Met smh can you tell who is pregnant?? the pretty one in the Kreme dress is pregnant she Soldgie wife the other nuh pregnant only look it a matie a she Soldgie. Deh wid and she know the man nuh want har but we all know y him over har house miss lady stop work and but the people dem husband gucci clothes u a mine him n him a breed up him wife poor soul yuh. Yuh really think him a leave har fih yuh??



  1. Den a dance she tan up inna with the big rass belly ?? Very worthless what about the safety of the unborn child? Smfh these damn dancehall mattresses I tell you. Wife if that a the mate you, you piece a shit of a man and she careless alike . No real man would breed a gal that would stand up in a dance with such a big belly unless he don’t give 2 shit about the mother or the child. Oh wife no feel special at my comment because if he had given two shit about you as his wife/family he would Atleast wear a condom to make sure you no Atleast catch herpes. Sit your ass down HE DONT WANT YOU EITHER YOU JUST PROVIDER AND SHELTER FOR WHEN THESE HOES TURN HIM DOWN #trashcollectormuch?

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with her going out pregnant. It all depends on the event. I don’t see anything in the background of the photo that suggest that the event was inappropriate for a pregnant woman.

    2. There is nothing in the background of the photo that suggest that the event was inappropriate for a pregnant woman. Being pregnant does not mean you sit at home day in and day out. I think it all depends on the event and how you carry yourself when you are out.

      1. You wouldn’t see anything wrong with it because you are a bird of the same feather boo boo carelessness come in a pack go figure

        1. How is going to a party carelessness? Like I said it depends on the event. From the above photo I can’t tell what the event was. I could have been a mother’s day party or something special like that. I wouldn’t agree with her just being up in the club on a regular basis with the belly but we can not make a judgement based on the above photo.

  2. Bout pretty one in creme get a life hoe ” self promotion is no promotion” you not all dat and a bag a chip ***** in my Yankee voice***

    1. From mi see she write bout “pretty one in creme dress” mi know is eeda she or har kayliss fren dem probbly send it in. Mi waiting fi matie come talk di tings dem cause man luv discuss wife wid side chick. None a dem nuh hot eeda. Kmt

  3. Any man wey have woman a mind them is a batteyman cos as the right man comes along and mek him an offer, him gone so I would be concerned about getting knocked up by a man who clearly don’t give 2 craps that his wife is pregnant cos he’s still with another woman.
    Is it me or are these women pathetic? You brag that he’s not leaving you? Jesus Lord, maybe you should have made even half as dumb and retarded as these pathetic females!!

    1. All a uno dutty Bloodclat pussy hole bump up bump bitch need fi get a life , a suh uno cya fine a job Weh mek uno Affi si dung pon groupie website , all a uno a groupie and matie that is why uno si dung and check di pussy Rassclat website suh often , wid uno done out hole .. Gwan Guh get a Bumboclat life and job fi Guh mine yuh 30 pickney dem Weh a come of a yuh stink pussy one by one , kmft

  4. Soom Is a nice person she seems to always choose the wrong type of men. I don’t undastand why senda is making the girl life her problem. Senda, you teck di gal man and breed fi him and him neva stay with you that is why you still mad. You went thru hoops to prove he wanted you , She leave the man to you and you are still not satisfied. Tell your man stop stalking the girl. She moved on and found another man and he is still threathing her for leaving him. I am a witness that he calls her endlessly even when she doesn’t want to bother with him. You are all the way in Florida and still worrying about a girl that do not even acknowledge your child’s dad that hates you for trapping him. Leave the girl alone because she is not the reason for your unhappiness. She moved on and you are still making her your meal of the day. Try giving your problem to the Lord and maybe you would see more happiness than misery in your life.

  5. wait a min. why is the pregnant lady by herself at the dance. where is the man. is he MIA but that dont mek it. she could have had the baby on the dance floor the way how the baby look like it wah drop out. she all by herself a dance and the man is no where to be founded but she a smile up smile up. this story doesnt mek no type of sense.

    1. Well wait ah minute now…if she had went into labor on the dance floor, the lady behind her could assist with the delivery…being that she looka like a nurse n’ all, plus the guy she standing next to with the glasses pan im head back look like the doctor on duty…

  6. First of all soom isn’t a nice girl don’t let her fool u u must not know her.second of all I wouldn’t want a man who me a fih mind the bwoy a look mih fren n me so y would I want him???? Yuh chat too much

  7. First and far most this bwoy is no good for her he’s a Likkle pickney compare to har him 3 years older than her son him just a look smaddy fih kotch pon n use yuh see how him a walk n bounce like boom ball pon him toe point a come tell mih him waah” see meeeee naked” Likkle bwoy yuh not my tyke I like grown responsible man

  8. Gully Trash tell sum fi tell yuh the truth. the ppl are married have other kids and live together . Him wife nuh mix with philly ppl. Sum a tek the ppl them husband send this in harself to try mash up them life. Ok its out now yuh still cant have him. She was with her husband at the party Sum was with har friend so a thats y yuh mad dwl

    1. Yesss Mon ! Everything Yuh Say True! Bitch Need Fi Go Find Har A Boombocloth Mon And Leave Di People Them Married Mon Alone !

  9. Gm metty & everybody :peluk

    But why DWRL ah kill mi offffffff
    When mi read it hear mi nuh ah muss she send dis in
    Bout pretty one inna cream who pretty? Kmft
    & Matey look like one decent Guyanese lol ..
    Man what’s the real problem girl in cream u wa know if the mate prego
    Cuz I don’t get the story bout who look prego wtf?!!!!!!!
    Lol I r deaddin & dav gal u wrong pregnant women must stay home!
    It’s clear is a party & that bitch belly look like it bout fi drop off ar body she need fi guh lay down bout pretty one In cream

    1. You have the right to your opionion but did you feel the same way when Kim and beyoncee went to events with their pregnancies?

  10. Now mi read d comments & the pregnant woman need fi get plenty lives!
    Your concern shouldn’t be the next bitch it should be your unborn
    Pikny careless gal wtf how u lookin war & have belly go sit down !!!!!!
    Like ppl still fight over man .. For some reason mi think di man a run down d Indian gal & d pregnant one a mad

  11. Hello yuz wrong dih bwoy naw run dung har a she a run him dung she start party hard wid dih nasty worthless girls weh yuh see har wid…she was alright until she start heng wid Unda cover whoring Indy,nasty bubbles,up front whore ReRe,and dancehall mattrass Shauna.Dem bruk har out she start sleep around quietly har fren seh she sneaky and dem all a deh wid one anedda

  12. Is that the same dancehall mattress shana who is with jigga? Because she did a f**k soljie too. How dem like recycle man so?

    1. DI whole a dem gal deh a Philly ago dead from AIDS. Shauna sleep wid everybody. Unuh been hear all name ah call up pan di thing dem and unh go behind har a sleep wid di same man dem. unu no love unu self. Unuh love hide and Fu** too much dats why unda unuh a rotten out. yuck

  13. Sum a olé d yuh dutty whore long time. Nuh baddy nuh bruk har out
    The bitch a 40 add a run back a dutty bitch 27 year old re re the slut. Sum get a rass life

  14. D man wife pretty side bitch look like olé deflated boom ball. Soulige a tek f**k inna him batty fi money fi mind him wife and kids and weh him fall short dutty pussy sum wuk and mek it up. Sum yuh nasty piecea shit stop f**k dung the wol a philly man dem quietly. Shauna say she do 3 sum with u and Biggs and yuh pussy tun dung!! She say it stink yuh have a serious problem she go fi suck it n did haffi run!

    1. Did Shauna tell u that while she was in the process of sucking ur pusC or u hers unnu is really a set of pusC plumbers as unnu start cuss somebody dem pusC a di fuss thing unnu comment pon MOVE UNNU MOUTH N UNNU NOSE WILL FOLLOW MAN KMFT

      1. Shauna is that u… bitch go tek out sum pussy hair dem outta yuh teeth and f**k off… big pussy philly mattress trackta trail a body gal when yuh tell me seh yuh will pay me fi suck Me push me run yuh weh dutty nasty gal memba that!!

        1. I feel seh yuh run har weh cah you did want likkle more money :hammer
          Cah nuh battyfish gyal cyaan roll up tuh me like dat an it nuh mek news after mi dun beat har tuh a frazzle. Cum off di wall wid yuh dutty germsy self…or else wi ago sen fi termite control.

  15. Soulgie nuh tek picha so dere is non to be shown as fah she n Shauna ooooo yuh neba sih smoke without fyah soom seh she nuh like Shauna but she still chat to har kawz she hear Shauna eating good suh she want some dem seh yuh look deflated stop fallah back a yung gyal a dance and stop fallah bak a Likkle bwoy soon him ago find him age group and soo should u.

  16. Look pon him wife don’t u see dere is no competition deh suh all when she pregnant she look betta dan yuh how yuh feel in a dih party when him was with har? N u a publish him like a fih yuh man? Gyal yuh gwine hav pure problem suh try mash dem up karma is a Bitch just like u hope u enjoy when him start dis yuh fih young firm body gyal

  17. Uno need fi tek uno dutty pussy Rassclat and Guh look a f**king job and life , A suh uno Nuh ave life mek uno si dung and I chat people , di whole a uno is groupie and matie that is why uno si dung and a look pon di website suh often unno wah fi si if uno up Deh yet , just wait uno turn , uno need fi si dung and a mek post Weh nobody know who yuh is , yuh Nuh wah fi show yuh ugly self , all a uno need fi Gwan bout uno business and tek care of yuh 30 pickney dem we a pop out a yuh dutty smelly pussy one by one ,

  18. Look how har belly big and Shi look like monkey , she ugly ehh , bout pretty move yuh pussy , yuh Affi buy fake hair and put on look how Indian hair pretty and nice , a she him ago Deh wid , cause di baby Nuh even a fi him she leave Guh Florida everyday Guh Deh wid a man , di real fada

  19. Shut yuh f**king mouth bout pretty , Di f**king black gyal look betta than sum ,sum With har likkle pop dung self need fi go sidung inna bloodcloth corner & stop f**k off di people dem man ! she need fi go find har a man her f**king age ! what she 48? man only day with har cause she a buy him clothes and f**kery ! you most no if a nuh soljie baby cause a most u a f**k har off

  20. Yuh muss know , yuh need fi show yuh self yuh mussi look just like she , Guh suck yug self and cum off a di picture bitch

  21. @ None, I think you are Soom. Please go and find God. DI only thing you can come boast about is Ur Indian Pretty hair. Will you Tomb Stone read that when this man wid him straying hood kill unu off left unuh Pickni? A unuh meck dem man yah treat unuh so. You have a teenage dauther. Please set some example for her and stop bringing home these recycled thrash for her to see. Mi shame fi seh mi a Jamaican by the way how yall carry on ova a peace of wood thats probaly half dead like unuh future.
    Wasn’t you and Shauna frens? so how come you are now sleeping with someone she slept with Yuck…… read below for a reminder.

    DI whole a dem gal deh a Philly ago dead from AIDS. Shauna sleep wid everybody. Unuh been hear all name ah call up pan di thing dem and unh go behind har a sleep wid di same man dem. unu no love unu self. Unuh love hide and Fu** too much dats why unda unuh a rotten out. yuck

  22. @ None it bun yuh sah yuh sure a nuh u a soom gyal btw what u doing on here since u have a life u should be doing ur life instead of a beat dung people fih get one yuh nasty dutty klaat wid yuh mash up self old Uterus dun out suh now u a talk bout dih gyal Yuh mad cause she can bread har uterus Young Ghe like daawg yuh looser u

  23. about time dem come off a rere name and show di rest of them whoring gyal them wah a f**k people man & a broke up happy homes smh kills me !

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