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Hi Met yuh can ask d Philly ppl dem fi cum talk up pan daah one yaah from waah day yaah she stop guh out and har pic dem a pure breast up suh mi waah unu confirm fi mi deh she all a say waiting on “OUR” blessing lol

Chrisy Scott

September 14 via mobile

Mi never know one pregnancy Mek did whole world talk no sah mi have fi go breed again

Chrisy Scott

September 14 via mobile

Lawd mi body dem seh mi live inna man house and di man want mi out cause mi go breed bloodclat I wish that was so my landlord a big blo**t CPA live yah so fi 6 years if him did want mi out eviction nuh Tek so long dutty ppl man an woman from mi move out a mother house mi never live or katch a no dutty gal or boy house and mi P**y dat good mi man weh unu a worried bout pay mi rent fi mi if mi nuh have it so any body weh get message fi mi from months ago why deliver it now if any katch fi katch a ppl katch a my house but to he’ll a what this god never hear dat one yah from mi born


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