1. is di man dem weh get lock up a read out di next convict file.. everybaddie a chat and dem still a do time and go back a Jamica go see eachy other.
    One a dem weh get lock up a do coke deal only get 2 yrs. unuh tell me how dat possibly?
    If unuh no wah do the time unuh nuh fi do di crime!!!!!!! Philly man dem no stop inform pon dem one anada. di feds juss haul dem een abd meck dem job easier. Flippa was a walking target i’m sure he is relieved now.
    Why we cah hear nutten bout kemar yet?

  2. Me just hear di news and say mek me come check it met post it cause she have the latest news every hr on di hr. Them say a true ting…flippa just naah learn yah man, Betta him did tan a yard!

  3. Flippa a work fi di feds from long long time watch n see how soon him get release…all fi him fren dem a parro right now trust me when ur up one way fi go down da boy ya too rass careless n fool fool….money is di root of all evil n to whoeva dutty gal who dear come pon ya n seh a jealous mi jealous no bitch memba when u di young how ur parents raise u..honesty a di best policy

  4. Dem fi lock him up and throw away the key never see a man wey can boast over vanity so and a no work him work fi it him will do anything to be hype such a shame and them can never learn anything that you don’t work for cannot last

  5. @Anonymous I want them throw the key as far as them can throw it sorry to say, a few months ago him on tv a say how him change and him na do this and that, them have a saying want it all loose it all.

  6. U all need to stop bad mine get the best of you all stop don’t wish bad for no one we ar all Jamaican. Show love to people flippa help a lot a people good god if flippa was a informer the fed would not pick him up informer stay on the road to give info to the fed this guy is not my friend give him some support show some love god is good

  7. Bitch of all media why you so harsh an tuff on flippa wat him do to you tell me.dont lie to me tell u again the fed dont pick up a informant so don’t tell me because people say he is a informer ok

    1. Sharon das y mi seh is how much story him have…he said his case was done n left pan voluntary departure..if him did a run from feds he would not reach pan tv in jamaica so many times so please do not buy the story bout something to come

  8. @ this Sharon ride person why UNO love come talk bout bad mind when people talk the truth where does bad mind come in here

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