0 thoughts on “BEFORE AND AFTER PLASTER 2014

  1. Nuh Tamara this?..y’all think this picture is bad?!…if yuh eva si ar in person, ar skin 10 times wuss dan dat..pare red raw open sores…absolutely gross!!!!!!!!!! :dp :dp :dp :dp :dp :dp :dp

  2. :alay :alay that is NOT the same person or is it. The power of make up, well at least shi nuh shame fi show her face without make up

  3. No sah is not di same person,look pan di shame a di head, mouth and nose unless of course all a dat change wid makeup..

  4. It’s the same person..she mek sure tek the selfie from ah likkle distance cause ar skin nuh tan right atall!!..from ah distance it look like this, but up close… :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo ..even ar chest plate have up the wholeap ah acne and sores…it’s reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllly bad. But when she get ready fe put on ar makeup, it be so flawless. She needa let her skin breathe sometimes wideout the cake up make up and seek a very good n’ skilled dermatologist.

    1. Uhmm, no..I wouldn’t say she’s ugly…she has a beautiful smile and very nice teeth, and when she fix up arself she looks nice ( sometimes )…she jus need fe ease off the wholeap ah make-up and let her skin breathe and go find a good dermatologist because with her type ah skin problem, she will probably need prescribed ( internal ) medication…once she duh dat, she’ll be on point.

      1. dwl no sah but a so mi hear some man describe ooman who are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. they almost always have a nice smile and nice teeth. But no you same one say har face full a sore no amount a plaster cyaan fix dat. not buying what yur selling nopes. lolol

        1. And I meant EXACTLY what I said!!..her face full up ah pare open sores n’ scabs, but she isn’t an ugly girl, just the bad skin mek ar look ah way…once she seeks professional skin treatment, she will look nice BECAUSE she isn’t an ugly person, but ar skin tan very very velllly bad ( pre-dermatological skin treatment )..

  5. Jenkelmen….unnuh see why mi seh fi push dem inna do baat tub an tunn on di wata full blass before yu tek out yu buddy?
    No sah….dis nuh good.

    1. Face make-up and all full body makeup dem use fi cover up di ole scar dem when dem waan wear nekkid clothes. Scrub dem from head to toe fi see di real dem

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