post dis for me plz mi wah tell yuh bout dis gal weh call har self Khole Eva propa all dis bitch do is party and (Edited).. All she do is party and walk and fuk DWN di whole a Bronx Brooklyn and queens before she tek care of r kids she har tax return all she do spend it pon r baby fadda weh dnt want har she claim seh she married an all a now him caw give r har (Edited) all she is tek di government money weh dem a give har daughter she tek it Anna mine har man dem befor she mine har self an har kids dem.. Har baby fadda family nuh like har caw dem seh di baby a nuh fi dem brother/son him Madda caw Stan har caw she thief frm dem she need fi stop walk and f**k and thief and guh mine r two kids dem an stop run DWN Jerry weh nuh want har him naw give r her (Edited) him guh breed gal pon har di two a dem have baby same time



  1. Both of their heads are freaking huge!!! nevermind the actual story ‘sender” mind your business I don’t think you want either of these heads in the pic above minding any of yours. What people do with their INCOME, keywords Their INCOME tax check is their business. Stop that mess and find a hobby or something.

  2. Khole NEVER Proper ..You and batty bwoy jerry need to stop send in Ono own story to look relevant . Ono pop down ! Nobody cares . Girl bye ! And Stop Mek jerry breed yuh with his shit water cause he and Jay X is 2 stinking batty man . Go get yuh life

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