0 thoughts on “JMG RUMOR MILL

  1. Yes met. Good while now. Him clean off all har picture dem offa him ig an him have bout two different woman him a go round wid now

    1. I just googled both of them. J guess Natalya wasn’t light enough and her hair wasn’t long enough. But him need fi realize that if it wasn’t for athletic stardom, that light skinned curly hair chick wouldn’t want him. Cause if u tek weh di money and fame….him is just another crusty ass ole bum. Kmt. Look like him frighten fi di light skinned gyal.

  2. LISTEN NUH!!! a nuh dat Met. Mi knw some people ( nah call name) n the girl neva did a behave. Him all lose him self esteem because of it. (read between d lines) Is a while now dem bruk up, and it just a hit har. Nuh matta how him did a plea wid har (me si dat miself) she wouldn’t behave harself. Him a wild down d place now fi real tho LOL

  3. People can chat what they don’t know….kmdt. She was the one who is the cause of the breakup it has nothing to do with him wanting light skinned girl with curly hair…..smh

  4. The girl is not no cause of no break up. So the girl fi stay wid warren when him a whore down the place? Like warren a pay unnu fi mek di girl look bad

  5. met warren a dawg shit from longtime…he has this girl on my ig showing her pics to all his friends a just want her findout becuz the gal mussi dodge him when him come a diamond league last yr…i ca stand this dutty boy

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