Aug 16 – 7:26: Onika to Lizard ‘I’m trying to call Nadine phone. No ans. Gonna call Nadisha’
Aug 16- 7:28pm: Lizard to Onika ‘pls hurry up. Soon reach base’
Aug 16- 7:37pm Lizard text to Onika cont’d ‘…He’s going to (word unclear to me here) me’
7:56pm: Lizard to Onika ‘Baby, I am shaken badly and nervous. Geoff just catch me on my phone

Aug 17- 7:56am Shawn Storm to 8445320: (in attributed no) ‘No seh nutten to nobadi wah mi tell u bout du ting dem wah missing’
Aug 17- 7:56am: Shawn to 8445320 ‘A di boy Brown tief dem’

Aug 17- 7:56am: Shawn to 8445320 ‘And run weh’
Aug 18- 8:25 pm: Shawn to 4781818 ‘A dat mi hear from daye’
Aug 18- 8:27pm: Shawn to 4781811 ‘Yea. Mi wan know wah dem run weh fa of dem neva do nothin’
Aug 18 – 8:57PM Shawn to unattributed :no ‘we know a who tief dem doah

Aug 22-12:07PM Shawn to 13239449212: ‘U hear dat Lizard run away?

*** Call data records show scores of calls between the accused, Lizard, Onika and main prosecution witness etc ****


      1. Yes Metty yuh nuh see a sikes dem a run… Jeezam what a set ah ppl evil eehhh… 323 a Cali mi believe… So how all of a sudden yuh ah tell man seh Lizzy run weh???? Mi seh… DI WHOLE AH DEM BETTA GET SOME SERIOUS TIME!!!!

          1. shawn storm a spokes man ….him a do admin service fi daddy a hope him mada fix ar yeye ….cause she nah si him again …………mi wah know a how and who coulda really even inna di business world deal wid vybz kartel after dis……………da man yah a crawl pon him belly real snake …now dem a call next man name and a use sykes and use the commonis name a jamaica “Brown” dem ppl a some real genius inna di ediat world

  1. play the recording mek wi see if wi can tell yuh did word weh unclear pherhaps its “beat” ,”shoot” “kill” :nerd

  2. so lizard kno say kartel ago kill him n him still jump inna car gone a heaven-dale….dem wudda haffi go f**kin kill mi b4 mi get in dat car

    1. You read the text that Lizard send to kartel?? What was the first word him use to address kartel?? DADDY!!! KARTEL did have the yute dem under mind control.

      1. A lot of ppl don’t understand the power that this psychopath had over these likkle boys it’s almost like the child soldiers in parts of Africa smh man a look fi u fi kill u n u a address him as daddy OMG

  3. I really thought he was innocent but after reading d msgs I’m convinced he’s guilty smh I can only imagine how scared d man was.I can feel d fear in his msgs*sigh

    1. I’m assuming the HE that you are referring to his kartel, if so, his text messages have not been read out as yet. …… let’s see what his responses were in all this mess.

  4. And we wonder why Cash plus and Olint was able fi scammed so much ppl, Some Jamaicans are so Naive I wonder what mind control Kartel have ova some a unnu. I hope he feels the full extend of the law. Bout him a tattoo tear drops pon face. Everytime I read the text msg transcript cold bump full mi up.
    Lizard probably think dem did ago beat out him rass, bruck him up or something. I hate the ppl that dont know about the under world and love to comment. kmft.

    1. Kartel himself said people are like SHEEP, and with his worldwide popularity he certainly did lead MANY of these sheep!!

  5. met am wondering if they can extradite the holder of this 323 number to come and testify? What is his or hers importance in this thing?

  6. Yes I’m referring to kartel..I’m a big fan n I was hoping he was innocent but clearly d evidence says otherwise!

      1. geoffery hype is geoff…….dem tink dem smart …….met u memba how dem se h police nuh have nuh evidence…a HELLIDENCE DIS YA

      2. geoffery hype is geoff…….dem tink dem smart …….met u memba how dem se h police nuh have nuh evidence…a HELLIDENCE DIS YA

  7. Remember when Shawn Storm got arrested initially his response to questioning ways “Mi Neva know dem did a guh kill him”. Him did done implicate himself and the others from then. Mi Neva need nutten more fi know seh a dem dweet. Addi f**k up real bad, same way him did waan kill off Deva Brat & Neptune.

  8. Kartel did say him nuh fear God nor death…so pop him neck quick judge an send him to him daddy (Satan) who clearly nuh want him. Satan only use dem fe execute certain works an fling dem weh. Kartel is a evillll piece dog shit…ting unnu shock yet…more ah come awoh

  9. Was hoping that Kartel never do dem ting ya still…BUT…unnu realize dat Lizard was a bad man and kill people too? As much as me sorry fi im…Im kill people too fi Kartel…

  10. Why do u guys feel bad for Lizard? Onuh figet seh lizard a killer? Who felt bad for his victims? Kmt on uh have time. Mi nah seh Kartel n dem had any right to take the mans life enuh but ppl a gwan like a innocent man Kartel kidnap and kill. Mi nuh feel no remorse for him #sorrynotsorry and Kartel fi get wha him deserve

    1. If we continue to play eye for an eye the whole world ago end up blind, some where it has to be nipped in the bud, because Kartel believe him untouchable.

    2. We all know that Lizard himself was a killer, we nah try fi justify him actions but you need to remember that he was a trigger man for Kartel and acting under the instruction of Kartel. We nuh feel sorry fi Lizard, we are just appall that he could take a life like it meant nothing to him, and so many others before him (lizard) for just violating the order. In order fi stop the small fry dem yuh affi go after the big fish, Daddy Demon Kartel himself, Lizard a just a hit man, but a kartel a di mastermind, an a him wi waan lock up a prison, and dash weh d key!

  11. The girlfriend was among two women who testified yesterday as the hearing of arguments began into the August 16, 2011 killing of Williams.

    She testified that the last time she saw Williams was about 9 a.m. August 16 when she was going to work.

    Earlier, Williams’ sister broke down in tears as she recounted an event on August 14, 2011 when she said she saw her brother and a man called Lamar Chow in her living room.

    The woman said she was in her bathroom when she heard a loud commotion and when she went to investigate she saw the men in a state of fright.

    She said she observed them talking on the phone and pacing back and forth.

    She added that they looked wild as though they had seen a ghost.

    The witness also said she later drove the men to the Portmore Mall and left them there.

    She said she last spoke to her brother on the morning of August 16 and after that repeated calls to his cell phone went to voicemail.

    The witness said the next day she went to report her brother missing.

    She also said she knew that her brother and Kartel and some of the accused were friends.

    Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is jointly charged with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm, André St John, Shane Williams and Kahira Jones.

    Yesterday Kartel’s fifth co-accused, fashion designer Calvin Haye, was released after the prosecution said they found no evidence against him.

    gf definitely did testify PARE GARBAGE FI TRU like someone said yesterday it was both the gf and sis go on stand! WHY SHE DIDNT MENTION TEXT DEM?

  12. Come on met and your metters where is the missing disc to tie this together. Where is the cell tower location that put lizard in a particular location. The prostitution should have to provide these things to tie up his case. Was he in the car by himself or was he with chow and if so why no mention of him and did he text anyone. Don’t be blind

      1. ____________________________________:tkp

        a get him hand get weh man a pros·e·cu·tion him did a try write lmaooooo yuh bad enuh

        1. geoffery hype is geoff…….dem tink dem smart …….met u memba how dem se h police nuh have nuh evidence…a HELLIDENCE DIS YA

  13. I’m from Trinidad n I disagree with hanging!! Despite all d heinous crimes in my country, I don’t think that is d answer because who so ever is behind that hang man mask is considered a murderer also
    They didn’t give life so they shouldn’t take it.. n hanging will never stop crime!!

  14. WAH GWAN MET N PEOPLE…KARTEL=Malignant narcissists not only see themselves as superior to others but believe in their superiority to the degree that they view others as relatively worthless, expendable, and justifiably exploitable. This type of narcissism is a defining characteristic of psychopathy/sociopathy and is rooted in an individual’s deficient capacity for empathy.
    Some people are really naive; don’t they watch documentaries about Mob bosses, gangs and drug cartels? These are the same enterprise Kartel try to impersonate and be called the worlboss, Daddy. You think he just made up THIS CHARACTER? They were people before him that acted the same way and he won’t be the last. With poverty comes strength for the manipulative. There are people in this world whose main concern is being on top and in control. As long as they have their way, they’re content. But try to stand on equal ground with them, or resist acceding to their demands, and there’s bound to be trouble. With fame come power and with power comes the feeling of invincible (Kartel). Education is the key and we need to ensure we instill self value in our kids and ensure they read a book MORE OFTEN DAN VIDEO GAMES

  15. is a pity it nuh live suh mi can pick ,choose and refuse wid wah really a gwaan..pree dem reaction,body language etc….

  16. Where is “NEEPHA”? Why didn’t they have him on the list of witnesses? Right now he is a KEY component to this puzzle

  17. Mi wonda what digicel has to gain by fabricating text against Kartel and his crownies. If a did the USA send fi him and subpoena Digicel records..yall f**kers would accept it though kmt.

    1. I dont swear I know everything……….geoffery hyper was also arrested and earlier released………..and Geoffery hyper is stationed at haven dale ………….excuse me if I read too much….

  18. One for sure, had the prosecution had this neepha person as a witness the case would’ve ended before the new year, all he has to say on the stand is that he took, wee, lizard and shawn storm to the havendale house. everything wudda done!!!

  19. Only god almighty alone know the truth. Leave it to the judge and wherever evidence them have and not even them correct sometimes. Nuff innocent ppl go jail. Either way on judgement day each will pay for their wrong doing on this earth. I neither wish bad for the dead man nor the killer to go jail. U live by the gun u die by the gun. Good for all a them . God will deal wid them. Lizard time come and kartel time will come one day . This is life

  20. So lizzy was a murderer and scared
    A him shadow ? Why him Neva call police and lef the line open rather than text shawn sister aka lizzy baby madda? Further man a call man who a nuh dem fadda daddy whole thing is bizzare

  21. Goodnight Met this is off topic but you you don’t see that Shizzle Sherlock is now a daddy. Someone just gave to a son for him. The pics are on his IG

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