Gal a walk a carry news on her male co-worker to his ex women because man rejected her on her sexual advances. Di man inna the picture a that the business she fi try watch and mind before she lose him to a better offer overseas.Yes di whole thing start when the married man she a try seduce reject har sour pie then she mek link wid one a him ex a new Jersey name marie judine Henry inwhich she promise her barrel a clothes with boot only after how much phone call and watch and peep the gal a foreign only bring a recycled synthetic wig by her work place go give har


  1. Mi love it bad long time dis ya gal yah a get bum blast pon fb inna ppl story Mr/Ms Met too much bangarang she inna

  2. whoever took the time out to write this story clearly don’t have a life/job… girl get a life and cum outta ppl rass business… go make money and do something worth while with your time…

  3. Only a dirty bitch sherilee brown would post something like this what she need to do is go fix up har blind granny house round a water commission park St Mary or try raise her dead hood man dick this bitch have no job no life just go around f**king with people , she is going to get f**k one of these days (memba )

    1. Blind is not a crime but like you said she is just a grand mom to me who is in her mid 90s but Judine Henry Whilby sleeping with an insane yard man a bigger disgrace Natasha Grandison swapping socialites to a pedophile is another crime and disgrace

  4. Who ever write this its quiet clear that she is jealous of the girl and her man I guess her man is malfunction- ing she wish she had someone overseas to send her a barrel , what awaits her is a fine ass whipping

    1. Jealous what be timely and specific for me. 1) jealous of the bleaching 2) jealous a di bag a Pinckney and none a the man nuh married me 3) jealous a di it (rose/Natasha) cause mi build house pon man mother land and daily mi a get diss cause them wah get rid a mi and mi nuh have the audacity or courage fi left 4) jealous a har cause mi man a deh har own flesh and blood man and dem a try hold it down? Psst please NEXT

    2. Has for your allege claim of my hubby genital being dead I clearly share my sympathy with you. Every sensible somebody knows that when a man go bed with a woman and she 1) nah feel penetration even though shes been penetrated 2) man nah get nuh erection it can be either one of these reasons your pussy done out and your pvc muscles worn out, you odor nuh right or the man genital get a rude warning say u a shot and a loot. When a you vagina memorial? One part a your body dead and a bury before you actually dead. #bumbitch

      1. Sherilee brown save your explanation on Tyrone wedderburn weener it small and dead that’s y him turn to a man as fi u sherilee u clean up all men in uniform behind the port Maria police station and what you get a patty and a box juice , u can’t walk in a port Maria town with u head up at no time (ghetto bicycle )

  5. I guess Thief Tyrone Wedderburn dont enough house work for Sherilee Brown him need fi mek she start clean off the woman a foreign things dem before court day .

      1. Duty gal sherilee brown why u don’t comment on the lady a foreign furniture ,tools and appliance ,and the penis pump weh u a use if try bring Tyrone wedderburn Weener to life me can’t wait if court day the ditch u and u man a dig the two of uno a go drop in deh As a matter a fact I’m going to let the lady a foreign see this post and how u a call u har name .

  6. Sherilee Brown AkA (mungrel) need to understand that Pedigree don’t mix with mungrel stay in u lane before u get bite up

    1. Glad you can itemize that you are all female dogs whether you are a pedigree or mongrel it doesn’t matter since you all are female dogs I can blantantly call you hide and chat dog a BITCH or a SLUT. It let me try get this out to you I am definitely a human walking on 2 feet sorry if you are a pedigree dog without a caretaker or a owner to call you their own.

      1. Sherilee brown you are a mungrell without a care taker (slut) and you have four leg cause u have to stay on your hands and knees and for all the years what do u have to show for being a slut monkey

  7. wow. …. whoever wrote this have time management problems. . whatkkind of women would do such thing.. respect ur self sweet heart and stop sitting on ur ass typing shit. clearly this girl need a job and education. woman don’t speak like this.. have ambition my girl and stop have man and bullshit turn u inna fool…….. if u need a real job …. respond. . I will help u…

  8. Look cocky truffles hop off my name and let me make it clear Rose story is no secret so please when you see a post out with her don’t jump and anonymous your names and comment you all have my number and you all know me so feel free to approach me and say what you have to say or do what you have to do. Rose never have time management when she take upon herself during work hours and meddle with people business dogs? Whatever I had to say to Rosé or Natasha Grandison I did that openly and publicly via my Facebook page, phone call, whatsapp or in person so the concubines weh hide and pop up on this site my name try search for the men in your lives meddling with your daughters or sons beneath your roofs.

  9. @di owner of the page then the hidden johncrow had the heart a message mi link
    to the hidden roaches weh affi hide and hit pon just mi name get this straight i don’t run down employment i have 2 registered companies that i provide employment for persons that are qualified and monthly i do pay my taxes…yes I have time on my hands which I am paid for. I

    1. Sherilee brown stop ! You don’t have a job you have nothing you forget to tell them that you are a certified whore , lier, and a thief !!!!

      1. Sherilee brown membrane say a bath pan u and Tyrone wedderburn a bade in a cause him thief the water to build him house and him can’t pay the fine of over $300000 uno have to mek bling dog thief the water national water commission a plan fi uno rass

  10. TF! Something wrong with my internet or dem ppl here late on the story. Mi can’t even understand the sherylee person . Miss ting late and buss in ah not making a damn sense.

    1. It nah mek nuh sense to you since your leader classify you has a pedigree dog so you wouldn’t be able to comprehend the work or communication of a human being. Never see a dead line when comment must cease from post but since you a di tailgate for post on the page indicate where the expiry date was post. I just got the link I tapped onto it and see the comments so wah

      1. Anything weh mi affi say mi done say it without a messenger or a echo you don’t like it tough luck fi you and who or what it might have hurt. Without a bag a hit and run comments behind a mask identity you and the rest nuh value nothing. When you or dem value a good respond is when the bad dogs that ya’ll are can see me approach me or call me phone pon a open line or say what UNO wah fi say pon mi fb wall with a legitimate account then you are worth responding to. Duty bundle ano fi yuh dog nuh climb up inna the incinerator and remove it or pull it.

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