Hi met
Don’t know which of the women deh ah hype him up but them think him ah gallis true him deh with all of the women in the pictures.
The women in the video is piss up Kim kardash who pissed up on her self on the street half naked after they f*** her and dash her out of car and a man video her that’s him new gal.
The women in the black is his baby mum wat him have lil gal with.
The last pic with him hug up with a women is his main women him baby mum.
I don’t know who the hell him think him is him can’t think he is somebody wen u deh with one of the biggest hoe in south London Kim kardash look how much man f**k her now u take her up with her piss up self f**g idiot. Ur a nobody just somebody that’s always wants to be hype but it don’t fit u so leave it to the hype ppl cos u cat keep up





  1. She is with the man and want it ti be known by is woman. Girl stop playing yourself. Take booty call and leave the man. Obviously he can take picture with him woman and not taking any with u. Girl bye.

  2. In all fairness senda,where is ur pic?even if u dont have any with joe,u can still send one of ur glam solo photo ijs.

  3. The girl in the braids tuff,ugly,bleach out and stay bad, Kim flopKardashian is a walking white who claim she have so much money but yet she don’t stop sleep out her sister pitney bed, and the next girl look mad and dirty like she want a good wash! So how this man hype and none a him gyal dem mek one? Kmt

    1. Sunshine Chung you bright no rass clot, did you talk about gal that bleach n your body face and hand colour is 3 different tone.loool you shouldn’t style nobody the way you look. All three of his woman dem look better. You don’t shape, you bleaching too cheap. N let’s not talk about your bad weave. You can’t even smile the way your teeth look. A Mongrel like you should not talk about pedigrees. U bloody cheek

    2. Sunshine how the rass you so bright, no sah you too funny how u can class people, it’s always uno that look like shit out of batty have the most mouth. Low Joe n him hotter than you gal dem, cause all 3 of them dem better than you. Me know why you vex now cause Joe wouldn’t F#ck U. I couldn’t believe you with you rat teeth would a speak. U make me laugh today

  4. The one where name Kevin highroller him mad nuh f** him tek mad pills and suck bare pussy him always a walk behind buju and lucky inna the dance dem a lucky and buju yes boy. Kevin and joe love chat the man them inna the dance as fi joe Kim stay bad tough and man looking mi glad Guinness come to him sense and left her bout she f**k stash milli him just spike har drinks inna the party f**k har and left har drunk outa road she piss up har self. She’s a crack addict

  5. sender Boring pinkwall boring London dancehall boring

    2016 london dancehall dead money dry up, Manchester soon takeover. London promoter all cheapskates when I come to London I feel embarrassed too see the nasty club you people party in Eewwwww

    Can’t lie the London use to run tings now LONDON FLOP nuff of the top man them talk bout them can’t get club cus police. No you can’t get club because YOU cheap or bruck. R.I.P LONDON

  6. Joe sucks pussy like it out of fashion him and him a batty boy Joe runs behind Kevin Kevin mad man him have a mad mind and defend buju and lucky Joe a no body wants to live a hype life in him cheap clothes Kim is right for him as he wont get any better joe a bitch so mind he don’t do u some thing sender Kevin humblle from other day and doing his music so low Kevin yeah cos Joe chat him behind him back

  7. Dem man yah old and boring cocky soft and pockets broke no life but dancehall Kevin sucks pussy so does joe met nuh of dem old foot man yah don’t have nothing fi show no house no cars no job no life no good woman and nuh dry shit inna dem battyole. Met the one Charlotte nuh hide drugs inna her hair salon fi lucky British police raid Charlotte shop and arrest her and mi hear say lucky nuh fart pin her woooieee mi pussy tongue mnl

  8. Dem all bruk wid dem fake lifestyle none a dem man ave money none a dem ave a good Gyal wid ambition dat do a good job wokless rass dem

  9. Yuh lie so Charlotte get Nick fi d boy lucky lmfao when it happen. Kim Joe looks good and if him suck pussy better mek him suck your front lol. Him baby mudda in the last pic look 1/10 lol.

  10. No man da 1 yah serious but kim kardashian pissa gyal deh with her good good friend man ca if i am correct last year or the year before her good good friend Laverne did deh wid him me hear say kim ask Laverne if she still deh wid di bwoy ca she ago want him and ppl she sure did tek him i wonder how laverne feel now ca her secret buss to rass p.s Laverne is Jason aka Orange wife Nasty kim u nuh see say u done with u just waan everybody dead lef all michie boo she just ah pimp u out so she soon get rid of u man u is just her likkle mascot fi now u watch and see

  11. No man people people guh look pon Facebook and look up Sunshine Chung weh a talk bout people, my girl yuh f***g teeth dem scatter scatter like dem ugly dutty black rat, yuh bleaching mek yuh look like bldcrt rainbow yuh colour nug consistent wed dem bad colour batta batta Pig Looking knee. Rat teeth gyal people like you nuh fi come pon dem page yah an diss people check yourself first bitch before yuh check other people move from here bout people want a wash you look like when pig a rotten

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