw di mummah a whore n di puppah a whore :cd

          1. wonda a wha u be. how much man a f**k u or how much gal pussy u a suck out. gway u leech. keep be watchman cause u nah go see d gal and har pickney dem suffa

  27. Fukin keisha sour juice me nuh know u n me nuh like uuuu dirty bitch me hope ur pedophile man naw fuk off ur girl child unda quiet dem seh anythin black nuh good me ignorant fi u dirty bitch

    1. dem say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. u nuh like har cause she black then I guess u nuh like urself

  28. Keisha nvr leave no pot ah gold wid har husband….Keisha wake up and realize she needed to provide a future for her kids and she went back to college graduate with a degree and get a job to support har kids all whilst Di Mr. Pedophile gon ah corner store and buck up with Nelly sourpuss who throw harself pon him too. She use her fadda connection and start wid di Mr. pedophile.Nelly own parents tell her fi give Peddo har puxxy from den. Nelly Runaway puss is 5 yrs and is you wait fi act up and start wid Keisha Bitch, cuz all before you did quiet like lesbo lookin puss fi suck inna alley…please TRICK! Di whole Dancehall inna ah frenzy everyone ah unno ah share man, when di old turbit roll out di man dem gon behind di young gal cause nowadays is Woman like unnu stop make man be take responsibility fi dem ooman n family. Nelly Stretchout body Sammo nah have nuttin fi gi u so ah waste ah 5 yrs…Ya mudda nvr teach you say any man ya tek him affi paid down pon it? When him done expand you bigger dan wha ya is now you tink sey ah real man aggo want u? Go bayde and use vinegar from now fi back likkle tightness while u can and dash him too. Bright girls wit ah future ah graduate wid ah Bachelors degree from college at 21 not brag pon dem ah f**k married man. Nobody no run from good so ah mus someting Keisha leff him for.

    1. pon the facebook she say him give har a bottle a moscato hm take out of the back a Keisha car fi put pon har cake table. and him give har a drive in Keisha car she damn cheap that why him cyan go for no grown ooman

      1. dis is di same argument yuh cuss n talk tel di gurl lastnite it stale now…wat else? if mi a fuxx a man n em gi me tings i care zeroooooooo weh em a get it fram wors if mi is a yung gyal….minings mi sehhhhhhhhhh any means necessary stop fret pon di gurl puxxy a dat mi sehhhh lol lol it sad pon keisha caw a suh ian use to fuxx gurl inna har car now sammo it sticky pon har baddddddddd

        1. wat a way u dey pon Keisha page as friend eeeeeeeeeeee. it look like a u it sticky pon cause u a live ova dey and a dead ova Keisha life. if moscato and hero a minings den it obvious say u witless nuh ras and nuh have no ambition uself. old nasty piece of cheap shit. look like a u fi go wash u mouth wit the moscato. Keisha say she hav nuff in har car go beg har some fi wash u stink pussy

          1. hayyyyy ms dancehall community puxxy sourjuice a yuh bring up bout moscato suh mi a tel yuh she any means necessary if a dat nelly wah tek fi minigs mek she tek it n lowe di gyal n har man gwehhhhh a guh watch yuh pitney puxxy

    2. Yawnssssssss Keisha a wol eep a people a graduate with degree at the age of 21 and a get and do better job than sort mail. Suh weh a seh common. But guess what at least de of those people have class, self respect and broughtupsy. You lack each of those badly. Inna each post u make u sound more saddened. “Sourjuice Sadness” lmfaaoooo jesaaass of hiz marcy. Just flee from here please quick to ole fly by day pitch by might stickin dutti dranko :dp BARF

  29. puxxy unnuh gweh frammm yasso caw unnuh fraid a pinkwall but unnuh reavh tinite n caw move :ngakak yuh caw convince bullfrog a yuh same one deh yah inna many names…tenk god yuh graduate frammm NO MAN’S college :ngakak fi tun mail sortah wat a waste a college funds if a laaf a ded well nelly yung she hav time caw guh bak caw yah big ooman n time against yuh lowe di gyal mek she finish grow caw yuh caw tek off sammo fuxx dem abayyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    1. What ah way unnu advocate fi di Dunce gyal Nelly!!! 20 yrs Keisha dey wid Sammo and him mine har pay fi di college degree too ya fukkin dummy Observer!!! Get ya facts straight Puxxy watch BITCH……….. Nelly & Sammo puurfect for each oda Nelly ah giveway charity puxxy and him not ah Chip or Chari fi give nobody n have no intelligence fi deal wid ah ooman him age. Minings is not fuxxin inna mudda house wey you she, har man and your man same age ah par nor di different weedhouses…..But den ahgain look who mi ah talk to TRASH wey no use to nuttin good bad or indifference…..Sammo u better pray di Nelly Wutless whey u ah neglect ya pickney dem fah buy Depends and pay ya medical.

      1. Move from yah suh dutti pop dung toya. Your life inna tangles bout yah come pon yah a try defend yuh parasite frenemy. Go suck yuh batty man baby father hood out a patra pussy. Yuh a di next one tuh… Flee from here

      2. once agen dutty tuff kin sourjuice doah worry bout nelly n har man hef em want deh wid har a fi dem biznizz yuh a get heartattack ugly gyal lowe di ppl dem n guh pay attention to yuh own daughtah

    2. wat minnings she a get when d man nuh hav noting fi give idiot gal. she nuh hav fi get notin but f**k that why him go get child and not bigg ooman. real dunce mi see.

      1. nelly won’t be di fuss ooman ma onli gi fuxx caw yuh a granny fi di gyal a yuh nah set no example…ian use yuh fi tings…both vehicle n all…so wat if nelly wah tek use? how is dat ur buznizz tuff kin gyal..gweh frmm yah yuh tink wi did a guh dun nelly a dat bun yuh

  30. Nelly ya life over if u ah breed fi Sammo…..And Di Generational Curse continues. Yes Nelly mek we see how nice it aggo be when ah hard dutty man ah ram up u dawta in har prime time fi grow. And di man dem ah go fi di younger one dan u now so wen she reach alla 12 dem start wid dem. Nelly you are the Biggest Loser…Keisha ya Win in life! Observer start help ya popdung fren Nelly wid food, clothes and medical fuxxin idiot!

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