Why man whey love gi bun cannot even tek di hint of a bun?? Mi link sehhhhhhhhh Kizzy big awta father guh check one man whey live below Kizzy and John John start war and guh fi him fren Zekes come shot up di place..Mi neva know di rapper was a bad man?? Nuh 4 kids Kizzy have??? Suh how hi fi come a shoot up place wid di children ina di house doe? Suh right now John John mussy move gone back a him mother yawd……John John whey walk and cockey stop up suh much ooman dat Ms P gi him har dawta baby..Kizzy baby father fi walk velly far from it har it look like and all other man…while him draw close to all di girls a wha dis fawda!!


  1. Sender plz go and learn how to read and write when you wanna put someone on blast. Prim is very happy and her baby will be just fine!!! Go and learn how to spell. A man dem name all over, when him ready him chat that baby mother and call her all the name in the book. So him with prim, so him gone back to she. And for your info, prim was the one who told him not to come because she want nothing to do with him. So try and find the. Correct story before submit it.

    1. Hi good morning a mi write it and mi know mi can read and write..patois is different from english ..chatting his baby mother dont have nothing to do with the fact that he has a woman

    2. @ Anonymous 9:24 am is either yuh neva wash di matta outta yuh yeye fi read dis or yuh neva jink yuh coffee. Wha yuh mean bout learn how tuh spell? How bout you guh learn fi write tings wid sense. What kinda dawg fart yuh ah write bout Prim tell di baby father nuffi come ah shower…..nobady wid sense woulda believe dat :hoax2

        1. Metty du man had baby and fambily obligations, suh him couldn’t squeeze har eena him busy schedule :ngakak So it guh Prim….when yuh throw cocky pawdna yuh draw kinda complicated :ngakak

          1. But Prim know sehhhhh if she was in her right mi wuda seh yes but she nuh right yasso mi shocked when mi get this email right here seh a smaddy man

          2. Just another matey dying to walk in wifey shoes and it back fire BIG time!!!…pickney nor good book vagina naah hole man again…why she huh breed fe ah family man fa???

      1. Me bloodclath you never see smoke without fire all me a look pon har Instagram pictures Ana wait for her to post the DADDY all now no baby daddy picture but she post everyone…so Prim aka Winner with such a pretty face you couldn’t win a man for yourself??? It doh look good !!!!

    1. But it shows on her mi nuh know why dem a bring up bout talk tings bout baby mother like seh di man was ever Prim own. The baby mother have young baby, she will soon have hers so soon there will be 4 people competing for the attention of one man

  2. Yes Metty, before you said that you was the one that wrote it, I was saying to myself while reading, that the sender write this potois intelligently. Lol Anonymous you sound stupid, why would she say she don’t want nothing to do with him? Another lonely baby mother, without the baby father, hush! :babyboy :maafaganwati

  3. DISCLAIMER The views or opinions appearing on this blog are solely those of their respective authors. In no way do such posts represent the views, opinions or beliefs of “Met,” or “Met” and will not assume liability for the opinions or statements, nor the accuracy of such statements, posted by users utilizing this blog to express themselves……
    Met so why are you writing up things, when you claim you have nothing to do with story when they send in?

    1. Telling the story is not forming an opinion of the story or you dont know what an opinion means? These were my instructions as per the email –
      Metttt it up to u to word it how u want if u want put it up.
      So the writing I have everything to do with but a nuh me mek prim go tek di lady man.

        1. Yuh a mek excuse bout man talk bout him baby mother..What does that have to do with you? If the man a go talk bad bout the baby mother what do you think him a go seh bout you? When yuh tek Happi yuh fren tek him and that experience never nice. When u did deh wid di res a man dem and get the bun dem it never nice now u have to be at your shower all alone and u and the woman a go war when di baby born and all kinda tings gwine talk because u go ina taken territory so nuh badda nice it up. The man have a woman u breed fi him..Many years later aint nothing changed

  4. Do you know
    Do you no the

    So why your so up INNA it, as if a your story!!!? ,, this sound like it really hurt met and no one else.

    1. No it hurt mi when u talk bout mi spellings . Yes that hurt mi…I am further disturbed that a child will be the source of a bitter contention. The baby mother will be talking shit her friends and family will be talking shit. Prim you should have made a better choice

    2. C u mek a mistake deh wid yuh spelling using no for knw…suda, cuda, wuda yuh did knw weh yah get into nd choose to get in it same way

  5. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others. …
    , unno need fi stop tell bloodclaat lies doah bout nuh waan man deh unno a live a fairytale lifestyle fi prove pon ppl she more dan wanted the man dere fi show off pon next babymada but de next wan got de upper hand cuz christening date been set doah knw who yah try fool bout tell him nuh cum wen unno waan put on a show plz…congrats nd safe delivery
    Kizzy mi lioke itttttttttt pie pie pie yuhbsudabphuck de man pon yuh babyfada back if suh be de case

  6. Everybody at some point caught up with smaddy man cause man lie and is after the fact most times we find out they leading a double life.. Yes prince other babymom did keep her baby christening on the same day as prim baby shower to be spiteful, yea prim wasnin see sad and upset, yes the man was present at Connecticut for his baby christening, but talk about the war him and him baby modder puddung cause he was leaving after to go Prim baby shower.. Oonu never get the part 2? Well here goes; the girl war wid him, tear off him clothes, cut up some odder clothes and all puncture him car tire… Prince still sah him agoh show him face a Prim shower even though him and har not on good terms and he had moved out prim house and went back to the girl.. I guess him conscience did a ride him! Well him friend pick him up and drap him dung a Bronx and when he was outside prim shower talking to prim family why he so late, who dat pull up inna di har vehicle wid pure excitements, loudments, and 911 pon speed dial? Yes the next babymother! She smart she call police on har way there cause she know prim family dis agoh give har a proper buss ass. Prince affi end up leave before di police come cause di gal say she agoh tell lie say him beat har

  7. seems the baby madda cut up him clothes ah di yard a ct nt the clothes him have on .. thats what I read. ah man Lord ah beg yuh if u not busy it happens to the best of us AT SOMEOINT WE ALL GET CAUGHT UP WID SMADDY MAN suh it guh though. Hope she have a safe delivery

  8. I think him drop har home nd a get ready fi leave de war start she tear awf him grab one she did de rest den ahe trail him ot she know de address cuz invite wasn’t private..den dealwid baby shower like a dance wen it suh be by invites only in my opinion

  9. A mus dat she tell har fren dem fi teck shame outta har blasted eye bout don’t want dere unnu toooo lie n the worst part a to unnu self unnu a lie, no idiot no reside here so we nah buy that shit kmft
    Metsy n all metters beautiful morning I don’t know y the kids have to always suffer smh

  10. Why is it so hard to believe she said she dont want him at the shower? I believe it and i dont know any of these people sometimes some man mek yh bc head hot yuh yuh realy haffi avoid dem plus she pregnant maybe she only wanted family settingz and happy time not no drama .. maybe she know the other baby maddda is a mad head and she nuh wa no war at her shower and the dranco decide fi show up and come mash up the woman baby shower smfh saw her pics on IG and thought she looked really nice.

    1. Wicked good morning look here u see see dem kinda human here every move dem meck a fi impress john public all when she hate the man she would gladly have him there to 1 prove to the other baby madda n 2 teck shame outta eye so no meck dem fool u u hear

  11. Wicked yuh too wicked cuz Prince did Mek up him mind say him nawhhhhh go cuz christallllll and him DEH back and say him av 4 kids already so him Nuh know who tell prim FI breed. Next thing him av him big woman whey mine him and prim torment DI woman bout Shi a winner so do woman walk outta di shituation and Prince go back christallllll cuz dem did lef! Den hype Nuh RASS so no Nuh know whey Unuh mean by never want man a shower. Prince love woman mine him and prim cawh mine him cuz shi a katch a ppl yawd wid di big belly.

    1. Mi say trust Bubble fi meck di pot bubbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enuh lol
      Thank u dem love hype to much fi mi buy that story no sir smh I DONT BELIEVE meck di tired ass ppl dem gwaan bout dem ways kmt

      1. So is 3 woman Prince have?_________________________________________________
        No woman in their right man if dem and dem man good wouldnt want the man a di shower

          1. Yawdy :peluk , is like Bubble just sit back and read all the bullshit and den BAM!!…she just drop it like it hot very neatly :ngakak :ngakak

          2. Yeppy dem tek flight like ah hundred battyman. Mi neva see dis yet :ngakak Mi peep oba yah ebry 10 mins and still no sign ah dem. Dis serus bad :ngakak

    2. How me too wicked? Bubblelikesoup I dont know these people. I said the woman look nice pon IG and me believe seh she never want him dere .. to each its own.

      1. Wicked you is a blasted Liad, Bout you dont know these people. The way how you a swear and believe say the Girl did not want the man there and then in a next breath a talk bout you dont know these people. YOU IS A PINKWALL LIAD. Bubblelikesoup whap whap you. STFU Bout she pregnant and maybe did not want the father there…..You sound stupid. Who in their right mind having dem dancehall Babyshower, in which its a SHOW and BIG dance would not want the father there to tek picture and post pon IG. LOL. Gal Wicked or Boy Wicked go tek several seats back. YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE AND IT BUN YOU.

        1. Anonymous I have zero reasons to lie if m know bloodclat PRIM me seh suhh afta me nuh fraid ah nuhbodi ah wah dis fadda … Listen if you are d next baby madddaaa you head comin like it a HOT YUH!!!! get a damn life and come offa d gal kmft If i believe its my friggin opinion bubble can seh whatever she want im not here to argue back n forth with ppl over them own opinions ..kmft damn imbecile yuh try low me eno

      2. Anon, yuh fi read wid ovastanding and lowe Wicked. She seh she nuh know dem, suh jus lef it dere suh. If yuh hav evidence otherwise den dash it out….oddawise guh bun ah spliff.

  12. Chuet a so den hype a try tek shame OUTTA dem face prim always Inna man problem. If Unuh want Unuh business come out and how do man put out di while family a Unuh and di dutty lifestyle don’t come back pan pink wall wid di f**kery.

    1. Bubble me a beg fi dem, doh bodda dash out dem bizniz so early, wait till bout 2pm…please and thank u

    2. ————————————————————————————– medic needed woman Downnnnnn

  13. Anonymous a.k.a Prim
    you are taking this to heart really bad!
    it’s gonna be alright!!!lol
    i’m pretty sure u know the side chick rule… just fallback and play ur position! dude was not trying to come and if he wanted too you couldn’t stop him!

  14. Met prim bawl di whole night in a di babyshower all her mada a cry them mek it real obvious kmt which prim neva tell prince no come? Prim did too hype and now shi get flop prim a soh it goh

  15. Afternoon Met and Metters
    Good afternoon reporting live from the crime scene at 101 Pink Wall way it seems a young woman by the name of Prim was hit multiple times, based on eyewitness statement she was hit in the chest with the Matey Code by someone name Met, she suffered further hits from a second suspect by the name of Bubblesoup.
    Ms. Prim has been taken to the school of values, morals, man taking and respect for further treatment. If you come in contact with these two suspects please do not approach them as they are considered armed and dangerous. We will updating this story throughout the day, back to you Wallers.

  16. This is another story of a man a breed a women his not fully deh deh with, women when you guys going to realize that these men not leaving their women fi you no matter if you pregnant by him, his heart not with you even though him a chat! I don’t understand these men more time, why cheat because it’s there and it’s easy why have baby by a women you damn know well your not going to stay with and then another child is brought into a circle of lies and a bunch of mess! SMFH

  17. Well I know chrisstal and prince personally and prince wasn’t going to shower a when prim a bawl down the place and a call him him decide if go do Tek shame outta him eye!! The girl never leave her yard she tell him him not going and did war him after he tried to leave 11pm to shower wet fish 12am. The car belong to the girl why would she slash her own tires? PRIM u have a baby fatherless shower and that’s that! The man have 4 kids yours Mek 5 why u think u special I was at chrisstal shower and prince was there loving, kissing and sharing cake while living with you you are a clown. The gal work hard and have her shit together but she to is a man clown she have prince a Tek her for a fool too! but a good gal and prince nah leave him Oman. PRIM U BETTEA GO PAN A MAN HUNT

  18. women to women i dont get how u guys rejoice over things like this at the end of the day prim is having her baby & thats all that matters..Now prim n prince left over few months & she voluntary let prince go because she didnt want no stress in her house n where u guys come fr with this kotching thing??!Prim have her apt n prince was staying with her.Now to the baby mother friends that up here writting stuff why dont u guys ask prince all this??why must ya hate women over man???Krystal now lets get to as a women u fighting prince not to go to the shower how is that going to better u??at the end of the day both of these children is innocent but u guys make kids grow up hating eachother & end up sleepin with eachother not knowing their brother n sister.Im out of words all i can say is krystal get it together because u hate Prim for what??Go tell prince stop walk n f**k n be a prostitute prince is a walking DOG him tek everybody Krystal u ah gwan like u ah goodas when prince deh wid tina u did deh wid him u obeah prince n tek him in bout u ah give him papers suh u breed fi hold him some ah unno hate women ova man when ah di MAN IS REALLY DA PROBLEM!!!!

    1. Agreed.
      Mi nuh even find dis funny! ah di man me hate inna dis and di supposedly cristal or whatever weh ya fight man fa d man nuh belong to none a dem not even him mumma

  19. Tivoli ppl dwl love obeah baddddddd. Jody whey prim live??? Move from YASSO and gwey cuz prim Nuh live Inna har apartment Nuh more di Bwoy move gone back a Krystal and stop help pay di rent cuz di big woman lef and stop mine him. Nuh Mek mi call out di bwoy name whey prim a katch a him yawd. Stfu and stop write.

  20. Prim know whey shi did a do…shi did feel like shi coulda get out Krystal and post pan IG everyday bout shi a winner when him left Krystal mj Nuh sorry fi prim shi give all di big woman hell TIL di woman say shi nAwh mix up INNA young gal problems now shit get sticky Unuh a come try look innocent Unuh fi gweyyyy.. Di bwoy talk it say him find out prim a Dawg shit so him go back to him woman, bout Krystal fren. Prince chat lakka wha and say prim talk up INNA HAr nose like somebody whey retarded. Him say him never want Nuh more kids but chu di ppl den talk say prim cawh breed shi affi prove to the public say shi can breed but mj did hear pan di streets say a cutty p carry HAr go fix har womb no Nuh know how chue dat one is…Prim whey your mother obeah man a JA deh when tuh need him fi tie Prince?

    1. Me rass me did think a Yawdy at first…Bubble yu mad to? lolol “Bruk pakkit price” is an ultimate insult.

      1. PP :ngakak Yuh see seh ah nuh jus me an you mad :ngakak If I fi reel out di list, not one blogger woulda get spare….madness tuh we ting :ngakak. Bruk pakkit Prince hab mi ah grung doe___________________

  21. I would love to know if jay really shot up the place with the kids around cause he think kizzy cheating. If u a fling cockey all over the place y a next man cant top up kizzy?

  22. Question ifca sundeh was the shower and kizzy plus babydada was dere a wen him get hyped up wen dem reach back home or inna week yah?

  23. call out da bwoy name cuz da last time mi check ah prim house prince did live until she tell him fi gwan prince lie n chat all him mumma him
    chat anybody what ah way prim baby ah hurt unno my god smh unno not even say congrats bwoy bubbleslikesoup u sound hurtttt baddd ah wah prim do yuh

  24. For some reason I think a lot of people are making things up none of this goes together or adds up .. people a lie out dem asss some a seh next baby madda go a d shower some seh she never go …..some seh she fight him fi go some say him voluntarily didnt go … i dont believe nothing on this post some ppl ah exaggerate and a mek up things it really sad the only fact about this story is that the man deh with the two woman dem .. :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2

  25. Prince love woman fi man mine him, dawg shit wey f**k like dog every move him move him with bags him deh farin years and don’t accomplish nothing, him kotch with every woman deh wid till them throw him out. Burk pocket prince no, ambition prince, no goal life boy them two gal deh want a beaten. Everyday chrisstal post going to work and have the boy a drive her car and have woman inside it up and down! Man clown me sey. When these young girls going wise up and stop Mek man use them man without ambition and not a penny! Prim u a the foolish gal me ever see u wait all these years fi breed if a man like prince who don’t have a penny or ambition u worthless to!

  26. Jody stop it man cuz I’m a very close Frend of the kachee not the kacherrr and mi would never blow up my bredren like that. I have no reason to lie but that’s not the point here, if Unuh never run a come wid di bag a lie say prim never want the man there I wouldn’t comment cuz no know di ting from start to finish. And yes shi did have an apartment that he was helping out with the rent Not anymore. Di woman lef Prince and him gone back home yuh think him can afford fi do nuttun more wid di kitchen money End of story. I gawn!

    1. Boy PP mi like how u hangle the ting mi nah lie n mi know say a shame Jody a try teck outta har friend eye but it dawk round ya mama nah go wrerk a tall smh

  27. So if prince love & rate kristal so much why was he living with prim in the 1st place?! Why him did deh with bigwoman & deh allnover the place?!!! It seem to me prince just run gone back to kristal cause she a work & him safe there fi now! Prim hold ur head up love ur child and learn from ur mistakes, dont listen to the sweet words men say when they want to get up in ur undies!

  28. Dam disgrace you all ought to be ashame if your god dam selves
    You all need god and prayer unno Mek sex look like a piece if you you all playing with hope you all can find some self esteem and get you all low lives self together praying for you all Good lord help unno !!!

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