There will be no Sunday Dagga today instead we will have JMG Therapy

In three words how would you describe your father?
2. and the kind of man he was?
3.Was your father around all your life?
4.If your father wasn’t around when did you meet him?
5.What did your mother say about your father?
6.How do you feel about your father?

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  1. Bless up Met & Metters. I am fortunate to have a great dad and step dad and have always been pampered and love by both.

  2. Desensitized, Neglectful & Detached
    Morally corrupt
    Physically, not emotionally or morally
    I always knew him
    Great things
    I love him

  3. good evening and blessed sunday to everyone!

    i am blessed to say my daddy is my BEST FRIEND!! been with me all the 25yrs of my life we talk and text everyday even though he is many many miles away! my dad is supportive, loving, and fun!

    my mom always had awful things to say about him she never give him credit but i was so attached to my dad nothing she said ever mattered to me when he was here in america i spent more time with him than her anyway. mi and mi fadda was like batty and bench.

    he teach mi fi cook and how to take pride in my things. he helped me with homework and my fave memory of my dad is while in elementary school he would bring me lunch EVERYDAY from his restaurant special delivery! big up my daddy we need more dads like him

  4. Abusive, Emotionally Detached, great provider.
    Still married to mom, so he’s still around.
    I feel that I was once attracted to men like him . Thank God not anymore

  5. perfect, loving, protective
    My dad is a real father is truly a great human being
    Yes he was always around
    My mother always says he is the best man and father
    My father = my world

    1. My Daddy,
      Has been there from day one of my life
      He is a provider
      Principled Man
      Hardworking…has never took a vacation
      Always looking out for his kids..clammily…his workers and friends.
      The most important thing…when people where telling him to give up on me…HE NEVER DID. HE KEPT PUSHING. AND HE IS ONE OF THE PERSONS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHO I AM TODAY :peluk

  6. 1. Hero….Provider….Perfect
    2. He was a man of his word.
    3. Yes…always.
    5. Him too soft lol everything em seh yes
    6. I feel like he’s the blueprint of a real man

    Goodnight oooooooooooo

  7. Met I was undress and ready…. let me put my cloth back on.

    How do I describe my dad? Here is a synopsis: He’s very quiet, loving, hard worker. My dad is very compassionate, kind,daring man who would do every/ anything for his children. My dad has always been around, he and my mom separated when I was about 4 yrs old. It was very sad! I cherish those memory of him picking me up from school in his truck, picking gungu pease <—- (spell chek) in the back yard for peas soup, late night ride to the beach and water fall. After the separation I get the see my father every weekend, he was always in me and my siblings life. My love for him his endless. I worried about him everyday because he's getting older as the years goes by. And might I ass I'm daddy's little girl! lol

    1. u know dat daddy’s lil girl ting velly velly serious…mi have a family member whey think she was daddys’ only little girl till yessideh and she nah tek it well at a lll :hammer
      she say she is very distraught and she velly serious oooo

      1. Imagine the women whey never get fi feel a father’s love what their lives are like…there will always be a void

        1. i wonder what my daughters response would be to a topic like this in the future, because her father is the COMPLETE opposite of my father.
          things that make you go hmmmm

          1. latti u know sometimes all with some a dem fathers yah being bad u have some girls whey see what they eye really cannot see and still se dem good

        2. So true met. When I hear some men/women talk about
          Not having a father, I can’t even imagine what the feeling is like. A father shoud be the first man a girl love.

          1. It really should be and the very first role model to a son..if not dem a go look fi it all dem life

          2. when mi hear dat mi jus nuh know ….but on the other side when mi hear ppl a seh how dem mada mean di world….mi always wonder what it would be like to not have a complicated relationship wid mi mada ….

          3. u know seh some pickney or some mothers born fi nuh have good relationship wid dem pickney I am convinced…how can someone whey grow dem child nuh close to dem?

      2. Met my distraught happen loooooooong time ago!! A jacket him get lol she too ugly fe related to we…as per my sister dwl…he said am his baby and always will be. :peluk

        Tell u what my father call my sister one day and tell her your sis moved to Montego bay, she find her father :ngakak my sister said “I knew it,she was never your child, and why is it am the only one who saw it” lol So I am keeping the “lil girl” status.

  8. absentee…judgemental…..supportive….

    these are based on a timeline…….
    he was absent for the first 20+ yrs of my life….which i suppose is what he does best…he didnt want to pay child support or raise any kids….very hands off with the small kids and tolerates his grandkids for only very short periods of time….

    judgemental……always critical of his grown kid’s life choices….especially when it came to education….tho he never had a hand in laying the foundation of instilling ambition or the drive to succeed…………..

    supportive….. in the later years…..stood by me when i needed the help until i got back on my own two feet….helped the other two buy houses…gave them thousands for their downpayments……

    he is not a text book, story book or screen play dad….whereas he may fall short of the aforementioned characteristics……he is simply the best dad he knows how to be……which thankfully is still worlds more than others have to be thankful for…..

  9. yes met i know that is very true!!! but mi hope she nuh so naive she is a smart girl so we shall see!

    i have a sister who dont know who her father is and do u know every year on her birthday thats all she ever ask for! its heartbreaking every child deserves their dad!

  10. thing is….my mother never spoke ill of him…….except a couple of times but i was old enough to understand where she was coming from…………besides that….he lives 5 minutes away from me and i had to buy him a power drill for xmas cause he had borrowed mine and had it for at least 3 months……the best memory i have of him…..i went thru hell for a couple of weeks and one day ended up bawling like a baby………..and he and my mom cried right along with me……so despite the absenteeism and the other bullshit……he cares and thats all i really need to know…….

  11. Evening JMG crew:

    My father is hardworking, intelligent and very loving. He is a man of integrity and commanded respect (btw him is over 6ft tall….lol) Him discipline we when we bad (mi get plenty buss ass when me a pickney) and hug and kiss we up all di time. Mi madda love im like cook food. Mi thank Jah Jah fi him daily…an mi tell him every day seh mi love him. BTW, he is also a good grandfather!

  12. My father was responsible,kind and my friend. I knew my father all my life and lived with him until he died. I felt like my father was my best friend. I wish my father was still around I would have no problem taking care of him whatsoever.

    1. PS I wonder all the time if I will see my father again and that is one of the greatest wishes I have. Sometime when I am by myself I miss my father so much that I cry. Even though he died almost twenty years ago.

      1. yes it happen when mi a teenager ……mi neva have da feeling deh again ….mi feel like mi lose part a mi self ……him tell mi so much story bout when him a grow up a just wah day yah mi a memba how him seh…..U haffi have faith inna weh u do fi a living or ppl nah go respect yu….him have limited education because when him pass him exam dem seh nuh money nuh deh fi school ………and him seh him did have too much responsibility so him could not stay inna poverty ……mi jus regret seh mi neva really have a chance fi have him roun mi when mi older

  13. I knew my Father for only 11 years. He died in the University of the West Indies Hospital (UC) on July 3, 1976 of a heart attack. He was sick with his heart before he died. As the 8th of 9 children, for the most part I can only go by what my older brothers and sisters say about him, and of course, what my Mom said about him before she too passed 14 years ago. I heard he was a hard worker, and a very good provider. I am told that he was a very good cook, loved his children, and played the saxophone, because he was a music lover. I look at his pictures all the time and wish that death did not take him away from me at such a young age. However, it”s been years later, this is a reality that I have to live with,and such is life. So, to all the fatherless people out there, just still give God above the glory and praise, because He IS our Father in Heaven.

  14. Loving…….protective………supportive

    Mine is here with me as we speak. He has been in my life from the day I was born. I was and will always be ‘daddy’s little girl’…. To date, every time he introduces me to anyone, he still refers to me as the ‘baby’ (Mi turty nuff). Him neva have it financially an mi tink is because him neva have him priorities straight BUTTTT mi memba di fat plait dem, di hair washing, di uniform ironing and him neva mek wi hungry nuh matta what!! All this while my mom was away looking for a better life.

    BIG UP mi daddy whey rush bwoy feem dawta an rush to mi rescue every time. He is pretty much the only one who understands me and my mixed up moods and attitudes.

    Mother say few bad tings but mi TOTALLY understand where she coming from.

    1. Him still with mi mom and is a wonderful grandpa….ongle problem is dat him pwile mi son too much an treat him like egg (bwoy affi grow tough!!!!), but den again mi ruff, so him need a cushion

        1. True met a lot of our young men grow up without a father and act as if it doesn’t hurt not having him in their lives. Secretly they mourn their absentee father, wishing he would him cared enough to stuck around, show them how to be a man. That’s why so many of them turn their back on their own children. Sad.

  15. The same or rerse…..
    On another note tho Met and Metters, do u think that the mothers sometimes contribute to the absence of fathers? and how?

    In my book, if u want to take care of your child; outside of extreme cases, no man should make a woman deter them…… mi know sey some real jezebel out deh, so it possible, but some man use some lame ass excuse as a way out

  16. Absent, neglectful, useless

    I’m my fathers only girl and he raised his step daughters as if they were his own. I saw him about 3 times in 15years, but he was always on time with the child support because my Gma reported his sorry ass to the army and he didn’t want to get throw in the brigg.

    If he calls I say hi and bye or contact is limited, but it’s better than it was before.

    My daughters have a great dad, so if this karma is I had a crappy father for my girls to have a great one I’ll take it.

  17. having a father around does not necessarily mean a man will become a successful, responsible or well rounded individual………a father is there to set an example…but if you follow sociology/psychology you will see the earliest influence of a male child is his mother and only when he gets to the age where he can differentiate gender roles does it really become apparent for the need of a father to step in and provide modeling……around 6-7 yrs old or so……..but…without a fathers presence it has been proven the success of the child to grow into a productive law abiding member of society rests entirely on how successful and good a provider his mother is… other words…if the mother only has a high school diploma or is a drop out that is the most likely education level the boy will attain….however, if the mother has at least a bachelors…….then that is the minimum the child will strive for……but a father is still important…….my personal interpretation is it gives a sense of being a complete human being… even tho my mom and dad broke up before i was even two yrs old the fact i know who he is gives a sense of a whole being comprised of 2 halves and when there is no father there is definitely a void… is a joke……..2011 was the first year i made more money than my father…….when i told him he laughed and went downstairs for the bottle of henessy……..not for me….for himself…..he saw it as a job well done on his part….lmfao

      1. I think if a child has both parents in their lives their thinking is based on what their parents taught them and not easily influenced by outsiders..for eg friends

    1. Smfh you may speak with intelligence, but you are not very wise. Most your statement in this paragraph is F**KERY! Where did you get that bullshit from? My mom never graduated college shit she only received her GED when she came here before attending college and becoming an RN after we grew up and leave her. But she made sure all 3 of us finished high school and attended college, I dropped out but my daughter finished high school top of her class and now in college. What wrong with you?? From reading your replies here I can tell as smart as you coming off you need help, a lot of therapy will do you some good , you are very negative and bitter towards women. THE WAY YOU WERE RAISED DIDNT MAKE YOU GAY THAT WAS ALL ON YOU. Your personal choice, yes it could be your hatred for women yes but the choice were still up to you. A lot of successful individual came from unsuccessful single moms with less than an high school diploma. They may not have pushed to earn a degree of their own but they put out the effort for their children to do and be better than them. I’m very disappointed in your mindset for an intelligent man smh

  18. Absent, useless, confused

    I’m my fathers only girl and he raised his step daughters like they were his own.
    I saw my father about 3 times in the 15 years i didn’t live with him. He always sent his child support because my gma reported to the army that he has 3 kids that didn’t live in USA and they threw his ass in the brigg.
    If he calls i speak to him, if he doesn’t that’s fine with me.

    On the other hand my kids has a great dad, and if this Karma this dictates that I had a shitty dad for my kids to have a good dad i’ll take it.

    1. Glad to know your kids have a great dad @Status. At least God gave you a break and that’s good.

      My child’s father is also shitty. Took him to family court in JA and he paid once and that was it, but you know what? God will deal with him and Thanks be to him, my child is no way worse.

      1. Quiet Storm

        I just learnt to roll with the punches, I reached out once to make it right and he shitted on it, so I cut my losses.
        All I can say is thanks to my Gma, other wise not even the child support we would have gotten.

        At lease I don’t have to worry about this with my kids father, i’ll wait and see when the next woman and family comes into play.
        yeah i’m jaded lol

  19. @ quiet storm….women deal with hardship better than men….because they are more in touch with their emotions they learn to cope….men are never really in touch with their feelings so almost never develop coping mechanisms…we only know how to survive……….survival requires action…………….therefore for a man dealing with a bitch of a wife/girlfriend/babymadda the only actions to take are fight or flight………….. the extreme fight is the one where the man kills the woman, the kids and himself…..the extreme of flight is when he leaves suddenly and years later is heard to have started a new family and living quite happily………….leaving the first family behind and trying his damndest to forget that part of his life……

    1. do you think they do or when a man leaves his kids …a family member is guilty…leave a woman wid two and go married a woman wid 6 :nerd

    2. I will never understand men…. Guess the difference here is the fact that it is the mother who carried that child in her womb for months, hence a stronger bond and the need to nurture and protect….IJS

  20. Intelligent. Handsome. Smooth talker. Know-it-all. He could talk for hours, un-interupted. Knew who he was but didn’t really KNOW him. A day here and a wknd there. No financial support as far as I can remember. He migrated when I was about 8 or so. Never saw him again until I was about 32. Always thought the world was out to get him and blamed every one for his mishaps in life. Never accomplished much overseas. Haven’t spoken to him in over a year. Last I heard, he was sick. One of those men who neglected his own yet married a woman and played stepdaddy to her kids. I wonder if that is why I always dated men that are older than I am. Maybe I was filling a void. He wasn’t around but thanks to Mommy……MI PASS DI WORSE AND MI NEVA MISS MUCH OF “DADDY” ♥♥♥♥

  21. Good morning.

    My father was never there for me. while in high school he was with a girl 1 yr older than me. he treated her like a queen, & could barely give me lunch money.

    she have 2 kids for him & after she finished UWI, she leave him and of course been the dead beat he was he stabbed her and spend 3 yrs for it.

    While he was in Jail i looked for him every 2 weeks & bring things for him.

  22. Good morning Met, I wonder if this topic is for me cause I’ve been struggling with this thing for about 2 wks now…. The situation with me is my father never take care of me never, never my mommy tell me is only $80 (Jamaican) she ever get from him and is somebody c him a town and a tell him if him cannot send a money go give him daughter a country and him send it….. now me hear say him inna a hospital mussie drop off a rum tree n bruk him spine…him brother a hunt me dun now fe mek me know say him inna hospital needed pampers an all these things….so right yah now me nuh know what to do me confused…….

  23. Cheap mean ungrateful boastful
    And out of respect I won’t mention the other names that rightfully suite him. (good day Met)
    He was absent and disappeared a lot through the years. He seeks after women to take care of him (in the past and present) he lies about having money just so he won’t have to take care of any1 other than himself or his many women who clown him out. My grandfather set a bad example and my father come out to be worse. I look at him as a sorry excuse for a man it’s pretty pathetic. However God has blessed me and taken me up Over the years.

    It’s kind of embarrasing to talk about him but maybe there is someone out there who can relate and this will take the burden off their shoulders.

  24. I’m good Met how are you? Just getting over the flu, please be cautious it’s running rampant all over. He is 50 Met, and is not learning none at all I just leave him to God that’s all I can do

    1. Yes u know mi get it and a dose a sumting whey day it terrible fi true..Him a 50? wait till 55 reach him and di age start weaken hm…yes leave him to God , Him a go stretch out him years and bring him down to naught

  25. Indeed Met. Mi shame fi even mention some a d tings him say to mi n bout mi n mi mada but true everything I still feel sorry fi him cause I know God is not sleeping and is true you reap what you sew. There will come a time when him need mi fi wipe him behind so it nuh better him jus humble from now?

    1. No di devil a tell him say him still strong..but when di time come u fi help him if u can because your reward depends on that…if u did fi get 10 u a go get 20 so never forget that..Everything in life is a test that is aimed at making or breaking us and although mi maybe wouldn’t help him, the better thing to do is help if u can fi mek God really reward u…50 him feel good and oman still want him up..give him time

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