1. metty morning….mi waan know how michell reach a Canada…….she coulda barely fine har way bk from Jamaica..n now she global….a wah…..a wanda if michell a wok wid di abc people dem….n dem mek har diplomatic…..

  2. mi a ask from yessideh, a wah kinda link michelle a work wid?

    anybody, everybody, you ova desso, hello dear, unno knowz har linkage?

  3. Well, with a new identity, passport, anything is possible. I bet you she is not traveling under her legal name, etc. I know people who have re-entered the US with a different name and visitor’s visa in that name after being deported.

  4. michelle muss a werk wid an american or a british book, mi no belive she a use no visa, cus she hop an skip all ova so is a big book she a use i believe.

    No sah fi har link well tall

        1. Jukkin and teachin fi tun anasi battey sketel fi sure
          When battey start rotten mek sure unno ansa to Jah when him a knock pon unno door

        2. Lundie she teaching and demonstrating how to lop side and lump up bump up u batty fi sureeee lmaooooooooooo

          1. wait deh metty and chuety….fling di beat ova yah so………

            cum back a merica everyting gone wrong

            cuz mi CAN tell di real batty dem from di fake one

            dem batty juking yah no normal

            it wi leff u luking like u juss come outta di pond

            duck, red ants and baby inna pampazz

            sum a dem all luk like half dokey half man :siul

          2. ___________________________________________________________________________________

          3. Lalalallalallallalallalalallalalala
            Lundie studio caaaa miss u a mi a u manager n mi promise not to send a soul come buss shot offa u fi meck u holla like say u madda ded okkkkkkk promise lmaoooo

          4. @ chuety U promise nuffy mek fattyshoot offa mi?

            cuz u wi mek mi pick up weh mi pudung eeh nuh, u wi mek mi start bawl louder an harder eh nuh :berduka

  5. She is brave if that’s what she’s doing because it’s the same thing happen in England mek shi affi leave. Why chancing it again?

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