The Vybz Kartel murder trial started off this morning with Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton of the MOCA unit presenting evidence for the prosecution. Linton was expected to present evidence from a BlackBerry Torch belonging to the artiste containing a video 2mins and 17 seconds long. Before the video was presented to the court, the Sergeant was said to have presented a total of 68 still photographs from the video.

The first photograph he presented had a man wearing dark colored shoes, pants and a colored top with four stripes to the right of the top.It was said to come from the first three seconds of the video. At the four second mark another figure came into view , wearing black and white shoes, dark pants and a red t-shirt. The man wearing the red t-shirt had a pick-axe in his hand , he was said to disappear and returned into the video at the eleven second mark. Sergeant Linton admitted on the stand that he saw a brown watch on the left hand , a gold ring on the left ring finger and a gold right on the right ring finger of the man wearing the red t-shirt. The man went out of focus and returned at the 38sec mark . When the man returned he could be seen swinging a pickaxe. At the 48 sec mark someone could be asking the guy swinging the pickaxe a question. Fifty seconds into the video, a male wearing a brown t-shirt with the words ”Est”, and earring in the right ear could be seen on the screen. The man could be seen making a gesture towards the man that had the pickaxe. At one minute and twenty seconds into the video, another question was asked of the man and a light complexion male came into focus. The light complexioned male was wearing a dark merino and had several tattoos on his right hand. When the video hit the 1:29 second mark, a tattoo on the man’s inner arm with the letters ”BOSS”could be seen. Linton stated that the tattoo was clear and in the color pink, the man was said to be wearing slippers . 2:4 seconds into the video, a man wearing dark shoes , dark short pants, yellow wrist watch on the left hand , tattoos on the forearm and a silvery chain could be seen. The chain was said to have a pendant with a face . The person’s t-shirt had the letters hp printed and several neck tattoos.Members of the jury could be seen looking at the defendants sitting in the prisoner’s dock, seemingly trying compare the tattoos. The court has taken recess and will reconvene at two pm where Sergeant Linton is expected to show the video to the court


  1. Mi body weak. Really weak. I have a child. Just the thought of Clive begging for his life. Wondering how anyone who witnessed his murder could have fallen asleep that night. The devil a kick up rumpuss bout yah. Smh.

  2. getting interesting now :games

    why dem a draw out diss case so long though? why diss couldn’t last two weeks like other cases?

    1. It need fi DRAW out and all trech till it buss. When it end then no body don’t have fi a ask “how dem reach that conclusion” cause it treach till it reach whey it fi reach.

      Too much speculation and de same ole rhetoric bout “money buy dis and dat’ ..dis faggot money nu su nuff and justice CANNOT be evaded at all times. Jamaica have arrived at it’s breaking point and ‘business as usual” MUSS COME TO A FRIGGING END fi de generations to come. A nu everybody wan de a foreign.

        1. Me would a like fi sprinkle and light dat phucka me self and tan up and watch de tattoo dem a melt pon him bumbo…I hate every iota a dat demon born inna de image of a human.

          1. me fi get de “ED” ….lol I didn’t forget crap….me angry and short fuse so spelling nu mean nothing when evil a try fi surface. lololllll

      1. phantom dem need fi bag up dis now man, dem a gi kartel too much shine, like himmore important dan anybody else. di more di case draw out, di more mi a get fed up.

        1. Grand finale! wait for IT…Grand mother phucking FINALE LUNDUN….Met nu done tell yu…WAIT FOR It! cHOOOO MAN :army: 😉 :shutup: :beer: :newyear :selamat

          All these emotions will be FEATURED! dwlnnnnnnnn————————-

        2. Dont worry yourself it will be finish as soon as they feel that they have stuck out all his little money he has lol.. they have to do that before they put him away.

        3. The more case draw out the gov’t benefits it’s a sensational crime of the century nothing no badda than this right now. so the media and other parties will continue to make money as long as they have him in that box.

          1. And by chance…who declared this Jamaica’s crime of the century..de fan base? Cause this isn’t no crime a Jamaica century. Mary Lynch take dat position in my opinion.

            Internet and the fact sey de faggot being featured his in the public eye why him a get any attention. If not fi JMG dis shit wouldn’t even get much of a poop.

          2. dem nay waa report it! when mi first get it mi see star dash out piece and mi se to msiself mi know dem privy to much more info dan me…but because is kartel dem fraid fi talk…see it yah now

          3. Phantom in saying that JMG is the reason behind his infamy are you agreeing with me? lol

          4. Pretty ! Nu mix me up O…Me nu see nothing over here (JMG) a advertise that will enrich MET. Observa did a advertise de faggot new releases and a report de trial daily…

            A portion of JMG bloggers, peepers, haters are in touch with either the negatives or what some deem to be “positives” of this subculture so Met couldn’t pretend like it don’t exist…notice how things are posted here? This is a free for all social site.

          5. u did notice? a how it tek dung yah now..they were always behind this man nuh matter wha him do..so when mi start lick out pan him since di beatings mi was di odd one but true mi nuh like crowd

    1. So all when video proof de inna onu face is “still bullshit”?

      Met, is wha dem want a movie, images pon bag, shoes, jewlery and clothes fi mek de reality sink in?

    2. Ace turn Ha u no shame? Pls tell the judge u would like to spend some a Ksrtel time in jail since him is the strongest nicest human u know KMT

  3. It’s a conspiracy, the police downloaded that video from a movie. Or its a case of the greatest idiotic criminals known to mankind.

  4. I hear the voice of the rasta man sayyyyyy babylon u throne gone dung Babylon u throne gone dunggggg
    U cannot make life don’t take it Kartel n crew to much muma eye water shed cause a unnu man

    1. No Woman Nu Cry, fi blast from speakers regardless of the outcome….these fly-bu-night money holders fi get when dem use to suffer with them family, friends and neighbors.

      Dem figet how dem use to share the dreams of success and how they promised to help each other when either one reach….dis is a sin I can never be accused of…thank de creator fi dat. Kartel and MANY are GUILTY OF THIS CHARGE.

  5. All over a gun them hack da yute chop him to death hmm n da worse part is these wS ppl hI’m did a look up to n consider to be is fren

  6. Can u imagine someone u break bread wit walk n talk wit n they didn’t even give him a quick unsuspecting death nooo man a pick axe to the woman’s child head Shawn goat fuxx ur muma meck u fava goat so u ago ded badddd memba mi tell u, teck the likkle boy tun him inna gunman n dem dispose of him like garbage

  7. if a man ago tek a pickaxe an hack a next man to death……i have no words.

    di fu-cker weh do di hacking fi get di same hacking as him punishment. over a gun unno go to dem extremes yah?????

    unno cyaah believe inna god at all an so heartless, diss come in like a hate crime, u woulda tink seh lizard rape an kill one a dem madda di way how dem kill di boy. heartless sons of bitches


  9. Met, Metters and Peepers HOWDY!!! What a way de evidence a get CROWDY. Shirley future now look CLOUDY.

    Met, look from when we a talk bout dis. Mi not even a follow de case cause mi dun know what de law enforcement have from jump.

    Is still more fi come. Memba seh all de cremator who fa light shine brite may affi ansa some burning questions. Someweh in deh is a pun. Did ting ya nawsy and people gwine learn bout de depths of depravity Skirtel and him fallaras dem sink.

    Mi gawn. Special love de ole timaz.

    1. Yu sey de likkle fly by night funeral palor dem need to be questioned? lolollll Yu know puns can be interpreted in many ways…no feel no way…*wink*. Jamaica too small fi people disappear when dem neva board boat nor plane.

    1. didn’t you read through the info up top?

      the snap shots are to identify and account for everyone who will be seen on the tape.

        1. She fi come bout when de verdict has been read. I want to hear her say

          “Amen, today JUSTICE has been served in our little nation. Hope it will be served to other grieving mother’s inflicted by the demons of our land” Amen.

          1. I hope she will have the strength to speak because this is a landmark case and it is a good look on the JCF

    2. Snap/still shots IDs the actors/individuals…moving video plays tricks on the eyes. No need to overload the jurors mind with the sorted details when it’s the actors dem need fi a penny and a no everything some people can stomach.

        1. Mi haffi a God gi mi di likkle forum so if i can use it bring a little light to the people dat a di least nuh suh ? kiss

          1. Muah! Damn Right ANYTHING inna de best interest of my Island home me ago embrace. All if me and yu kick off know sey me love and respect yu fi dis avenue you’ve build up fi we people. No matter what’s featured here a juss so it go.

          2. Phantom dat nah go happen because if someone ever tell me say mi wrong or we disagree mi might feel a way but mi nah vex never! Mi try from the beginning fi get people fi open up and speak about the ills especially ina di industry itself..police also and mi nah stop dat because a desso mi heart deh…

  10. Met @ 3:07….lolol Me comment pon it ALL the time and dem don’t publish me comment…til one day me see it tek dung! lolollllllllllll

      1. We have “Nhame a Food Media”. Dem publish according to de “menu”.

        If a bulla yu get a one line, If a Steak yu get de Headline/front page.

  11. Best fren a come fi teck u life a di worst ting u Eva see how mi n u use to share a glass a rum n u tun round kill mi fi Hennessy POWWWWWWWWWW a di realest tune this anon mi blo wow jesam

    1. Dem cannot be blessed and all di ooman dem whey a run go breed fi dem a hope………dem know what dem in for…this man and him people dem a serpent

      1. Amen my sista same ting we talk bout yessiday di parents eat the sour grape whey cause the children teet fi nedge (pardon mi spelling)
        So di licky licky n upholders of wrong unnu might think unnu escape when fi unnu time come man a di pikney dem mi sorry fa all whey a gwaan God help dem

  12. Met there is no odd man out in the media. Yáll all in the same gang. lol no offense like freedom of speech……….. right?

    1. From JMG start it has been in a league of its own. So mi a di odd man mi a di even man wid too much heart in. If mi cyan run a story wid a name fi whatever reason , rest assured it a reach widout di name or by whatever means. Kartel house bun and they knew, is a blogger tek himself go a di house and drop dem ina mi box dat Saturday morning n say Shani see it here more coming..and from there the story began…Mi cudda brush it off but mi thank God all the time especially for that blogger because him see and know di injustices and get di story back a di burning den mi get 3 more link. I am not in Jamaica dem privy to way more info so why hold back? Kartel couldn’t at no time confirm di beatings and hood pictures and den turn round ask mi fi promote fi him..It wouldn’t happen and mi could never ever know him beat and do the things and huh publish dem to di full extent! What they saw in him I could not see and at the end of the day giving someone the right when they are wrong a set me up fi reap wha mi never sow nor never bargain fi sow…So yes mi set apart..from long time

      1. And datsy u get my utmost respect there is a thing called integrity whey no because u can get a dime u jump pon it
        Respect n love Metsy dats y as dem reach ova ya n start negative shit mi blood get hotttt

  13. Prosecuter need fi ask the judge fi Mek dem remove dem clothes. Smh…….mi heart really a hurt me. Not even dog nuh deserve that kinda death.

  14. “the grils dem seh mi skin pretty like a coloring book” LMAO. Weh yuh seh worl boss, a di same skin a mash yuh up NOW. What is in the dark must come to light. ya cyaa, let me repeat, ya cyaa run from truth and justice KAPOW.

      1. If the tattoo fit U CANNOT ACQUIT. Tell Shorty bring some dermablend go gi dem fi cover up dem tattoos or call in di plastic surgeon fi LAZER DEM OFF TONITE since dem money TALL so.

        Onoo F**ka onoo only sorry u caan dead by di same means. God never sleeps

  15. This is why I love your site, Met. When it comes to the real deal there is NONE real like you. Keep dropping the real news so it can help uplift my people out of the f**kery and careless life. Great Job!! I was just lurking and waiting for you to put the nail in, seeit deh now. case close, last time I checked, daddy devil have BOSS tattoo pan him. OOOOO

    1. lololol. Juror sick from de death strike inna de photo. Is not everything obeah deal inna…this was an injustice.

      If you abuse something eventually you will meet up pon a situation that has no price and cannot be bargined…Kartel kill was unjustified.

  16. Bwai, Tom, how are you going to get around this once the shirt dem come off and the watches and rings are introduced to confirm weh di video a seh. KABOOOOOOOM

  17. Always will be, I’m not going anywhere. From the time this thing began you called it, and from you call it mi know a suh it set.

  18. Kartel is a cold piece a shit!!! Him tek life weh him neva give. Him say him nuh fear God nor death…so off with his head already, cause ah yah so de verdicy mek. Shawn Storm batty fe go twep twep den off with his friggin head…no f**kibg mercy for the merciless

  19. I find it hard to believe that the self proclaim worl boss wouldn’t tattoo that on his body. Hey, I could be wrong. You must know.

  20. it also depends on the angle of the video, could be in the in side of the arm. I looked good at pics of the forearm and I don’t see the word BOSS, unless it was written tiny. Anyway, justice can’t be denied.

  21. why didn’t the judge ask them to take off their shirts and put this in front of the jury, just to put any speculation to rest. I hope he will do it the next court session. At least we know one of the defendants sitting at the table a SHIT themselves, stay chune. This is BIG!!

  22. It seems asinine, that Kartel, who is clearly the leader of his Gang would have a follower tattoo BOSS on his forearm. That would DRIVE him nuts, so I don’t personally believe that the tat belongs to anyone but Kartel. UNO TEKK OFF DI SHIRT, JUDGE, A WEH YOU A DEAL WID, TELL DEM TEKY OFF

  23. Top of the day to u Metty.Di devil time fi collect now,Kertel never know time did a go come when satan go come collect.Now all the shit bag Fartel fallowers dem wey think fi mek life don’t come with hard work and swet go chuck off a big bridge.Mi and ass. comm.Elan Powll go school and from day one when him say Jamaica was going to be shock when dem see what deh pon di video mi belive 100% because mi kno that him not putting him credibility pon the line like dat.Mi no love police because most a dem a thief and murderer but its not a reason fi give up on the whole force.When Kartel star gwan like him no repect law and order[police]by talking bout Laing a go try kill and police a try frame him fi coke him days numbered.Only innocent people fi profess dem innocese blantly,kertel kno him di involve but a mek utube video bout dem a try frame him ,a fool dat.

  24. Met… hats off to you my love!!! Who God bless no man curse.. Continue bringing us the news and the FACTS!!!! Ppl ah go deeeeeead

  25. Dem say marina and cut of foot jeans.. are you guys reading what am reading.. obviously its on his body part somewhere.. gold watch braclet. And gold ring… look at kartel picture and then read lol

  26. Met…from day 1 I knew you were report facts. I try not to comment because I too have inside knowledge of the case and the evidence against kartel. It’s good when we accept the much needed help from outsider and as I stated before this was a joint effort between the Jamaican police force and USA and Britain. Out of many one people that’s our motto. Keep up the good report because all who don’t want to shine the light on evil ago get hit by your spot light lol bless up and one love.

      1. Truth bun yu like hot coal…onu tribe a retnobates nu hab no mannaz….whey de person sey mek yu a strike pon dem like mad dog? Is onu attitude whey mek we CANNOT STAND ONU LORD AND SAVIOR SUCK HOOD, DIG OUT BATTY KARTEL. back pon yu chain mad dog! stop snapping at people ova nonsense.

        1. dem waa bawl and di eyewater jus a dilly dally pan di yeye lid …stubban bad fi come dung di cheeks…mi nah look pan dem

  27. mi seh mi granny did tell mi seh u nuffi have tattoo especially when u skin “light” because it mark u fi life…………………..world boss neva talk too much wid him granny and shi neva expect him fi “light”..fool gi weh him self fi vanity and vanity end up gi him weh …di smart one di intelligent one ………..

  28. yes he does a have the word world on one arm and boss on the other and thats why he started doing the stupid hand gestures on his show these were fairly new when he was doing the teachas pet show.i am a 100% sure of this

  29. @Met, it takes a different breed of evil and depravity to axe a man to death. If i was a juror, i would be sick too.. I pray lizard mother doesnt have to watch this video..Shirley is going str88888 to hell in a pair of gasoline dwawz.. I caan wait….@Kunta, me see u you!!!!!!!

  30. court adjourned till a mawnin jmg your news is retarded and full of nuff rubbish. i do not condone murder of any sought. but when a bunch of non factors like me self talk behind a computer with no image to show who i really am. i don’t have the rites to throw any human being under a bus because we all have sin i am not throwing any stone whats so ever after any human being. until i see prove that kartel killed that man then i’ll say that was not rite until then your lying ass website could burn in hell you tell lie pon footahype and countless others. this very website is going to be your downfall miss met just watch. true everyone of us can’t see your closet thats full of skeleton. you should write a story about your big black self

      1. mi neva know se black can tek cuss people and bigness ..where fi small pan mi small ohh jus mek sure se yours itsy bitsyy shallow and weenie like mines :alay

        1. people fraid a black eeh man??? But black go wid everything….No one is perfect if the site is negative on some topics everyone is human ……………Apparently a lot of people did not know that Kartel was stating that he had to kill this young man …………..If he did not say that maybe his yes men could have taken the wrap…..But unfortunately, he did say he would kill him and did admit to it

          1. Real u cannot be rational with that internet being dere so don’t waste your time babylove . Dat same person se when people walk and reef is dem living dem mek hustling a nuh teef dem a work

          2. **I duzent know and memba mi big and black and she small and white**
            Tell har fi come nyam whey me a nyam and rub ina mi polish. Di man will come back home :hammer

  31. I am happy that the case is actually dragging (for lack of a better word) out….Just the way how this young man was killed, and knowing that he was about to be killed, imagine the mental torture he went through possibly wondering how he would die, while driving up to the house his heart racing, and sweat washing his body, but possibly still holding on some kind of hope that he might be saved or the BOSS would change his mind, or the police would get there in time, holding on to something for for him to live to see the next day, to see his girlfriend, mother, sister, friend again…

    Imagine how desperately he prayed internally and possibly promised God that If he lived he would change his life or whatever his final thoughts were, but I am sure there were many as he stared death in it’s face.

    Imagine how these people intimidated him before they killed him, showed him the weapon they would use to send him on his way, as he sat there begging for his life

    Now imagine these murderers sitting in court day after day awaiting their fate, not knowing how this is going to turn out, sitting in jail month after month not knowing if they will ever have their freedom again, or live normal lives again, have sex with a WOMAN again. hug their children or mothers again, imagine THEIR own mental torture as they await the outcome of their case, and seeing the light dim as the days go by..just imagine!

    Now while Lizard is no more, he at least is free from any type of AGONY, physically or psychologically, but YOU KARTEL AND YOUR COHORTS, will suffer the pain of not knowing what is to come, and when it (Justice) does indeed come, you will be alive sitting in prison, never to see road again, or to watch your children grow or to visit a sick relative in hospital, wishing that the choice you all made that day when Lizard was killed was a different one!…MY,HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN!!!

  32. met no one is more of a serpent like you. your a undercover demon this site is negative from beginning to end. i notice u so quick to call everyone serpents and all these other things. but i guess it takes a high priest demon serpent fi know their kind. yuh cannot trick me u might trick every other fool but no mi. i see who u r. you throw anything on this site so it can stay relevant smh. i wonder how much spell u cast up to keep this site going. i could careless if post this or not. NO ANGEL OF GOD STARTS WAR AMONGST OTHERS. IF U BELIEVE IN THE CREATOR LET HIM CRUCIFY KARTEL. why u have to pick up everything on ure foolish head your not mother mary. foh

  33. @Met, must be one of ACE’s multiple personalities cause the ranting and severe agitation towards this sight is SOOOOO PROFOUND..My dear, there is medication for such symptoms…@HA- BITCH PLEASE GO READ A RAASCLAATE BOOK, STOP RIDING SHIRLEY(kartel’s) BLEACH OUT KOK, U USELESS WATA BUFFALO…CHA!!!

  34. Thanks Met for keeping us informed on this case, i have not commented on these posts before about this case but internally I have been grieving for this young man, whom I do not know. As a fellow human being and a mother of four boys, it truly hurts me to the core that this guy lost his life in such a heinous way. I had to comment when I read Ha comments, I wonder if Ha would feel the same way he/she does now if this had happened to their loved one.

  35. @ha to ansa u my dear God have angels that send out n fight battle everything inthis life have a purpose from beginning to end u talking aboutjust let God n let go oh pls wen u give up dats wen da demons n devil will get getda victory

  36. A lotta tings wrong with dis video, lizard is not on it, it don’t clarify if dat footage was at kartel house, so dah defense shud have a good argument

    1. i think they made a grave mistake in using that pickaxe …they really cannot win but lemme continue checking and see

  37. What ah sad situation on both sides!but all wey ah gawn mi still love sum ah kartel music not a fan but sum ah dem speaks truth sumtime ah mi job mi ah fi bun out nasty naga wid bad mine get di bes ah dem lol!!!

  38. met everytime mi listen kartel diss song name song writer for the alliance mi memba lizard when him seh …mince up killa head with a kitchen axe (35 sec into the song) seems like he likes axe or it’s jus a axedent …typo i meant accident

  39. Ha go empty SKIRTEL shit pail inna u mout cause that’s wat u come like kmt wat r u doing on the serpent website shit bug nastiness look how much evidence n proof u get but shit clog u ears n eyes

  40. METTTTTTTTTTTTT MI SEH MI RATE YU GIRL….YU A DI BEST BOUT YA….girl mi stop read star and observer and di rest a dem cause dem love pretty up tings fi di mongrel kartel….mi cudnt wait fi reach home since night fi relax and hop on pon yu site….as somebody up top seh shorty betta guh find a doctor tonight fi laser out dem tattoo deh pon him crawny body…wat a germs wicked on pon top a dat have so much young people weh look up,to dis wicked serpent…can u imagine poor lizard look up to dis johncrow and di person weh him look up to turn round and kill him….dutty devil worshiper but yu fi know seh a some strong prayer a work pon yu raas cause prison naw miss yu…wi still want kno if a really true seh him cremate di bwoy body and if so a when dem ago charge dat deh funeral home owner deh…a him mi want come talk up di tings dem….wat a mighty God we serve…gweh dutty kartel mi ago sing “bye and bye” fi yu when dem a sen yu off to prison fi di rest a yu life…

    1. shorty is no better she must know what her man is about..when u not so lovely inside the outside won’t be lovely you know…….. :travel


    1. dem did want it put pan di dem channel whey located ina dem abyss so when dem find di switch (that they can’t find now…as we are speaking) dem can lock it (although it cannot lock :hammer ) a desso dem did want di news run..ina dem refused body parts whey did a gi whey dung a armshouse

  42. Met a really u one somady up a top deh a stop wid…??? As we were saying …yes shorty know weh a gwaan cause a she a do di pay out to di obeah man and all a di so call followers weh dem pay fi come a court come mek noise fi kartel…

    1. of course is me and a nuh me dem a sidung pan eno..whatever dem sitting on uncomfortable and noisy and because dem haffi sidung long pan di site u know das a whole heep a noise a mek under there :nerd

  43. Mek dem gwehhhh….cause yu nuh in a di bias ting like di rest….dem need fi go hold dem corner… A fret dem a fret fi dem dutty fren

  44. I kgn 13….being of sound &unsound mind.here by decre on the1/23/14 ad,that from now and hence fort.any one heard uttering the following sentence…..a Gaza me say.shall be beating to within a ounce of there life with a pick axe stick.from now on and forever more…..shan talaba!!

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