Before the trial began articles written here on JMG elaborated on the evidence the JCF had in their possession in regards to the Vybz Kartel murder trial . The evidence was said include video evidence, BlackBerry messages, Whatsapp, texts and recorded phone calls.
Sources closely linked to the case are confirming that the evidence presented so far to the court, specifically the text messages are only the tip of the ice-burg. Further evidence that will be presented to the court include video recordings that will not only further incriminate the suspects, sources say, ” the evidence left to be presented by the prosecution will shake the very foundation of dancehall, Jamaica will come to standstill, the worst is yet to come”. The source promised.
The trial when it began, saw a court-room that was not entirely quiet, but is now locked in silence, since the first slew of the text messages between Clive Lizard Williams and the defendants were read.
It is alleged that, not only were some of the suspects told to record the disposal of a body,sources are saying that when everything is presented, the public will see why these young men remained loyal to the dancehall artiste. Allegedly their loyalties were bound in video to be used as blackmail, should the need arise.
It is said that lawyers for the defense were not expecting the video and phone messages to be submitted to the court and as a result, allegations are that, the artiste had high hopes of performing on Sting’s stage last December. Allegedly, the artiste requested a huge sum of money requested to be put in a hotel for a period of time as a part of his contract. A few days after his alleged contact, witness for the prosecution ”Chow” had taken the stand and all hopes for an early release were dimmed. All contacts ceased and many of the people who had heard from the DJ before and during the first weeks of the trial, have not heard from him in weeks.

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  1. Kartel did a wine di off the boy dem to a Zekes a him father lmaoooo smh mi haffi teck bad ting meck laff ahhh boyyy

    1. Me just come in and start to read and what you wrote was exactly what I was thinking before scrolling down. If tesa dem a do it den it nu strange sey dis brute did a do de same thing.

      Let me reiterate in short…when poor man start have money dem turn those without into slaves! Slave falls into different terms.

      Met! lolol…yu mek certain fi cop some stills a dat rahtid….YOU my dear will be one of the turning points in the direction that our nation should have been heading in loooong before de 50th.

      Our Male YOUTH will find NO NEED to attempt to emulate these vampire entertainers and so-call community heads that they revere to be “god like” just because of this falsehood of looking out fi de youths, love poor people and ghetto life nice nonsense, mean while dem a live rich. Hell and brimestone fi dem.

  2. Shawn storm u betta cut a deal fast or else u,dawdy and the rest a d gaza puppets won’t be shitting for years when zebra dun wid unnoo rass…..

  3. what a man ungrateful after dem have him inna free hotel him wah go a road and go mek a next man put him up inna expensive hotel………………Maybe a Sting 2031 him did a tink bout and not 2013

  4. maybe a me a think de worse is dis videos of men phuck’n menas apart of the blackmail…me rememba wen smaddy did sey addy lub anal sex and a suh him did deh yah a blog wid wi as landlord a must sit back wan a dese free days nd read a few chead a back….a weh suh him hab dem pon video a duh phuck de pitpull,wah dats dem duh as told

    1. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————behave and behave

  5. no a man Real,a real questions mi a ask nd is not de first dis a mek de wall sey kartel have video of the man dem a duh questionable activities to be poor,hungry and without a mind a yuh own is a sin enuh man

    1. only relevant evidence will be admitted. So if someone having sex is recorded on a phone, it has to be relevant to the case

      1. it must be relevant cuz key word BLACKMAIL into doing what him want them to,,,everyday something new yuh knw kartel dont have no more shit inna him batty doah diarrhea mash him dung frm week yow

    2. Amen!

      When all come to light hope the youth dem see there is more to life than material things. SLAVERY was fought and WON we no need NO MORE OPPRESSORS inna Jamaica…imagine Sodomites a enslave people fi a dollar and a dinna.

  6. I definitely do not believe kartel himself is a batty man or fck man nah dont believe that
    …. moonie however is GAY like i can tell but w.e … Kartel nah
    I wouldnt be surprised if he WALKS like seriously. It all depends on what these JURORS say mi just cant wait fi it done my gosh

          1. of course you shouldn’t but never say never..u can leave it open to what else you may find out

      1. nah swear fe a soul but miself inna dem yah last days..tuh how kartel bun out batty phuck’n nd all dese things till him did sign awf sey him need him money suh him nah sing nuh more bout it but a stand by having ntn tuh do wid dem why welcome a knowing battyman as yuh close…nd ps wen mi write up a top seh addi lub anal it guh fe weh him whore dem concern namingly candy smaddy did all send in video pic but wi cuda hardly c de preements

    1. Why him a nu sadomite? cause a him explicit tunes? because of the things him have call women? because him walk and talk like a man?

      :travel :ngakak

    1. I think Jim Brown did a sey that to till him tun bun bun! .lololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :hammer

  7. Woieeee Metty, why dem dont just cop a plea now and done it, dem know what di Police dem have as video evidence pon dem nastiness. Or dem so sure of dem higher science. Mi a wait on Shawn Storm fi crack first unda di pressureeeee

  8. Met if certain tings weh a gwan inna the dancehall fraternity fi come out, Jamaica done. A nuh Kartel alone a gwan wid tings. Me can’t wait fi everything buss out. This country too small fi be so damn corrupt. On the other threads me see people a ask why Lizard neva call police. How him fi call police when geoff and shawn storm in the car with him a carry him go meet him death? Dat mek sense? That’s why him a text him girl a try get her to help but that bitch was in on it too because she a tek it lightly. People a talk bout Lizard a neva innocent man but have u thought about all the other people that Kartel’s actions, directly and indirectly, have affected?? Him issue out guns and give orders and nuff people get killed and lives disrupted because of this likkle ugly bwoy. It just get me mad when these little idiots talk f**kry.

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