Ven the people dem waa know how u can afford thousands fi do u belly but can’t tek care of ur acne or ur rotten/yellow teeth dem. It doesn’t cost much as a tummy tuck. Ven yu face look bad, old n tuff. Frass mek yu wicked to yu woman su yu know seh she a hide behind the mask (make up) n yu gu wet har up wid champagne fi show up har grater crush up face. Ven yu face need a iron board!


  1. She is a worthless mother have the kids and give them away so she can run behind fross.ven hasn’t seen her daughter in 20 years then she went and have two more kids and done the same to them.juggis mom finally got the court to kick her out the basement smfh.. All she do is sit in the salon and talk about apple.yes she use to f**k jicon and she still have up apple because she claim to say jicon wife up a hore and bout apple follow her go do surgery she all a show ppl pic of apple back in the days when apple was ugly.she say is her friend chop apple in her face. The scar by apple mouth that she use so much makeup to cover up. Ven chat everybody is she tell everyone that juggis run away to LA gone live because him think juicon going to talk on him.

  2. unfortunately some forms of Acne cannot be cured, and not everyone has white teeth, though hers do not look yellow to me

  3. Sometimes the bleaching can cause ur acne to worsen maybe that’s y due to all the steroids in the bleaching cream she looks horrible but maybe a chemical peel can help

  4. Monique y dont u leave the girl alone now frass not and will never come back to u look at your teeth dem Monique inna your head disgusting

  5. Ven a who watch moriah n amaré which is gross son wen unu gu dance? Papi watch dem pickney a watch pickney gu watch yu acne

  6. Chunky frass atleast Monique use to keep yu son wen yu gu dance now yu pick up a wutless woman weh have pickney a watch pickney unu nu fraid dem cause drama or bun dung d house wen unu gon a dance

  7. Ven is a Apple wanna be everything apple do ven tries to swagger jack, in the same guiseppes as apple and trying to get her makeup done as Apple but ven apple a pretty pretty gyal she nu have nu acne and her clothes r REAL unlike urs

  8. SMH. The hate is so real. I don’t know this lady personally but there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with her. She looked beautiful. But Of course you haters would pic one of the worst pics, (although she still looks beautiful to me), to send in. Sender why couldn’t you have chosen a pic when she 1st got to her party b4 the champagne showers? Do you realize how miserable you are? It takes so much energy to despise someone! That’s exactly why you can’t receive any blessings because your heart is mucky. & NO THIS IS NOT VEN suh nuh bada cum tek mi on! I just give credit where it’s due. & I ain’t no homo either! BUM BITCHES!

    1. Dwl gyal yu jus contradict yuself this waa sound like Ven, Apple is a nobody but ven waa be like her which means a double no body dwl yaa seh Ven looks beautiful yaa blood clay hypocrit he face looks nasty fi smaddi weh gu pon i g bout clean skin gwe ven a weh yu marry Mario fa and a sudden pon yu papers naa do nuttn u and frass match sodding pon unu papers r live careless gu clean up yu life and face

  9. Where is the before pic??? Cause not being bias her face looks HORRIBLE a case of severe acne she doesn’t have flawless skin if someone has money to do a tummy tuc there are dermatologists to take care of pimples grater face the people saying nothing do har face has to be her friends cause I see pure acne

  10. Senda mi naa guh cuss yuh cuz any story better dan no story cuz dat wat di site is for, but seriously mi nuh si nuttn wrong wid di gyal…..have seen worse

  11. yes her face look haggard,but she no have no control of acne, them wear to much make up is that make it look worse.

  12. Poor ven lol ….I have seen worse but wait who is apple for people to wanna be like her ??? Lmaooooo and her stuff dem real :ngakak bunch of low life all a dem need fi put inna one big blue drum and rool , dung Bronx river to rass clattt waste of time and space unno need fi ship outa merica and Mekk real people who dey a jam a suffer get a chance :cool

    1. A dat me a seh tuh. Who wants to be like peel out head-side, buck forehead, shakey-fake-body Apple dwl. Ven I need you to aspire to be something grander/better than da drancro deh ooooo

  13. I’ve seen worst but Ven love chat people and gwan like she’s perfect so in our eyes it looks bad. Perfect people take care of their acne jus like she took care of her Billy belly and ass take care of ur face and teeth and yea stop imitating apple be original Vanessa!

  14. She don’t look no way she is not ugly leave the woman alone! Apple wear Nuffield fake shit too so don’t mek she trick unno! N apple don’t have no designer clothes all she wear is make clothes from Kizzy Apple go Sid dung n stop mek Kizzy sew up u wanna be designer clothes

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