0 thoughts on “JOHN JOHN A YOU DIS? -_-

  1. who is the illiterate person calling other people illiterate. one person is MAN/WOMAN, 2 or more people are MEN/WOMEN. Learn to read and write before you tell other people to do so. You can start with ABC 123, THE CAT IN THE HAT OR GREEN EGGS AND HAM.

  2. i can’t stand diss crawny boy yah, him an kizzy sick mi already weak stomach.

    bout u want a woman fi go snatch a next bitch and carry har cum give u an mek di two a unno carry har home go fu*k. u a gwaan like u r a prize, like ur sumbody. mi blame dem desperate bitches yah weh mek unno tink unno a smaddy, foot claat a tink him a table claat. ole germs

  3. A dis dunce Lady Saw a mad over??? I counted 5 grammatical errors from this statement that the idiot (eediat) typed. A 1 smart ting him do though, and that was he used auto correct for the spelling of the word ILLITERATE. Aside from that, gimme a fuc#ing break!!!

  4. Met a tun over with your quick response . Big heavy man john john don’t need to talk & request lady saw bing that on a silver platter .

  5. Kizzy directly call him a “pussy”, what in the world could he be arguing about still? Dem bwoy deh caan support dem self, him a loafter, dem haffi live off a woman. Him weak as a man, dats why she a pussy him up dem way deh!! U WOMAN REFER TO U SUH, SHE NUH RATE U!!!

  6. Thanks fe de correction Met, because Lady Saw Johnjohn a de only Johnjohn wey mi know bout. So, mi did tink say dat a dat Johnjohn write de statement. Thanks again.

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