1. Waist bag Collo….WHAT?? :bingung
    John John please sir, if can you pulleeeeeeeease provide your proof of your High School completion as well as proof of Employment :cool

  2. Is this all you care about? You dancehall people are so materialistic! Couldn’t you have invested that money somewhere else? By the way-is your girlfriend “legal ” in the usa? Just asking,because you are always traveling out of the country without her.

  3. All I want to know is what’s a collocation? That is all. After that then explain why you can’t pay monthly rent and have to live off of section 8 with your expensive waste bag and collocation habit.

  4. Honestly I would have felt better if it was fake, do the maths. Two much money going into the white mans pockets and not enough into ours. Clothes don’t make you somebody, we need to get real assets, house, land, retirement plans, stocks etc. Come on my people, some people can afford Gucci but people weh a rent house and nah mek serious money $150,000 should think twice (just my opinion). Jay I know u post this because di battyman/fashion police di a chat but spend your money wisely.

  5. “Dem tugz yah DUNCE, enuh!” Yeah, man! “Di tugz dem FULLY JAMAL!”
    “COLLOCATION!!!!!” Yuh DEAFFFFF?????…..And when di common sense and di wisdom tek flight, wi seh “COLLECT IS CRAZY!”

    YOW, COLLO COLLO, FORWARD WIDDY STOOKIE! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak : :ngakak

    Yow, John John ah YOUR WORLD, wi just ah hold ah “COLLOCATION” inna it, yuh hear dat!?! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  6. One thing I hated as a child was the fact that my parents could not read. No matter how simple the school assignment was they could not help. In third grade mmother couldn’t help with my math hw, third grade!
    These dancehall “celebrities” and their designer “collocations” do not impress me because most of them can’t read, complete high school or college degree.

  7. You all are low life bums who invest in name brand while sitting on your asses and collecting welfare, getting tatted and I can bet your children do not have savings out away for higher learning. I can also bet that neither Kizzy or John don’t have life insurance. You two are just as sick as GQ Dwights, Snapple, Emoticon and the rest of space wasters. Go read a damn book and stop waste your lives on labels that you couldn’t afford had you been working a 9-5. ‘Ole crooked thieves competing with brands whose designers cannot stand to see us alive much less in their clothing lines. You all are dumb dick heads.

  8. I’m not entertain anyone that don’t own a car !!! Sorry John get a car and stop tek cab and bus then we can revisit the brand authenticity review until then get a car !!

    Where is bobbette Benz and Maserati ? It has not been around for two months and ain’t no way in hell Benz or Maserati has both ! She and Marsha been in a Nissan rental for the longest !!

    FYI here comes the post in a rental white Maserati aww you can thief every expensive items with credit but can’t steal them car titles you girls are not goals !!

    A new pretty clothes come out everyday ! If you go jail or die like your father and daffy and Dione what will you be remember for ? On a serious note ? You’ll have Dione daughter clubbing but your brother in college why not push her to be better than what has fallen too her mom instead she flying all over following bobbette and petagaye why you sweat them
    Suh ??

    I like tk gwan do your thing don’t follow your sister she a idiot

    1. What does a car represent? I can’t stand idiots like you who think owning a car is a fucking big deal. What about a damn high school diploma/ FREE GED or a damn house to rest your head? Nuf niggas driving luxury cars and dem nuh live nuhwhey suh what’s the big deal? Nuf ah dem hav car and no bank account. You all are all for show, fuck that shit. Let’s talk about investment you shallow motherfuckers bout car. This is NYC, people can take train guh airport fi catch a flight to Paris or anywhere in the world. WTF is up with you dumb dickheads bout car? What has Benz, BMW or Honda done for you fuckheads? Sick of the unwarranted competition among broke motherfuckers. Get it together and stop encouraging bullshit B.

      Property [INVESTMENT]
      Stocks, bonds…

      Bout car… That comes later when all else is secure fool fool idiot duncebats!

  9. There is an actual word “COLLOCATION” hmmm perhaps used in the wrong context… maybe, maybe not but it is an actual word. I guess he wants to say he’s placing things in collocation as in side by side but Johnny boy the actual thing to say are your collections.

    Original bubblelikesoup

  10. Is this all these folks care about???? Gucci, YSL, ETC???? where are the houses, cars and all that??? That’s all dem a leave jamaica fi come yah come do?? Wear NAME BRAND??? SMH. SO SAD.

  11. I don’t care what they say some of their things are fake. There is no way these uneducated no green card no job no car no house afford these brand to wear every day. That’s some real money on clothes. They have kids,how they afford day to day living. Not on a serious hating but just wondering how they do this. I remember Suwayne running taxi and his monkey gal Paris now they rich too. I need to take class from them cause if I have the money they have for brand. I would be able to buy the town house I want at Richmond Estate in Jamaica.

  12. He’s not a dunce guy trust me. He writes his own music n it makes sense. He just need to file for Kizzy, fix his front tooth and find a real job. That’s all.

  13. Filing probably can’t help kizzy like Apple ! They criminal record probably too extensive being married to a citizen don’t guarantee green card because they need to demonstrate moral character 20 and 30 felony charges pay no tax don’t work on government system will be hard for any judge immigration judge by pass that long record and with Jeff session wants to end family visa they best wait until trump gone .

    Even if bobbette broward they a rap and chat shit he in school they have Dionne daughter in ever hole in the wall in bobbette pass down designer . I’m sure they using her name and if for shit .

    For the fake items them having real don’t mean they rich ! Bobbette have direct link with the Russians for the credit card info where she get when she and lean head toya was friend and the cousin .

    Bobbette shit ain’t fake bobbette be having credit for all 10k that o know for fact !! That’s is why Apple nuh business what she says .

    Bobbette them also get info order phone each phone is sold for upwards of $500 plus they get 10-20 a day 5 in each box worst Verizon which is $800 this ain’t sold to regular people phone store in Australia etc .

    These are facts so i can tell you bobbette not wearing anything fake but because the money come fast it goes faster they don’t plan for the future . Daffy is in immigration and Gucci they can’t bond out but they don’t in Feds no no more they waiting to fight they case which eventually they will take a plea as the case gets old .

    These people are not dumb but designer and material possessions
    Is them downfall if they use the cunning ways they could of been successful in business but they want fast gratification .

  14. John John please provide us with your last mortgage and or rent receipt. Also provide furniture receipt and grocery.

  15. All them boxes are FAKE!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak This dude need to give it up like seriously…. :cd :cd :cd :cd

  16. @star it’s called government assistance these ppl have not a care in the world-u n me contribute into society they don’t know nothing but clothe n boots pitiful sad

  17. these people are more hood rich thats the goal they shoot for, these people know they are not million dollar rich they are scamming designer rich. how much can you scam per month and show of on the other scammer. all of them know each other tricks and scams. john and kizzy is so hood rich until they can’t get there mouth fix. that’s what you call real hood rich. boobette is so hood rich until she can’t and i mean she can’t keep a car for more than 2 to 3 months real hood rich, apple and j is so hood rich they can’t afford two cars they have to share. dam apple so hood rich and i dont want to be like any of you when i grow up.

  18. LMAO! oh the day when all these dancehall folks realize they wasted their lives running down designer pieces

  19. How kizzy fi get papers and she noh come yah inna her rite name?? She have talent , money and all dese tings , uno noh tink if it was so simple she would a get papers?? The name a gi problem. D little records she have is not the issue. Her name is . Plus d boy cah five no one papers. Cause him married .

  20. @anonymous 30

    Her daughter is old enough to file for her now too. Waste of time being with a man who cant help you. Is John John still married to Ms. Piggy that hairdresser girl?

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