19 thoughts on “JODI DO OVA DI BATTAM

  1. Morning Met and Metters!

    If this Jodi person do ova her batty that mean the 1st time around it didn’t work out but must this time it shape the way she want eh… Well Jodi boo do you because you got it like that and your haters are strong, they must love your style bad, bad… But how we know the batty is black the woman have clothes on, so wah!!! I’m telling you people love/hate this young lady bad, bad that it’s almost entertaining…

  2. Jodi and Michelle serious this a over do especially for Jodi’s small frame. All of this fi man and nobody still nah own you up.

  3. @ ANONYMOUS 9:58 A.M. – I’m not going to really entertain you because your entitled to your opinion as I, so with that being said I can I say whatever I want to say like you and everyone else on here and if you do not like it, oh well it doesn’t make me or break me sweetie… Life will continue to go on you do not have to agree with me and nor I would want you too… So stop being so bitter and get a life and be humble… Bless

  4. Jody you look great leave you batty alone…. next I ting it start look like Yankee Michelle own and that is a travesty

  5. Damn she only 23 and ah mad unu head so smh damn y’all put her up almost everyday n still can’t stop di girl , such time wasted !!


  7. Ms Ocean Breeze. … there is a video on her IG with her in a thong and shaking her ass. On her knees bent over jiggling her big black uneven ass. Suh dats why we know it black. It boggles me as to why people come on Jamaicanmateyangroupie come cuss out other people, calling them haters, bad mind, jealous and such the likes….When this is a gossip site where people are allowed to give their biased opinions on whatever they choose. When one makes it on the wall….it’s almost rare that something good is said about that person. So why onu always come here acting like onu don’t know what makes up the Great Pinkwall. Smh. Ay dios mio. For the record. …. she used to be a cute skinny girl now she a spoil up herself. All the breast dem waan do over cause dem dropping already. Kmt

  8. @Mamacita 8:04 p.m. – Good Morning to you… I do not know this girl or have every meet this girl in life… I’m going off of what I’ve read and what I’ve seen and forming my own opinion like everyone else… Thank you for enlightening me that there’s a video of this young lady and that’s were the black booty comes from… With that being said we are all entitled to our opinions even if it is fact or fiction or maybe not all the way the truth or just how we feel at the end of the day… I know what the site is about and at times we as black woman go way and beyond on people at times, we need to really look at ourselves because what we do to each other the white people are doing worse things to us… Again what I’ve stated as my opinion is my opinion I’ve never seen such video so I asked how do we know her booty is black, I didn’t see anything wrong with that… But at the same time everyone is entitled to their opinion and we are not here to agree or disagree or whatever, if you choose to then fine but I’m not going to get into a shouting match and a back and forth match with someone because I’m speaking off of what I’ve viewed and that’s all… I’m not from the east coast so I don’t know or see these people on a regular basis like maybe must of these people on here do… So I’m on the outside looking in and giving my opinion and no one can stop me from doing so…

    I want to thank you for not cursing at me and acting in a way that is uncalled for and thank you for letting me know something’s that I didn’t know… Tenga un buen dia

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